Problematic Sister Fell In Love With Me

Chapter 356 Chu Yuan’s Luck and Misfortune
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Chapter 356 Chu Yuan’s Luck and Misfortune

What Dongfang Lianren wanted to say was related to Ziyuan? I was curious, but I felt that this was more like a trap. Was this little brat deliberately trying to trick me? With her cunning and fox-like character, this possibility was extremely high. Seeing confidence flowing in her eyes, I was even more sure of this.

In everyone’s heart, there is more or less a secret that they don’t want others to know. It’s a secret that only belongs to them, and it’s a secret they can’t share with other people. Because that is a secret that they know very well that it is impossible to be accepted and tolerated by others. Perhaps it is something that is contrary to secular morals.

I didn’t like it when Dongfang tried to discover the secret in my heart. When a person is helpless and needs protection, he will always be exceptionally calm, just as a person’s body will burst out with great potential when facing danger. This potential may be physical strength or wisdom.

I was very calm at the moment. After a rational analysis, I smiled and said, “If that’s the case, you can keep it to yourself. You bratty girl always have some strange ideas, it is better if you don’t tell me. Otherwise, my head will hurt whenever I hear something coming out of your mouth. Hehe...”

Chu Yuan was in my room, so I did not dare to go into my room to change clothes, fearing that she would smell the perfume on my clothes. I went to the bathroom, changed into the sportswear that I hadn’t had time to wash, and put the changed clothes into the washing machine. After coming out of the bathroom, I said to Dongfang who was waiting outside of the bathroom with a smile, “Since you have nothing to do at home, you can help me wash my clothes.”

“What do you mean that I have nothing to do? I need to sleep. I also stayed up all night, okay? You are so heartless. It turns out that you only care about your little sister and your girlfriend.”

“It’s a fake girlfriend!” I corrected, “And it’s not that I care about her, I am scared of her. Besides, it was you who said that as long as I let you stay in my flat, you will do anything for me, and you will do all the housework. But since then have you done anything? It seems like it was me who served you all the time, right? Now I only ask you to wash a few pieces of clothes for me, but you have many complaints, sigh...”

“What do you mean a few pieces, it is a lot of clothes alright... I will die of exhaustion after washing them... Huh? Wait, Elder Brother Nan, you really don’t want to know what I wanted to tell you?” When I reached the entrance, Dongfang suddenly stopped complaining and asked hurriedly.

I changed my shoes and looked back with a smile, “If you really have something important, you would’ve already told me. After all, you are still hiding in my flat. So Dongfang, you can save your energy, I won’t be tricked by you.”

“Tricked by me? !” Dongfang Lianren was dissatisfied. She frowned and said, “Fine, since you don’t want to listen to it, then don’t blame me when you are in trouble. I’ll let the facts prove that if I’m fooling you or not.”

Hearing what she said, I was dazed for a moment. But before I came back to my senses, I had already been pushed out of the flat by her angrily. Then I heard her say, “I finally understand why Yuan Yuan would often say to me that the luckiest thing in her life is to meet you, and the most unfortunate thing is to be your little sister. Since you want to be an idiot, then you deserve to be punished. That’s what you get for ignoring Yuan Yuan’s feelings! Hmph!”

With the sound of “pa”, Dongfang Lianren shut me out of my flat...

The luckiest thing in her life was to meet me, and the most unfortunate thing was to be my little sister... On the way back to Fengchang, this sentence was lingering in my mind...

Chu Yuan liked Ziyuan? Now that I recalled what Dongfang had said, I dared not to laugh at her arrogance anymore, because she may really be the person who knew Chu Yuan the best in this world. Indeed, Chu Yuan’s every action in front of others was exactly the same as Ziyuan at that time. I had always thought that it was because they used to be together when they were young, so she was influenced by Ziyuan.

However, it may not be that simple. Chu Yuan’s waywardness and arrogance behind the people proved that she may really be simply imitating Ziyuan like what Dongfang said. It was because of that that she developed the problematic character of acting one way in front of people and acting the other way behind people.

Was Chu Yuan really imitating Ziyuan’s character because she liked her? It seemed that only this question could make me stand in front of Dongfang with confidence and say that I was the person who knew Chu Yuan the best in the world...

