Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

Chapter 996 To Settle Everything
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"Yeah, the Heretic God seems to have mastered a bit about countermeasures against the curse divine law. This body isn't real, but I'm injured." Zera looked at her palm that Elysia had just healed.

At that moment, she just remembered that she was the embodiment of chaos, destruction, and curse. And yet, Elysia could heal her wounds!?

"I know what you're thinking, but you just need not mind it. Everything comes from a single origin, pure energy." Elysia pressed her finger to Zera's cherry lips.

She then glanced at the approaching Gods. "More importantly, you should avoid actions that could trigger misunderstandings."

"Elysia, Lina, I want to hear an explanation from you." Xero descended from the sky, still holding his divine spear of darkness.

Elysia glanced at Elena for a moment, then received a nod in response. She then pulled Zera's hand to stand behind her. "We told you before that Zera is our new comrade. She is not the Ruvoid Avatar after the liberation and purification modification. Her spirit has awakened, and she is a new living entity."

"How can you be sure that she won't betray? She might swallow you because of her nature." Xero squinted his eyes.

"Zera has already gone through a sacred oath ceremony for me. If she is going to betray, she will only come to me. As long as I am alive, she will be under my protection and supervision. I will guarantee that she is a Chaos Goddess who walks the right path. She maybe I'm still inexperienced and raise suspicions on you. I apologize on behalf of Zera." Elysia clasped her hand and made an apology gesture.

"..." Xero thought for a moment and ended up sighing. He glanced at the Goddesses; they seemed to know everything inside and out. He then walked away towards the portal. "Whatever, it's time for me to go."

"Hum, I also need to return to my mountain to recuperate and many other things." Regulus didn't want to get involved in further complicated matters and hurriedly left the vicinity.

"Well... A misunderstanding, is it?" Oceanid rubbed his head.

"Mm, Zera is actually nice and understanding if you get to know her. She is sometimes a bit rude and violent, but she is good in her heart." Elysia nodded in confirmation.

Hehe, thank you for the compliment. I am flattered, master. Anyway, this is your sword. Zera handed Celestia into Elysia's arms.

"!?" Elysia gasped in surprise, and the Odachi fell to the ground.


"What happened?" Evelyn was also surprised.

"Celestia feels so heavy. The first time I obtained Celestia, it weighed one hundred and fifty kilograms. After being refined with high-grade meteorite ore, it became a two-handed heavy Odachi weighing two hundred kilograms. Even so, I can still wield it like there is no weight." Elysia rubbed her wrist, then tried to lift the cursed sword from the ground, but to no avail.

"Hmm, the weight shouldn't increase, and the physical burden shouldn't be there since you are the recognized master. Let me wake her up then." Zera crouched beside Elysia, then slapped Celestia. "Wake up and greet your master."

A floating dark purple ball was thrown out from Celestia. She looked confused and dizzy, but she immediately greeted Elysia and Zera. "Ah, uh? Master? Celestia greets master."

"Alright... Zera, how about you wield Celestia as your weapon?" Elysia stroked the sword spirit.

"Eh, why? Are you dissatisfied that the spirit hasn't taken shape yet? Don't worry, master. She was just born and will grow with you." Zera interprets Elysia's proposal as something else.

"Hehe, it's fine. I feel you need a weapon." Elysia tried to grab Celestia, and she found it as light as a feather.

"I am the weapon itself. If you wish, I can also become your weapon in any form, or perhaps, the body armor? Also, Celestia won't be as heavy as before." Zera put her hands on her upper chest, feeling proud of herself. She then released Celestia, and it was floating vertically behind Elysia.

"..." Elysia didn't mind Celestia's matter anymore. She went over to the girls who were making small talk.

"Master, we are doing our best!" Vanessa came to Elysia longingly, expecting some head pats.

"Yes, you all did your best in training against the lesser Ruvoid God. But look at your current state, covered in wounds and dust. Let's return to our heavenly palace for all of you to recuperate." Elysia gave Vanessa some head pats.

"I also did my best, master~ Me, Luna, and Lynn managed to defeat the lesser Ruvoid God as a team." Yuuki also wished for praise and a head pat.

"Mm, you all are the best. We're getting out of here now. This secret realm is already broken and unstable. It will probably collapse in a few hours." Elysia gave Yuuki a head pat, then looked up at the cracked sky.

"The three days of divine class battle is truly destructive. The portal has also become unstable. Get out quickly now." Elena urged everyone to leave immediately.

