Raising Boss's Twins After Transmigration

Chapter 119 - Swimming
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Chapter 119: Swimming

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

In the end, Gu Zhan accompanied Su Luo to the prison and told the truth to Lin Tian.

Lin Tian was not stupid. He understood the meaning behind Su Luo’s words.

Not long after, Su Luo heard that Lin Tian committed suicide in prison.

When she heard this news, Su Luo was not surprised at all.

In the end, besides making use of her, Lin Tian must have liked and loved Su Luo a little. Otherwise, he would not have turned into such a vicious person, one who wanted to kill her to silence her.

Moreover, Su Luo felt that Lin Tian had his own psychological problems when he committed suicide in the end.

He was so stubborn in wanting to obtain Su Luo that he didn’t even hesitate to commit murder and break the law. There was a high chance that something was wrong with his heart and mind.

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Lin Tian had brought this upon himself. Su Luo didn’t feel guilty. She just told the truth to Lin Tian and brought justice to others.

Lin Tian’s heart was twisted. He couldn’t accept the truth. Who could he blame?

However, death was like a lamp going out. From now on, apart from Lin Tian’s family, no one else would think of him!

In any case, Gu Zhan and Su Luo’s family would never think of him again.

Su Luo and Shen Ling’s restaurant had already been opened with Gu Zhan’s help. However, it was just in the early stages and the profits weren’t very good.

What Su Luo was worried about now was the three-day trip to the water park.

There was no time limit for the big prize given by the school. The only requirement was to go on a three-day trip.

At that time, when their family won the first prize, all the parents and children were happy for them.

Su Luo was extremely happy at that time. On one hand, her cooking skills were recognized and liked by everyone. On the other hand, Gu Bei and Gu Xi, her cute children, were also very happy!

A child’s health, safety, and happiness were things that every parent should be happy and proud of.

The more happy Su Luo was at that time, the more worried she was now. The reason was that she was a landlubber.

The original Su Luo was the daughter of the Su family. She had won a grand prize in a swimming competition before.

But now, Su Luo did not know how to swim at all. Not even a little.

The water park in the city center had all kinds of events, and swimming was naturally no exception.

As for Gu Bei and Gu Xi, they had learned to swim since they were young.

However, how could Su Luo not know how to swim when she brought the children to the water park?

If that happened, she would definitely be exposed.

Su Luo was extremely anxious. At this time, as her husband, Gu Zhan, it was naturally his turn to show off his might.

In the pool, Gu Zhan faced Su Luo and coaxed her gently, “Luo Luo, it’s alright. Come down? I’m here. It’s very safe.”

Su Luo hugged the pole and shook her head vigorously, “No, once I let go, I will sink to the bottom.”

Gu Zhan was simply helpless. But at the same time, he felt like laughing.

He didn’t expect his wife to be so cute.

Gu Zhan swam over in a few seconds and then forcefully pried Su Luo’s hand away from the pole.

Su Luo really didn’t know how to swim. She was afraid that she would drown once she got into the water. Once she let go of the pole, she threw herself into Gu Zhan’s arms and hugged him tightly as if he was her life-saving straw.

Gu Zhan pulled Su Luo into his arms and leaned over to kiss her.

After the kiss ended, Gu Zhan caressed Su Luo’s wet hair and said tenderly, “Luo Luo, don’t think about anything. You only need to believe in your husband.”

Su Luo’s face was extremely red. She lay in Gu Zhan’s arms, gasping for breath as she asked, “Then may I ask my handsome husband, based on your teaching method, when will I be able to learn to swim?”

Gu Zhan thought for a moment and said against his heart, “A month.”

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