Problematic Sister Fell In Love With Me

Chapter 414 Extortion
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Chapter 414 Extortion

I actually fell asleep on Ziyuan’s thigh just now! And I had been drooling while sleeping! After feeling surprised, I suddenly noticed that there were only a few of us left in the huge karaoke booth. The original noisy speakers had been turned off. “Where is everyone?”

Liusu rolled her eyes and said with an annoyed tone, “Seeing you sleeping so soundly, who still dared to sing songs to disrupt your sleep? They all left. Huh! You have slept on Ziyuan’s thighs for half an hour already. Was it comfortable? Did you enjoy it?”

“Are you jealous?” Mo Fei asked directly with a smile, not caring about how Liusu would feel at all. “It seemed that it was you who didn’t let Ziyuan move for fear of waking up Chu Nan, right?”

“I...” Liusu blushed suddenly, “Have I said that?”

Oh my god. Were those girls not worried about Yang Wei and other people? At this time, they still had the mood to argue with each other? Although I was anxious, I also felt a faint sense of comfort and relief.

If these three girls could really get along so harmoniously, would there be a happier man in the world than me? I knew that I was thinking too much. Not every man was as lucky as Mo Yizhi. Women who could tolerate each other like Mrs. Mo and Long Shan were one of the few unrealistic existences in the real world.

In any case, I really shouldn’t sleep this time. Because of my sleep, all my colleagues that were supposed to be enjoying Karaoke went home early. Now that something had happened, there wasn’t even a helper. There were only a few girls left, which would only cause more trouble to me. I didn’t want them to follow me, but they wouldn’t listen. I didn’t have time to persuade them, so I could only hurry up to the fourth floor with them.

The atmosphere in the club was very creepy. There was no music, no one was dancing, and in the dim lights, there was only a crowd of people surrounding the bar rubbernecking.

After squeezing through the crowd, I saw the scene I didn’t want to see the most. Yang Wei, Tian Guochong, and Sun Zhe were beaten horribly. They fell to the ground, unable to get up.

Brother Wei’s left eye was swollen like a bun. Qin Lan was squatting on the ground, wiping her tears while pressing the wound on his head. In spite of doing so, blood was still running down his cheeks, and his white shirt was soaked in red.

Tian Guochong curled up on the floor, coughing constantly, clutching his arms that were bruised. Clearly, he had been hit by a bat. Xiao Sun was beaten beyond recognition. His nose was bruised, his originally thin cheeks were swollen like two steamed buns at the moment, and bloody foams were still coming out of his mouth...

Opposite them, a young man whose head had been bandaged up was sitting on a revolving stool lazily, leaning on the bar counter and playing with a beer bottle. His hair was dyed golden yellow, looking like he was up to no good at the first glance.

Next to him stood a fat middle-aged man who was dressed in a suit and leather shoes looking like the manager of the club. On his round face, there was always a smile that wasn’t sunny but was still pleasing to the eyes. “Xiao Wang, it is really not good to dwell over this matter, don’t you think so?” The fat man said to the yellow-haired man in a soft tone, but not concealing the intention of urging him, “We asked you to take care of my business, but if you handle it like this, I can’t have any business at all. Couldn’t you talk about it downstairs in a private booth? Please don’t scare my customers...”

“No,” The young yellow-haired man said in a lazy manner, not even looking at the man who was talking to him, “Those guys have cracked my head open in front of everyone, of course, I have to ask for an explanation from them in front of everyone. Boss Feng, I’m doing this not just for myself, you know? If you let your guests see that the people who back your place are so useless, who would dare to come here in the future.”

Boss Feng obviously didn’t want to provoke the yellow-haired young man. He smiled bitterly, “But if you do this, I’m worried that more people would not dare to come in the future...”

The yellow-haired man heard the dissatisfaction in the tone of Boss Feng. He waved his hand, and said, “It doesn’t matter who is here today! If these three punks don’t give me an explanation, I won’t let them walk out of this club!”

Three? Wasn’t there four? Feeling confused, I looked around. Where did Gong Fanlin go? Damn this guy! Did he actually run away?!

As if to confirm what I was thinking, the yellow-haired young man gritted his teeth and said, “Didn’t one punk run away? Get him back. Didn’t he like to save a damsel in distress? Then I will fulfill his wish. If you can get him back, I will let this woman go!”

Who would believe this person’s words? Yang Wei spat on the ground in disdain and tilted his body to block Qin Lan behind him. Xiao Sun trembled in fright. Tian Guochong was furious, but he didn’t dare to say anything. He often joked about how timid and fearful Brother Wei was, but when it was time for him to show how manly he was, he was also scared.

I pushed away two men in black clothes that were holding a bat and said lightly, “What if he doesn’t come back?”

“Doesn’t come back?” The yellow-haired young man didn’t turn around. He got up from the stool, bent down, and stretched out his hand, wanting to touch Qin Lan’s face, “If he doesn’t come back, of course, this woman won’t be able to leave. Haha, it’s not a bad idea to repay the physical injury with her body... Who are you?”

