Problematic Sister Fell In Love With Me

Chapter 355 The smell of perfume on clothes
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Chapter 355 The smell of perfume on clothes

“And...” I thought Dong Xiaoye had forgotten about it, but she opened the door again and said in a sulky mood, “From the fake smile on your face, you didn’t find out if Xue Ziyuan was the Third Lady, did you? There is no need to conceal it. Everyone knows that she would not admit it easily. Otherwise, she would not want to cover it up and go to Fengchang Group to be a small assistant to Mo Fei, so no one would laugh at you. However, now it seems that the reason why she is doing this is more than just wanting to give you a surprise.

“So after you return to Fengchang, you need to be smart, and if you have the opportunity, you can find out what she wants to do. If she still doesn’t want to tell you, then you can find a way to ask Mo Fei to find out some information about her from Mo Yizhi.

“I think Mo Yizhi definitely knows why she wants to work in Fengchang. From how Mo Fei treats you, I don’t think she will refuse to help you. As long as she begged her uncle, her uncle would definitely tell her. Then you will be able to get all the answers you want... What I said might be unnecessary. You are a smart man, you don’t need me to teach you what to do.”

What Dong Xiaoye said was not unnecessary. In fact, without her reminding me, I would probably not want to think about it. What Ziyuan did last night was enough to show that it was beyond the category of ‘surprise’, and the inexplicable things she said also made me very confused. So she might think that I didn’t need her to remind me, but actually, I was very grateful for her. So I smiled at her sincerely and said, “Thank you, I know what I should do now.”

“If you know, then just do what you should do. What are you thanking me for?” Dong Xiaoye seemed to close the door with disdain, but before the door was closed completely, I noticed that her face was very red. This made me very confused. Why would Sister Tiger get embarrassed so easily?

“Since everyone is going to bed again, I’m going to sleep as well.” Dongfang little brat patted her belly and said. However, after she stood up, she showed no sign of wanting to go back to sleep, “It feels really unsafe to stay with Elder Brother Nan alone. Although I don’t mind getting pregnant with your kids, I’m still too young. I haven’t had enough fun, and I’m not ready to become a mother. So please spare me...”

This damn girl. The way she said it sounded like I would do something indescribable to her. Moreover, when she said those words, she clearly had a mocking expression on her face.

I could tell that the reason why Chu Yuan and Dong Xiaoye were angry was that they were worried about me. However, the reason why Dongfang Lianren was angry seemed to be something else.

“Did I offend you?”

“No,” Dongfang Lianren said. There was no emotion in her tone, but she had a disdainful look on her face, “You can even lie to your little sister Yuan Yuan without blinking your eyes, and I am no one to you, so why would you care if you offended me or not? I only blame myself for wanting to confide my secrets to you and wanting to care about you. But it seems like it is completely unnecessary. You must have had a very happy evening last night.”

Dongfang Little brat was in a bad mood. The words she said were filled with sarcasm and she put a lot of emphasis on the word ‘a happy evening’. I hurriedly refuted with a blushing face.”Who had a happy, happy evening-”

“Whoever had it knew it clearly in his heart,” Dongfang didn’t wait for me to finish speaking. She interrupted my lie and walked to my side. She looked at me with her sharp eyes that did not match her age, making me feel that she had seen through me completely. It even gave me an absurd feeling of being caught cheating red-handed. “Did you really just fall asleep drunk last night? Can’t you smell yourself? You reek of that woman’s perfume...”

I subconsciously raised my arm and sniffed. Then I couldn’t help but be shocked. Just as Dongfang said, I could really smell a faint fragrance of perfume remaining on me! That was the smell of Ziyuan’s perfume. Because I was immersed in it all night, I didn’t even notice it! Then I immediately realized why Dongfang Lianren would show a strange expression after I sat next to her.

“Don’t worry, Sister Xiaoye’s cold hasn’t gotten better, and Yuan Yuan caught a cold last night. They all had runny noses. Plus they all stayed up all night last night, so they were tired and couldn’t smell it. Otherwise, do you think Yuan Yuan would just ignore you?” Dongfang Lianren deliberately lowered her voice, as if she didn’t want Chu Yuan to hear our conversation.

I was dazed for a second. Was this the reason why she jokingly said that Chu Yuan and I were acting like a couple? She actually wanted to make Chu Yuan feel embarrassed, so she would not dare to eavesdrop on our conversation again? But why would she want to help me to cover it? Was she still the bratty girl who always wanted to cause trouble to me?