She and Lifa stood guard at the portal to ensure stability. After everyone left the secret realm, they abandoned the dimensional support and let the exit weaken.

"I found the gate to a trial ground that belonged to a God from the past. The remnant soul made a request for me to leave his legacy for future promoting young generations because he feels his things are useless to us." Nell showed a mini gate in her hand to everyone.

"Who owns the legacy?" Elena felt curious.

"The God of Sky. What are we going to do with this?" Nell handed over the mini gate to her big sister.

We can leave his legacy in the Sky Library for the promising young generation to try their luck. He only left a few treasures there, but his knowledge of the world and magic is quite rich." Rhea proposed an idea.

"Hmm, let's do that. We already have Tifa with her abundant knowledge." Elena pointed her hand at Lifa.

"Let's grant his wish then." Lifa nodded in agreement with that decision.

"Then, I'd better go now. I can't come with you to your heavenly palace because the sea is my place for recovery." Oceanid waved his hand in farewell with a prince-charming smile.

"Take care." Dori responded subconsciously, but there was no sentiment.

After that, Elysia and her group teleported to a tropical island near the Beast Continent and created a safe zone to enter the Nature Realm.

They were soaked in the recovery hot spring with two different spots. The dragons and the girls were not in the same pool.

"Ely, Eve, may I know what you have been doing for the last three days? You look a bit exhausted." Sylvia hugged Evelyn from behind and looked at Elysia curiously.

"We trained with the three Goddesses. I received direct instructions from them." Evelyn chuckled lightly, feeling satisfied with her training.

"Whoa, isn't that a bit cheating? We're out there fighting the lesser Ruvoid God desperately in the name of real training." Sylvia widened her eyes in shock.

"We also went through sparta training, you know? Ely didn't even receive mercy, even from her master. Also, I'm actually a mage and need special training to fight the higher level curse." Evelyn covered her mouth and pointed at Elysia.

"Oh, hi~ Please don't mind me." Elysia had already let go of all her defenses and allowed herself to melt in the hot spring to recover.

"What master? There are no outsiders here, and you all know the truth. I may be a bit strict with you, Ely. Don't be mad at me, okay? How about I give you a little massage?" Elena put her hand on Elysia's shoulder.

"No, not now... You're going to embarrass me. How about I give you a little support and massage? You see, your round and big chest muscles need some attention. That might give you pleasure and relieve some stress?" Elysia replied with a teasing smile.

"You naughty girl. Who taught you to talk to me like that?" Elena gently poked Elysia's cheek with her dainty finger.

"Who else if it's not you? Everyone loves to tease me day and night, don't you think I'll repay the kindness one day?" Elysia lifted Elena's finger, then rested her head on Elena's shoulder. "Everyone is working hard, but the time chamber and divine angel training ground will no longer be usable in the near future. We only have two months to settle everything."

"Are you feeling worried?" Rhea closed her eyes.

"No, I'm confident we'll win. But I'm afraid I'll lose someone, and I don't want that." Elysia heaved a subtle sigh, and the atmosphere suddenly became silent. The girls listened to Elysia's words and pondered the deep meaning behind them.

"We can't save everyone, and you know that. Casualties will definitely occur in the defense force. Just so you know, those who have entrusted their life and future to you won't go anywhere even if they die. You can revive them because their life and death are in your hands. Their spirit and soul will return to you because you are their law and an oddball that the world cannot touch." Lifa shook her head with a faint smile.

"Is that so? That might not sound fair to them, but if that's the situation, I hope no one regrets it." Elisia closed her eyes.

"I will never regret it. In this life, and beyond, I will always follow you, master." Yuuki put her hand on her upper chest and declared his declaration with determination.

"Un, un! To meet you is our blessing, master." Vanessa nodded in agreement.

"If our bond can do something like that, wouldn't that make death meaningless? Ely can revive us at any time because our place to return is her? Wow, worry not, Ely... We're also invisible!" Sylvia felt enlightened.

"Please stop it. You say it as if you are going to die foolishly. Just don't drag the others down." Lynn took a bit of distance from the devil princess.

"Fufu, Sylvi is only saying what she wants to say, but it does have a point." Luna rubbed her daughter's head.

The girls then reassured Elysia because they decided to become part of Elysium.

"Thank you, everyone. You are the best ones I have met in life." Elysia looked at everyone with a gentle gaze and appreciation.

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