Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 1538: Would Money Fall From the Sky?
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Chapter 1538: Would Money Fall From the Sky?

Ning Shu pursed her lips and focused on her breakfast. How could she have the energy to fight if she didn’t eat enough?

“Eat your breakfast, then go to school.” Ning Shu didn’t even know what to say to Shi Sinan. She truly was too innocent, to actually be used by Xi Mucheng to attack her.

After breakfast, Ning Shu went upstairs to change and get ready for work. As long as she got rid of Xi Mucheng, everything would be fine.

Ning Shu didn’t poke through the ambiguous actions between Xi Mucheng and Shi Sinan. At the very least, Shi Sinan still treated Xi Mucheng as an uncle and an elder.

Xi Mucheng must be eradicated before any substantial change could take place.

Shi Sinan followed Ning Shu upstairs and looked at Ning Shu, who was wearing an OL suit jacket, and said, “Mom, could you take me to school today? I haven’t been with you for a long time.”

Ning Shu nodded. “Okay, I’ll drop you at the school before heading off to work.”

Although Ning Shu had promised to send her to school, Shi Sinan still looked very unhappy. Apparently, Xi Mucheng’s words had stirred up discontent in her heart.

Shi Sinan carried a beautiful little compact bag on her back and waited for Ning Shu to drive out of the garage.

When Ning Shu’s car stopped in front of her, Shi Sinan got in. They then drove out of the villa.

From time to time, Shi Sinan would glance at her mother. Ning Shu asked directly, “Just tell me, what is it?”

“Mom, you’re always working every day. I want to get to hang out with my mom and talk to her more,” said Shi Sinan.

Ning Shu couldn’t even suppress the flood of anger rising in her and said in a somewhat stiff tone, “If I tell you ten words, you couldn’t remember a single one, but if your uncle said one, you’d remember it well, huh?”

What was it now? Was Shi Sinan questioning her? Was she questioning Shi Lina?

It was no wonder that in the system space, Shi Lina asked for revenge. Shi Shinan had clearly broken her heart.

Oh, Shi Lina must talk with you every day to help relieve your boredom, or else, it meant that she didn’t care about you and didn’t understand you? If she didn’t work, would money fall from the sky?

Would there be money for you to live the carefree life of a rich lady?

Shi Lina was the CEO of the company. Her company’s fate was in her hands, and the livelihood of so many employees rested on her shoulders.

Business was a man’s battlefield, but Shi Lina was a woman. She had to work twice as hard, if not more, to be respected in the business world. Her being a divorcee didn’t help much, with rumors always flying about.

Society’s malice towards women was never less. Shi Lina’s own husband divorced her, saying that she was a fierce woman. Even if someone complimented her as iron lady, she could never be sure whether it was sarcastic or sincere.

Shi Lina took on all this silently, and did she ever complain to Shi Sinan?

Oh, I’m lonely. Mom won’t spend time with me; I’m so hurt.

Ning Shu was most annoyed when talking to this sort of simple, beautiful, dirtless person. She wanted to see if Shi Sinan would still be complaining when she didn’t have enough to eat or wear.

It was only when there was no shortage of food and clothing that one had the heart to grieve about trivial things.

When Shi Sinan saw Ning Shu getting angry, her expression turned a little uneasy. She pressed her lips together into a thin line and looked out the car window.

Ning Shu sighed inwardly and said, “Sinan, intern at the company on the weekends.”

Shi Sinan turned around and said flatly, “But Mom, I’m a senior in high school. My studies are already tough, and I also have exams coming up.”

Ning Shu said indifferently, “Those are things you won’t be able to use in the future. You should come to the company for an internship and work on understanding its operations.”

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