When I thought of this, the speed of my heartbeat was like the speedometer in the car. It was rapidly increasing as if only the fear of high-speed driving could calm me down. I was so focused that I didn’t have time to think about anything else... Because of this, I felt even more sorry for Mo Fei because not only was I speeding using her car, but I seemed to have run a lot of red lights...

Fengchang had strict regulations that employees must wear suits during working hours. Those who violated this regulation would be given penalty points, and their bonus of the month would be deducted.

Although it was not wrong for large companies to pay attention to the image, it was rare to see them being so strict. There were even precedents of a department manager being demoted for not wearing formal clothes twice in a row. Of course, he eventually chose to resign because he could not accept the punishment.

From then on, there were only two kinds of people who appeared in the company wearing casual dress. One was the shareholders of the company, and the other was the employees who had been fired. Obviously, I did not belong to the former, so when I arrived at the investment department in sportswear an hour late, Yao Wan’er was startled by my appearance.

“Elder Brother Nan, why do you come to the company so casually? Don’t tell me that... you want to resign again?!” It was understandable why Yao Wan’er would be startled. According to Liusu, when the project team leader Li Qi and the deputy team leader Hong Tao, who had been forced to ‘resign’, went back to the company to pack up their stuff, they were wearing sportswear.

“As your buddy, I absolutely support you.” Brother Wei put his arm around my shoulder and said with a smirk, “Now tell me, who are you going to hide from this time? Your childhood sweetheart, the mixed-race beauty?”

I didn’t know when it started, but the title – the Playboy of the general operation team had been removed from Yang Wei’s head and given to me. Even Brother Wei also believed that I was much more like a playboy than him. Of course, I believed that he was simply jealous.

“Elder Brother Yang, what nonsense are you talking about?” Yao Wan’er was trying to help me, but on her face, she also showed a trace of suspicion.

I knew that I was guilty, but I was still confused. Ziyuan only joined the company yesterday. How did they all know that she was my childhood friend? Moreover, looking at their attitude, they clearly suspected that the relationship between me and her was not as simple as a childhood sweetheart...

Before I even had time to react, a large group of people gathered around me quickly.

“Chu Nan, are we not friends? You already have two beautiful girls from the investment department. It’s time to stop now. Please don’t go after Miss Xue and leave the opportunity to us...”

“Yes, yes. Besides, Ms. Mo and Grandma Cheng are already incompatible with each other like fire and water, so why do you want to get yourself into trouble and have one more woman? How about this? Tonight, I’ll treat you to Earthly Paradise, and you can invite Miss Xue. You can introduce her to us...”

“Count me in! I’ve seen many foreigners. But it’s the first time for me to see a mixed-race beauty. Chu Nan, you can get Grandma Cheng as well. After the dinner, you can send Grandma Cheng home, and I can send Beauty Xue home...”

“Get lost, Old Black, why does it have to be you who sends Beauty Xue home? Why not me? Where is the fair competition you said? Oh right. Chu Nan, please don’t invite Ms. Mo. If she comes, no one will dare to have fun anymore.”

“Alas, they are all beautiful women, why is the gap so big? You see, Beauty Xue not only has a great look but she also has a great personality. She is so approachable, and when she smiles... oh god, so charming...”

“You’d better not let Grandma Cheng and Ms. Mo hear these words. Otherwise, you will be in big trouble. But having said that, in terms of looks, Miss Xue is really not inferior to our Ms. Mo.”

“Ms. Xue is much more feminine than our Ms. Mo and Grandma Cheng. Hey, I heard that Westerners are more unrestrained. I don’t know if Ms. Xue is different. I like the type of girl who looks pure and innocent on the outside, but on the inside...”

“What the heck, Gong Fanlin, you are such a pervert....”


How did I not discover that I was working with a pack of lecherous wolves in the past? Or maybe it was because I was too familiar with Ziyuan, so I was somewhat immune to her charm? It seemed to everyone that she was more attractive than Liusu and Mo Fei...

Although I had a grudge against Ziyuan, I still felt very uncomfortable when I saw a pack of wolves in a rut. Especially when I heard Gong Fanlin’s words, it made me even want to punch him in the face.

This guy was a high-achieving computer graduate. He was very competent at his work, but his hobby would only make people shake their heads. When chatting with people, he would often make dirty jokes, and while at work, he would often use the company’s computer to download pornography. The cleaning aunt even caught him secretly taking pictures of a female colleague of the public relations department when she crouched down.

The level of nastiness of this guy was horrendous!

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