Professional Body Double

Chapter 24 (2)
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At this time, the reporters and staff next to them also noticed the unusually tensed atmosphere between the three.

YanMingXiu's expression is chillingly cold; LanXiRong's face had frozen and ZhouXiang looked completely lost.

Although they don’t know YanMingXiu nor could they guess what is going on between them, anyone can see that LanXiRong have some contention with this handsome guy that had just appeared.

This would probably make a sensational gossip story. Everyone is excited as they concentrated on the development of their tensed situation.

ZhouXiang went and grab YanMingXiu’s arm, “MingXiu, why are you here? I just met up with XiRong and was planning on going out for a smoke. Let’s go out and talk.” As he was saying this, his eyes hinted at YanMingXiu to take notice of the number of reporters around them.

LanXiRong also quickly regained normalcy. Whatever discord between them, he will not let these people treat it as gossip news.

YanMingXiu swatted ZhouXiang's hand away and said bluntly, “I didn't come to look for you." He walked to the side toward WangYuDong.

ZhouXiang's face is full of awkwardness. LanXiRong is extremely furious over YanMingXiu’s attitude but he desperately tried to suppress his emotions from showing. He pushed ZhouXiang a bit, “Xiang Ge, let’s go out and smoke.”

ZhouXiang glanced at YanMingXiu's back silhouette. This is not a suitable time to chase after YanMingXiu to appease him. There are too many people watching. LanXiRong slowly pushed him out the door. The two men ran to the corner behind the building. Seeing that no one followed them, they let out a sigh of relief.

LanXiRong creased his brows, "Xiang Ge, your little boyfriend's temper is really

terrible. I'd say he's asking for trouble. Every time he sees me, he has this hostile attitude." He's forgotten that he had also looked at YanMingXiu with hostility when they first met.

ZhouXiang mocked, “It's just a misunderstanding. In fact, he's very easy to get along with.” The more ZhouXiang spoke, the more he finds himself lacking that confidence. Obviously these two people have never said more than a few words, yet they are ready jump at each other's throats upon seeing each other. Could it be that he's too charming? He didn't know whether to laugh or cry just thinking about this.

LanXiRong didn't smoke but look at ZhouXiang blowing out smoke, and then sees him inattentively aimed his sight inside. Knowing that ZhouXiang is obviously thinking about YanMingXiu, his heart felt increased pained.

“Xiang Ge, I know that you're a very tolerant person, but some people’s temper should not be condoned. He will just become more and more unreasonable. I don't want you to have to suffer."

ZhouXiang smiled, "What are you saying? Two people could come together is because they are suitable. Otherwise, they would have separated long ago. What is there to suffer or not suffer? XiRong, we get along very well. It's not like what you think, don't worry."

"Don't worry?" LanXiRong said bitterly, "I rather you guys break up earlier."

ZhouXiang move his face away awkwardly. He no longer has that relaxed feeling he use have when he is hanging out with LanXiRong. Not only is LanXiRong's popularity vastly different from before, but his attitude towards him is also increasingly strange. He simply didn't know what how to deal with this properly.

LanXiRong turned around and look at ZhouXiang seriously, "Xiang Ge, I have this feeling that you and him won't last long. Don’t blame me for cursing you guys. His kind of condescending arrogant person with nothing but a pretty face is not worthy of you. I'm waiting for you. When you guys end it, you'll see that I'm still waiting for you. I really don’t like men, but I like you a lot. I feel very much at ease being with you."

ZhouXiang extinguished his cigarette and lowly uttered, “XiRong, homosexuality is not a lot of fun. Don’t get drowned in this muddy water. You have parents, why bother? Plus, he and I get along very well. What you feel for me is just your momentary confusion. Sooner or later, you'll meet a good girl. At that time, you'll understand."

LanXiRong is unwilling to accept this reality. He said with much difficulty, “Xiang Ge, you don’t know. I've thought a lot in this past year… about you…forget it. You won't believe what I say anyway. I only hope that you won't hide from me and still can treat me as a friend.”

ZhouXiang smiled, “XiRong. I'll treat you as a friend but I hope that you won't mention these words ever again."

Especially words of him hoping that he and YanMingXiu would breakup soon, he really doesn't want to hear it.

LanXiRong lowered his head, his tightly sealed lips revealed his unwillingness to accept this reality.

ZhouXiang added, “Let’s head back. It's too cold to be staying out here for too long.” After saying that, he wrapped his arms around his jacket and walked back.

LanXiRong knew that he, himself, is jealous of YanMingXiu. His envious hatred toward YanMingXiu is increasing more and more.

They stayed outside for at most ten minutes. When he went back to the room, his entire body was already frigidly cold.

YanMingXiu waited not too far from the door's entrance. WangYuDong was busy. The two didn't even say more than a few words. Even though he didn't leave the room, but ZhouXiang could see that the air exuded around him is much warmer compared to before.

ZhouXiang ditched LanXiRong and walked over to sit next to him, smiling, "MingXiu, are you here to look for WangYuDong? Since you're coming, why didn't you say so?”

YanMingXiu glanced at him, “If I said it in advance, would you guys have just changed the place to smoke?”