After his voice fell, he finally turned around and looked at me. But the moment he saw me, his hand suddenly stopped. He squinted his eyes to take a careful look at me, and then said, “You look very familiar...”

After the yellow-haired young man said this, I also found that the young man looked a little familiar. But thinking that there was no way I would have an interaction with this kind of person before, I didn’t think too much about it. I simply said, “They are my friends.”

Seeing me, the three hapless guys were like seeing their savior. However, what they didn’t know was that I didn’t know how to save them at all. After all, I knew better than then how difficult it was to deal with hooligans.

“Friends? So, you are here to beg me to let them go? Brother, which gang do you come from? Tell me the name, I will see if it is worth it for me to let them go.”

Seeing Yao Wan’er behind me, the young man probably thought that I was also a gang member who Yao Wan’er asked to come to save them, his tone became much more polite.

“I’m not from any gang. I am their colleague.”

“Their colleague?” The yellow-haired young man laughed out loud when he heard it, “Colleague? A white-collar? Then why the fuck do I need to listen to you? Who do you think you are? !”

“Who said I’m here to beg you?” I could only pretend to be calm and say, “I came to ask you to let them go.”

“Why?”The yellow-haired young man was clearly drunk. He couldn’t even stand firm. He pointed to his bandaged head and said loudly, “Just because you said so? See what they did to me. If they don’t give me an explanation, how can I let them go? Brother, reputation is the most important thing for us gangsters, do you know that? If I let them walk out of here as if nothing had happened, what do you think will happen to my reputation?”

Mo Fei suddenly came out from behind me and said with a look of contempt, “you just want to extort some money from us, right? Just tell me how much you need.”

The yellow-haired young man raised his eyebrows, “Wow, so generous. And who are you?

Seeing that the yellow-haired young man was walking towards her, Mo Fei was a little scared. She moved a half step behind me, but still showing indifference on her face, “They are my employees.”

“Your employees? So, are you the boss? A female boss?” As if hearing something funny, the yellow-haired young man laughed, “Have you all heard it? They are actually working for a woman? Hahaha..”

I really didn’t know what was funny about this statement. I guessed the people in black clothes also didn’t know, but since their leader laughed, they also laughed.

Mo Fei had never dealt with this kind of hooligans before, so her face turned livid. Even Liusu also couldn’t stand the man’s mockery and said, “What are you laughing at? What’s wrong with the boss being a woman? Your mother is also a woman, why don’t you laugh at that? !”

The yellow-haired young man’s laughter stopped abruptly. He glared at Liusu and shouted angrily, “What did you say? !”

Liusu didn’t back off and said again, “I said your mother is also a woman, why don’t you laugh at that!”

Liusu was an impulsive woman. Her words were tantamount to adding fuel to the fire, which would only make things worse. I was anxious, but it was inconvenient for me to say anything.

Ziyuan hurriedly pulled her and whispered, “Liusu, stop it, you will create more trouble for Chu Nan...”

However, it was these sentences that made the yellow-haired young man finally notice Ziyuan. His eyes suddenly lit up and he said in surprise, “Oh? This is... This is... a mixed-race beauty! It’s the first time that I saw a mixed-race beauty. Look at this face, so pretty–”

The punk raised his hand, wanting to touch Ziyuan’s face, but I subconsciously pushed his arm away, blocked Ziyuan’s body, and said coldly, “Keep your hands to yourself! Do you think we are scared of you because you have more people? If you dare to touch us, we will get the police involved.”

“Are you threatening me? I will see what you can do to me if I don’t keep my hands to myself!” The yellow-haired young man said with a malevolent expression, “Punk, you think I’m scared of the police? If I’m scared of them, I wouldn’t be a gangster...”

Was this guy implying that even if I get the police involved, they would not be able to do anything to him?

At this moment, Boss Feng smiled and interjected, “Xiao Wang, I think what this little brother said is not unreasonable. It’s not really a big deal, so you can just ask them to pay you for medical expenses. There is no need to be so serious, right? The customer is a god, and it’s not good for anyone if the police are here, don’t you think so?”

This boss was such a smooth talker. While asking us to pay the medical expense, he also asked the yellow-haired young man to stop dwelling on this matter. It seemed like in this way, both parties would take a step back, but in actuality, we were the ones who suffered losses.

“Fuck no! How about I crack your head open and then pay for your medical expenses? This matters to my fucking face and reputation, alright! So you think that only your face is important, and my face means nothing?” The yellow-haired young man said angrily, reducing boss Feng to silence.

When he saw that Boss Feng finally stopped talking, he turned his head and smiled at me, “Fine then, I will solve the conflict with you. I will give you two options. First, compensate me 50,000 yuan for my medical expenses, and mental damage... If it is a dime less, none of you can go...”


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