Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 31: Young hero, you came too late!
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Chapter 31: Young hero, you came too late!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Speak human language.” Ji Ziming frowned when he saw the wreckage on the floor.

He was slightly perplexed. Mu Heng usually sat in one of the VIP rooms on the floor above, so why was he drinking here today?

After giving Ji Ziming a look, Mu Heng pointed at the four men, who were crouching in pain after getting a beating, and said, “Look at those few people.”

“Hm?” Ji Ziming’s brows moved slightly and he grunted in confusion as he eyed the four men who had bruises all over their faces and were cursing under their breaths.

“That’s supposed to be your work,” Mu Heng said exasperatedly. It was supposed to be a beautiful scene where the knight in shining armor would swoop in and save the beauty in distress, but the woman was so tough and valiant that she ended up being the one to teach these fellows a lesson. Seriously…

“…If there is nothing, I’ll leave first.” Ji Ziming, who could not fathom what Mu Heng was getting at, moved to leave this stuffy place.

However, Mu Heng stopped Ji Ziming from leaving by hugging his arm tightly.

“Let go,” Ji Ziming coldly said with raised eyebrows.

“No, I won’t! Compensate me the money for the alcohol first!” Mu Heng stubbornly demanded with a sullen face.

His original plan was for the hero Ji Ziming to domineeringly appear and save the little chili, who was getting bullied, by suavely chasing away these small fries. Afterward, once Ji Ziming captured the little chili’s heart, everyone would be happily playing together while drinking vodka.

In the end…

The hero came too late and the beauty in distress became a violent, little chili – successfully transforming herself into the hero – that saved herself and suavely chased away the small fries. She even smashed his vodka…

“What money for the alcohol?” Ji Ziming lightly asked as he stared at Mu Heng, who was tightly holding on to his arm and refusing to let go. “Are you drunk?”

“You are the drunk one!” Mu Heng rolled his eyes at Ji Ziming and sat straight up on the sofa.

Patting down his clothes, Mu Heng passed his hand phone to Ji Ziming, “Here! Take a look at it yourself!”

Baffled, Ji Ziming received the hand phone that was displaying a recording.

After pressing the ‘play’ button and seeing the recording’s content, Ji Ziming’s originally composed face instantly changed as he widened his eyes and stared fixedly at the woman in the video.

With her nimble and resolute actions, the woman in the video was not the least bit at a disadvantage in the fight that she was engaged in. When Ji Ziming heard the part where she spoke nonsense, he found it so hilarious that the corners of his mouth turned up uncontrollably.

When he finally watched until the end, where Pei Ge domineeringly slammed a hundred-dollar bill on the table and told Mu Heng that that was his compensation for the alcohol, he could not help but laugh out loud.

Mu Heng’s frustration in his heart dissipated the moment he saw Ji Ziming laugh out loud.

“Ziming, this is the first time I’ve seen you laugh like that.” Mu Heng looked at Ji Ziming with a smile in his eyes, his arm casually slung around Ji Ziming’s shoulders. “Still saying that you have no interest in that little chili…”

Hearing this, Ji Ziming immediately retracted the smile on his face and felt frustrated at himself. Why did he laugh loudly like that?

“Will wire the money to you when I get back,” Ji Ziming casually said as he returned the hand phone back to Mu Heng.

“Ha ha… Just kidding.” Mu Heng patted Ji Ziming’s arm and grinned.

Dislodging Mu Heng’s arm from his shoulders, Ji Ziming swept his dark, icy eyes over to the four men in the distance.

“Your bar here seems to not be very peaceful; you should raise the security a little.”

“Puh!” Mu Heng cracked up at the way Ji Ziming had said that so seriously. “Still saying you don’t care about a certain lady when you so obviously do!”

“…I am just concerned about your bar’s lax security.” Ji Ziming raised his eyebrows as he gave this reason. “I don’t wish for the day something happens to your bar and you come crying to me.”

“Yes, yes, yes, I know it… Our CEO Ji is always concerned about me. Ha ha!” Mu Heng teased Ji Ziming.

Feeling slightly uncomfortable, Ji Ziming frowned and unconsciously swept a glance toward Mu Heng’s hand phone.

As Ji Ziming’s long-time best friend, how could Mu Heng not figure out his good friend’s thought? Without teasing him again, Mu Heng directly said, “I’ll send you the video later. Do you want it?”