ZhouXiang turned a deaf ear to his sarcasm, maintaining his composure, “MingXiu, today is the final scene for movie. Many people came. I also didn't know he would come."

YanMingXiu turned to glance at LanXiRong and saw that LanXiRong was staring at them; his expression deep and heavy, the anger surging in his heart. The man has other intentions toward ZhouXiang. He is sure of it. He pulled ZhouXiang up, “Come here.”

The two men walked out from the back door of the set; outside is a closed balcony, but the windows are not closed. The cold breezy air flowing in, no one would come out during the Winter.

YanMingXiu looked at him angrily, “What did you guys go out to talk about?”

“Just smoked. It's rather cold outside, what can we talk about? So I just hurried back to see you."

“Does he have other intentions toward you? Otherwise why does he always look at me like that?” YanMingXiu’s face revealed a trace of loathing.

ZhouXiang tried to sooth him, “No, you're thinking too much. I've already said that he's straight. There must be some misunderstanding between the two of you. Maybe he drank too much that night and had a bad attitude. The both of you glaring at each other likely caused some friction. It's definitely a misunderstanding.”

Seeing ZhouXiang looking so certain about this, YanMingXiu felt a tinge of doubt.

ZhouXiang rushed over to tighten the scarf YanMingXiu was wearing, “It's so cold outside, how can you dress so lightly?"

YanMingXiu 'hmm', “This down jacket is very warm.”

"Really? But it feels so thin," ZhouXiang pinched his arm and then reached his hand down to touch his pants. "Are you wearing only this pair of pants? So cold, how can you only wear a pair (of pants)?"

“It’s not that cold yet.”

“This time of the year is chilling to the bones. I'm going to get you warm underwear, you have to wear it."

The two started to get get intimate. ZhouXiang pressed YanMingXiu against the wall and kissed his lips while murmuring, “Your lips are cold, what to do if you get sick."

YanMingXiu felt that ZhouXiang is just trying to change the topic. Just when he was about to say something, ZhouXiang covered his mouth and slipped his tongue in.

YanMingXiu unconsciously hugged ZhouXiang’s waist.

ZhouXiang's body frame is not small but his waist is extremely slender. Even wearing a thick jacket, YanMingXiu could still feel his waistline. He can’t help but reached in to caress his warm skin.

ZhouXiang is startled by his cold hand, he smiled scoldingly, “Not saying anything and just reached your hand in, so freaking cold."

YanMingXiu can feel his body trembling. His mood is a bit better as he scoffed, "If you cry out, I'm gonna strip you naked right here.”

ZhouXiang stroked YanMingXiu’s face and leaned against him, "Soo… what after stripping me naked?”

YanMingXiu responded hoarsely, "After that, of course… fuck you. Every time I fuck you, your body is especially hot, perfect to keep me warm."

ZhouXiang laughed wickedly, “We should try and do it outside sometimes, though it's a bit cold, it should be very exciting.”

“You still really want to try… what to do if we get frozen together,” YanMingXiu caressed his slender waistline while kissing him.

ZhouXiang thought that if the two were to have gotten frozen during sex, it would be so embarrassing. He couldn't help but laugh out.

The two indecently spoke of flirting words that could only be said in front of each other. Although the temperature around them is very low, with their tight embrace, their chests tightly snuggled to the other, their lips sealed together; neither is feeling the slightest cold. Instead, it is warm from their bodies to their hearts.

At this time, a strange voice sounding like that of thunder came crashing down, shattering their sweet little world.


The two turned their heads and see WangYuDong glaring at them in shock. He still had not removed his dress-up, wearing a hero's outfit, looking handsomely impressive, but the expression on his face is full of horror. His brows creased, as though he couldn't believe everything he just saw.

YanMingXiu almost didn't hesitate to shove ZhouXiang away. His strength was so hard that ZhouXiang almost fell.

ZhouXiang’s eyes moved back and forth between WangYuDong and YanMingXiu, completely at a loss.

WangYuDong forced himself to calm down and swept his gaze at ZhouXiang. There was an undisguised warning and contempt in his eyes. He gloomily said to YanMingXiu, “MingXiu, come with me.”

YanMingXiu clenched his fists; his entire body couldn’t stop shaking. He didn’t even look at ZhouXiang as he took big strides in following behind WangYuDong.

In the blink of the eye, both entered the room.

ZhouXiang was still standing in the balcony. Everything happened so fast that he had no time to react.

YanMingXiu's shove earlier seem as though he had no connection with him whatsoever. This thought made him full of anxiety. He thought that YanMingXiu might have just been too flustered from being caught by his future brother-in law. He could only comfort himself this way. Even though, he had known YanMingXiu for this long, he had never seen him flustered over anything.

But ZhouXiang is very baffled.

WangYuDong’s eyes, full of caution, made him feel uneasy. YanMingXiu’s isolating attitude also made him feel uneasy. He wondered maybe this is the kind of natural reaction when family finds out about his sexual orientation.

He kept telling himself to not think too much. But still, he couldn't forget YanMingXiu's back silhouette before he left. YanMingXiu didn’t even look back at him.

End of the Chapter

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