Dongfang acted like an old man and said, “Elder Brother Nan, didn’t you ask me what that woman said to Yuan Yuan last night? Yuan Yuan told me that that woman said that you might stay over at her place and would not come back. Yuan Yuan probably thought that you hadn’t seen each other in five years, and you have a lot of things that you two wanted to say to each other. But based on the smell... What you did last night was more than just a talk, right?”

Dongfang little brat’s incredible reasoning ability and imagination frightened me. I was so anxious that even my body began to tremble. Then she sighed and said while shaking her head, “But I know that Elder Brother Nan is an ultra-conservative and a stupid good guy, so I doubt you have the courage to do anything to that temptress...”

Regardless of whether Dongfang was praising me or mocking me, I secretly sighed with relief. She was still a little girl, after all. Even if she could imagine a lot of things, she would still not be able to imagine how dirty adults could be. Not to mention that I was not that ultra-conservative as she thought I was, nor was I a stupid good guy.

But she continued, “Anyway, whether it was you, who was really brave enough to hug her, or it was her who shamelessly hugged you, you two must have close body contact, right? And, don’t you think it’s a bit strange? She clearly knows about your relationship with Elder Sister Cheng, but she still deliberately wanted you to stay overnight at her place, and then left the smell of her perfume on you...

“If you directly went back to the company today, there is no way that Elder Sister Cheng would not be able to smell it. And If Elder Sister Cheng happened to want to contact you last night, but couldn’t get through your mobile phone, she would call Yuan Yuan...”

Then Chu Yuan would definitely tell Liusu that I had been staying with Ziyuan all night...

I couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat. Liusu could get jealous very easily. So I could imagine what kind of reaction she would have after finding out where I was last night.

However, what shocked me the most was the residual smell on my body. Dongfang Lianren was wrong. If she didn’t deliberately spray perfume on my clothes, it would be impossible to leave such a strong smell of perfume even if we had close contact last night.

In other words, whether I was going home or going back to the company, the fact that I had been staying with her the whole evening would definitely be exposed... This was what scared me the most. Ziyuan didn’t think that I only had one girlfriend. In her opinion, Mo Fei in the company and Dong Xiaoye at home all had an ambiguous relationship with me.

Did Ziyuan try to drive a wedge between those three women? Apart from this, I couldn’t think of other possibilities...

Dongfang Lianren obviously thought the same way, so she called her temptress...

“I don’t know why Yuan Yuan seems to be scared of that woman, but I can see that she still likes that woman, otherwise she would not deliberately imitate her every move. That’s why I didn’t want to tell you this in front of her. I don’t want to ruin that woman’s image in front of her.”

Dongfang Lianren suddenly squatted down, put her arms on my thighs, and raised her face, her eyes flashed with bitter resentment. “Elder Brother Nan, Yuan Yuan deliberately told her that you have a girlfriend because she is scared that she would take you away from her. It is just like how she always wants to set me up with you, because she is scared that Cheng Liusu would take you away from her.

“I always think that I am pretty smart. But I know that I am not as smart as you, so it is time that you stop pretending to be dumb. There is no way that you can’t tell how she really feels. In this world, there is no one who knows you better than Yuan Yuan, and there is no one who knows Yuan Yuan better than you... Of course, except me.”

I didn’t know if she meant that she understood me like Chu Yuan when she said “except me”, but it was undeniable that I was scared and panicked.

I had always forced myself not to think about the problems that I dared not think about, but when Ziyuan appeared in front of me, it seemed like I had no other choice but to face those problems...

“You are just a kid, don’t be too confident, there are many things you don’t understand.”

“You know more than me, but it doesn’t mean you know everything,” Dongfang Lianren said, “I am sixteen years old and you are twenty-three years old. You are just seven years older than me. Moreover, did you not know that from a scientific point of view, women’s mental age is three to five years older than men’s. As for you, you are less mature than other men of your age, so we are almost the same age...”

This girl’s eloquence was really not something that a sixteen-year-old girl would have. However, I was not in the mood to be impressed by this. I didn’t bother to argue with her, so I changed the subject and said, “I have to go back to the company right away. You said you have something that you want to tell me, you can tell me now. .”

“I want to tell you that that temptress may not be...” Dongfang suddenly stopped. After a few moments, she said with a smirk: “I have changed my mind. I will tell you what it is when you are finally willing to admit that you know Yuan Yuan’s feelings.”

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