Professional Body Double

Chapter 117
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Mother Yan stayed in the hospital until after 10pm. She repeatedly reminded YanMingXiu to eat before leaving reluctantly. After she left, ZhouXiang spent the night with YanMingXiu in the hospital.

The single ward that YanMingSu reserved is very good. It has a double bed so the two of them just sleep together. YanMingXiu can’t move his right hand so he simply put his left hand gently on top of ZhouXiang’s hand. Their fingers overlapped and the areas where their skin touch is warm.

When they woke up the next day, YanMingXiu persisted on geting discharged from the hospital regardless. So ZhouXiang consulted with the doctor and helped him do the discharge procedures.

JiangYuan received their call and came to take them home. It was the first time for JiangYuan to take them to ZhouXiang’s own home. When he saw this place, he is obviously very shocked because he didn’t expect that YanMingXiu and ZhouXiang would live in such a small and outmoded neighborhood. This environment really didn’t match YanMingXiu’s identity.

This is undoubtedly ZhouXiang’s home. With all the things that YanMingXiu had done for ZhouXiang, JiangYuan had already become aware of how extraordinary ZhouXiang is. Because of this, he also gave a lot of attention to ZhouXiang.

After returning home, the problem with YanMingXiu’s injuries with their daily livelihood activities became apparent. With his right hand broken and the many bruises on his body along with his fractured ribs, not only is it inconvenient for him to walk but even showering and cleaning himself are also very problematic.

The only person suitable to take care of him is obviously ZhouXiang. ZhouXiang has no choice but to request for a vacation from his company. He also made up an excuse that YanMingXiu is sick to ChenYing, informing her that he won’t be coming back for a short time. Suddenly, all of ZhouXiang’s time became free and his his full-time job is to take care of YanMingXiu.

Because YanMingXiu’s right hand is injured, he can’t even use chopsticks. When eating, he has to use the spoon. When the spoon doesn’t work, ZhouXiang would feed him. A meal can be a bit exhaustive for ZhouXiang.

However, this is only the beginning.

Bathing at night is probably the biggest challenge for ZhouXiang. Standing at the bathroom door for a long time, he turned his head and said to YanMingXiu, “How about you shower once every three days?”

YanMingXiu frowned and shook his head, "Too uncomfortable.”

“If you have to shower every day then we can’t do anything else.”

“Since you don’t have anything to do anyway and I can’t do much like this." YanMingXiu grinned, “Hurry and help me shower."

ZhouXiang has no choice but to carefully remove YanMingXiu’s clothes. In order to prevent water from splashing on his own body, he also removed his own clothes. Then he held the shower head, turned the water to medium and carefully washed YanMingXiu’s body.

ZhouXiang’s bathroom is very small; its basic functionality is the shower and the toilet so with two men standing inside, it’s a bit tight. At this time, the two are stark naked in the small bathroom, the shower becoming hotter and hotter with the atmosphere becoming more and more lewd.

ZhouXiang had to prevent the water from touching YanMingXiu’s injuries as well as avoid his perverted groping. He’s never felt that showering can be so tiring. ZhouXiang smiled while scolding, “Enough, you brat. There are many areas in your body that can’t touch water; I’m not going to be responsible if it does."

YanMingXiu reached out and touched his slender waistline, whispering, “If you don’t take responsibility, who will?"

“With you asking for a beating like this, I won’t be responsible. Be a bit serious." ZhouXiang unintentionally gave him a push but it just so happened that he pushed on the side of the fractured rib so YanMingXiu ended up hissing in pain.

ZhouXiang anxiously asked, “You okay? Where is it hurting?" A man’s touch is usually not gentle. It’s typically okay but when it hits an injured area, it’s definitely painful.

YanMingXiu smiled forcefully and waved his hand, “I’m fine.”

“Let me check. See if you dare to be so playful." ZhouXiang’s action became even more careful.

YanMingXiu was still unrepenting, his fingers continued to stroke all over ZhouXiang’s body with a very resigned look of only being able to look but not eat.

ZhouXiang smiled lowly, “If you touch again, I’m going to tie you up."

YanMingXiu responded provocatively, “That we can try too (as in having sex when being tied up)."