Ji Ziming gave the grinning Mu Heng a glance and wordlessly turned around to leave the bar.

“Tsk! I won’t take the initiative to send it to you!” Mu Heng tugged at his lips as he looked at Ji Ziming’s back view. This time, he decided that if someone did not ask him for it himself, he would definitely not send him the video he had taken painstakingly.

“Hah… hah… hah… Alright, Ge Ge, stop running. My feet hurt!” Liu Yue swung away Pei Ge’s hand that was holding hers as she panted.

Seeing that Liu Yue had stopped running, Pei Ge also stopped running.

Pei Ge only relaxed when she saw that they were already some distance away from the bar.

“Xiaoyue, are you alright?” When she saw Liu Yue sit on the floor without a care for her image, Pei Ge softly asked this the first chance she got.

“Not fine!” Liu Yue pouted. Pointing to her soles, she said indignantly, “Look at my feet! They are covered in abrasions! Luckily there isn’t any glass shard the whole way. If not, I can’t imagine how much more torture my feet will have to go through!”

When Pei Ge saw the red soles of her feet with some places bleeding, she said apologetically, “Xiaoyue, I’m sorry. I was panicking just now and didn’t notice it.”

“They’re not your feet; obviously, you wouldn’t notice,” Liu Yue complained.

Pei Ge helplessly looked at Liu Yue who was throwing a tantrum and said internally, With the situation just then, who would have the time to care about your feet?

Pei Ge chose to keep this thought to herself, though, as she knew that Liu Yue was still angry.

“Alright. How about you stay here for now while I look around for a pair of slippers for you?” Pei Ge suggested softly, knowing that Liu Yue’s feet were not in the condition to wear her stilettos.

However, Liu Yue rejected her idea. “No! What if those hooligans come chasing after us again?!”

“I don’t think they will. There are many people in this area, so don’t worry,” Pei Ge consoled Liu Yue. “Look. With the condition your feet are in right now, you won’t be able to wear your heels anymore. Although you can take a taxi, you will still have to walk back home.”

Liu Yue thought for a while before nodding her head. “Alright. Buy me a pair and come back quickly.”

“Sure. I’ll be back in a jiffy. You can sit at the stone chairs there in the meantime.”

After helping Liu Yue to the stone chairs, Pei Ge went off to the nearby shoe shops to find Liu Yue a pair of slippers.

However, although this was one of the largest entertainment hubs in the capital, it was really tough to find a shoe shop that sold slippers at an affordable price.

It was not that Pei Ge was unwilling to buy a pair of expensive slippers for Liu Yue. Rather… She was very broke! She barely had any money on her person right now.

After going to a few shoe shops and still not finding what she wanted, Pei Ge was already depressed, thinking, How about I piggyback Liu Yue all the way home?

“Catch that thief!” Just as Pei Ge was thinking that, a shriek from a woman attracted her attention.

When she turned her head to look, Pei Ge saw a man wearing a black T-shirt and a baseball cap. In the man’s hand was a pink handbag that was obviously not his.

Behind the man, a woman, wearing a flowery, white dress, was having a tough time chasing after him in heels.

Looking at the chasing-and-being-chased pair, it was obviously a scenario of a thief running away with the bag of a random shopper. However, no one stepped up to help along the way.

“Catch that thief!” The pretty lady shouted again, yet no one paid her any attention.

Pei Ge frowned in displeasure. When she saw that the thief was running toward her, she stuck out her feet and tripped him.

“Ouch!” As the thief had been running at a fast speed, he fell headfirst to the asphalt so hard that he started rolling around in pain.

Seeing this, Pei Ge quickly snatched back the handbag from his hand and started pounding the thief with it.

“You look so young! A healthy person like you, with both hands and feet intact, could’ve done any decent work! Why did you have to steal other people’s stuff?! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?!” Pei Ge loudly chastised as she continued to hit the thief with the handbag.

When the onlookers saw that the thief had been caught, they started crowding around the two immediately.

All of them nodded their heads in assent to Pei Ge’s scolding.

Pei Ge secretly rolled her eyes at these people who were giving off an I-told-you-so vibe.

“Hah… hah… hah…” At this moment, the person who had her things stolen finally reached the scene.

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