It was not easy to finish taking this shower. Both of their faces were beet red. Although it was very laborious, what needs to be caressed and stroked was done in the end. Although it scratched the itch, it was not very fun but at least they solved the problem.

After the shower, the two watched a movie on the sofa. When the movie was halfway through, ZhouXiang’s cell phone suddenly rang. His eyes were intently on the TV screen so he just glanced at the phone and saw an unfamiliar number. He didn’t think and just answered it.


No sound came from the other line.

“Hello? Who is this?” ZhouXiang turned the TV volume down.

The other line finally said something. The voice sounded very gloomy, "It’s WangYuDong."

ZhouXiang is stunned; He suddenly sat up straight.

“Is YanMingXiu with you?”

YanMingXiu looked at ZhouXiang strangely, “Who is it?” Even if ZhouXiang wanted to stop YanMingXiu from speaking, it was already too late. WangYuDong has already heard his voice. He said in a commanding tone, “Have MingXiu answer the phone."

ZhouXiang frowned, “Why are you looking for him?”

“It’s not for you to ask. Give him the phone."

ZhouXiang snorted, “Executive Wang, you called my cell phone. Although it’s not for me to ask, it is my phone. I still have the right to who can use it. Bye Bye." He hung up instantly after that.

YanMingXiu immediately looked at ZhouXiang anxiously, “Was that WangYuDong?”

“Yeah.” ZhouXiang stuffed a beef strip in his mouth, “You didn’t answer his call?”

YanMingXiu responded, “Let him be nervous for a few more days. If they’re not desperate, they won’t know how extreme the situation is."

"He already called here......" Before he finished speaking, the phone rang again. ZhouXiang glanced and saw that it’s WangYuDong again.

He is debating whether or not to pick up when YanMingXiu said, "Answer it. Trust me."

ZhouXiang nodded and answered the call, "Hello, Executive Wang"

WangYuDong suppressed his anger, “I have urgent business to talk to MingXiu."

ZhouXiang felt a bit of vindication. When he thought of WangYuDong’s deflated expression, his hatred toward him lessened. He said casually, "Oh Executive Wang, I can’t force anyone talk to you. You’re making things difficult for me."

“You!” WangYuDong shouted angrily, “Don’t take advantage of your relationship with him to intimidate others. No matter how one puts it, what the hell do you think you are?!"

ZhouXiang smiled, “Executive Wang, when it comes to using other people’s power to intimidate people, we’re not much different right?”

“You fucking looking for death!” WangYuDong screamed and hung up. He seemed to be furious.

After ZhouXiang hung up, he sighed. He felt that WangYuDong had changed a lot in the past two years. When he first met WangYuDong, it was about six to seven years ago. At that time, WangYuDong was a specially privileged person, with a good family background, great looks and even highly educated. He possessed almost everything that could make women go crazy. WangYuDong also knew how to conduct himself well. On the surface, he got along well with others and rarely offended anyone. However, ever since he became the ideal son-in-law of the Yan family, with this powerful backing, his entire person is different from before. His social status rose as well as his ambition, which inevitably offended many people.

He still remembered that he used to admire WangYuDong and was most envious of him. He couldn’t say that he was jealous of him. If it wasn’t for YanMingXiu, he wouldn’t have resented WangYuDong. They would have never opposed each other to such extremes. But when a (romantic) relationship involved, it can make people become very narrow-minded and sensitive. When he thought of the many things that happened at the time, there were better ways to solve it. At least, it won’t be like this, harming others without benefited himself. But the time had passed, nothing can go back.

For him and YanMingXiu to get to where they are today, it is full of regrets, suffering and pains, not to mention having WangYuDong as a "love rival."

YanMingXiu softly muttered, "Xiang Ge, you okay?"

ZhouXiang finally reacted and realized that he was in a daze. He quickly responded, "I’m fine......" He then smiled forcefully, “In fact, what he said is right. If it was before, I definitely wouldn’t dare to talk to him like that if I want to continue working in the industry."

YanMingXiu muttered, “That you should do. You and I will forever be tied together."

ZhouXiang shook his head, “Let’s just keep watching the movie.”


ZhouXiang held the remote control but did not press the start button. He then lowered his hand again, “MingXiu, what are you going to do about WangYuDong?”

"Business matters, you might not understand if I go into details. More or less, I have control of several investors who can sue or not sue WangYuDong’s father. Right now, I’m saying to let it go. If they sue, his father will stay in prison for at least ten years.”

ZhouXiang bunched up his brows, "I don’t have any sympathy for WangYuDong but I just felt that you are part of the Yan family after all. You doing this, will your parents let it go?"

“I’m doing this is not just for us. I have discussed it with my brother. This is also to give WangYuDong and his dad a lesson. In the past few years, this father and son have gotten a lot of money from using our family’s name. The Yan family’s reputation has been ruined by them. You know this year is election year. If someone use this to attack my grandfather at this time, it’s not just a matter of reputation, it could be a serious issue. My brother had already suppressed them once or else they wouldn’t have resorted to raising funds. I didn’t expect that they didn’t feel any repentance, with their debt getting bigger and bigger, getting to this point today. This time, WangYuDong’s dad took out all his fortune to settle this. As for the portion that they weren’t able to settle, it’s under my brother and my control. This is my biggest bargaining chip. Even if my dad is not doing it for face, he still has to consider the overall picture for the fate of the family."

"With you doing this, it’ll be surprising if your dad didn’t get angry."

“My dad is a soldier so he will follow the military’s directives his entire life. His mind doesn’t like think too much. He doesn’t care much about most of the things happening outside of the home. Whatever my grandfather says, he listens. What my mother says to him, he can be persuaded. In this world, he will only listen to these two people’s words. My mom is soft-hearted and dotes on my sister the most. Now that my sister is pregnant and later when they (YanMingMei and WangYuDong) go to talk to my mom, my mom will plead with my dad. It’s very highly that they will let WangYuDong and his dad go. If we let them go on like this and continue to cause trouble, the Yan family will really be in greater danger. After all, there are many eyes watching the things happening around WangYuDong. I am doing this for us as well as for my family."

YanMingXiu fell into ZhouXiang’s arms and smiled with his eyes closed, “Xiang Ge, don’t worry. I am not a person who doesn’t know what’s important. I’ll use the best approach to achieve my goals and end all future troubles.”

ZhouXiang sighed, “The water in your home is really deep.” YanMingXiu found a comfortable position to lay down into ZhouXiang’s arms and hooked his left hand on his neck, "It’s much deeper than you think. Don’t think about it or else you will get upset."

“True. Just you alone is enough to upset me.” ZhouXiang slightly poke at the cast on his hand.

“I’m also irritated. I want to do it (sex).” YanMingXiu stared at him with wide eyes, his eyes full of expectations.

“Forget it.”

“Xiang Ge...”

ZhouXiang smiled, “No. How are you going to do it, one-armed hero?"

YanMingXiu pulled his neck lower and put his mouth near his ear and whispered, “You sit on top. I want to see you move.”

ZhouXiang smiled lazily, "Too tired. My old waist can’t take it."

“Xiang Ge, let’s do it.”

ZhouXiang glanced at him and blocked his lips.

End of the chapter

T/N: It has been reported that well known celebrity, WanYuDong was attacked last night by a big group of people dressed in black attire wearing face masks resembling the passed away stuntman, ZhouXiang. He appears to have been tied up with a rope spread-eagled and severely beaten with various kinds of weapons, such as baton with spikes, tortured instruments, flameblowers and such and dragged by a horse for an indefinite time. His injuries appears to be grave with the lost of the use of his legs and lower body, rendering him impotent. It’s very likely he will be leaving the industry. END.

Translator – [DISCLAIMER] The above incident report is not part of the actual story but readers’ fic of conspired attack on WangYuDong. For those of you contributing to the attack, thanks much. It was such an entertaining read. LOL 🙂 If this really happened, it would have been so satisfying!

Writing is really not my forte, should any of you creative person out there like to write about this incident, please do so and I’ll gladly replace this. This is just a little fun before the story ends. LOL hahah. Hope nobody minds. Dearest author Shui Qian Chen (水千丞), my apologies for your readers’ brutality. We obviously felt that WangYuDong deserves it for all his evil deeds!

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