Problematic Sister Fell In Love With Me

Chapter 271 No One Wants Chu Yuan?
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Chapter 271 No One Wants Chu Yuan?

“Okay, okay, I admit that it’s wrong for me to secretly follow you, and it’s my fault to make you worry, but... the way she was on top of you, it was very easy for people to misunderstand it, right?” Seeing that I had a stern face and did not respond to her question, Chu Yuan was a little scared. However, although she first admitted her mistake, she still didn’t drop her suspicion. She pretended that she was calm and was willing to listen to my explanation. “Now that I am not throwing a tantrum, you can tell me what you two were doing earlier. Why is she sitting on top of you, and.... and trying to take off your trousers so shamelessly?”

The bratty girl sat on her knees next to me obediently, her face was slightly red, but her eyes revealed sharp gleams. Her two small hands on her thighs clenched into fists tightly seemingly feeling very nervous and embarrassed...

I had a wry smile on my face. There were really many coincidences in the world, but these coincidences were not truly coincidences, they were just the product of concealment and lie.

Just when I was hesitant to tell Chu Yuan the truth, a crowd of people suddenly appeared out of nowhere and rushed into my flat through the door like the soldiers on the battlefield who had heard the call of charge. Their momentum was like a powerful hurricane, it was unstoppable.

“Xiao Nan, are you alright?”

“Where is that little brat? He even dares to hide this kind of thing from me, I’ll definitely whoop his butt!”

“Elder Brother Nan, great, you are really fine, Guo Xiang, Elder Brother Nan is fine, haha, he is fine!”

“Really? Where is he? Let me see! Teacher, aunty, don’t block the door, let me in! Xiao Nan, I’m sorry...”

It was a mess. This time, it was a complete mess...

The first person who rushed in was my dear stepmother. When she saw me sitting on the sofa safe and sound, tears suddenly filled her eyes...

The second one was my old man who came in with red eyes. If my stepmother hadn’t pulled him in time, probably I would have already been smacked by him...

Then I saw Liu Xingyu’s and heard Guo Xiang’s yelling. I immediately understood what was happening.

Although Guo Xiang and Liu Xingyu left before the incident in Crouching Dragon Mountain Resort, Xingyu’s elder brother Liu Xiaosheng was also one of the hostages, let alone they might have already seen the newspaper.

From the fact that my parents came to the flat with them, it could be seen that my parents also found out what happened.

I tried very hard to hide it from everyone, but in the end, I couldn’t hide it from anyone... .

For a while, my flat was filled with the noises of people crying, scolding, and persuading. Apart from me who could only smile bitterly at everyone, Chu Yuan was like a confused little puppy looking at everyone back and forth in bewilderment...

. . .

Next day...

“Yuan Yuan, have some breakfast before going to school.”

“I am not hungry!” Chu Yuan, who had already brushed her teeth and washed her face, walked out of her room carrying a schoolbag and rejected my kindness in a sulky tone. She walked directly to the hallway to change shoes and murmured to herself as if venting, “Liar! I will never believe you again! You can eat breakfast yourself! I hope you get choked!”

I was speechless. I just wanted her to have some breakfast. What did it have anything to do with her believing me?

“Bratty girl, how can you talk to your elder brother like this?!” My stepmother walked out of the kitchen. While untying her apron, she rebuked, “Yuan Yuan, apologize to your elder brother now! Or I will hit you!”

“He lied to me and you let me apologize to him?” Chu Yuan gave me a resentful look, and suddenly stuck out her tongue at me, “I’d rather die!” After that, she ignored my stepmother’s scolding and rushed out of the door.

My stepmother chased after her in anger, “You little brat! Come back here!...”

“Forget it, Mom,” I hurriedly got up and stopped my stepmother, and smiled, “She is not angry that I lied to her, but angry at herself for making me drag my wounded leg to look for her everywhere yesterday...”

My stepmother replied angrily, “Then she should apologize to you even more!”

“We are siblings, there is no need for this.” I pressed my stepmother down and made her sit on the chair and said with a chuckle, “Besides, it’s not like you don’t know how much she cares about her face? She will be fine in two days. Hurry up and eat breakfast, then you can go back to the shop. Aren’t you busy these two days?”

The reason why my stepmother stayed over for one night was to first take care of me, and second, because Chu Yuan started having a bad temper after knowing that I had a gunshot wound in the leg, it made my stepmother quite worried. After all, except for the accident five years ago, Chu Yuan had always been a well-behaved and sensible child in the eyes of my parents. She rarely quarreled with me in front of my parents, so naturally, my stepmother would be worried.

Speaking of how my parents found out that I was shot, the process was really interesting. It started after Guo Xiang and Liu Xingyu left Crouching Dragon Mountain Resort last night.

It turned out that Xingyu only learned about what had happened in the manor last night after she returned home this morning. As for where she went, what she did all night last night, and why no one could get through to her, it was self-evident... So she was severely scolded by her family. Originally, she was so regretful that she was willing to be grounded at home, but Liu Xiaosheng was so petty-minded that he refused to tell her about my situation. He even wanted to force her to break up with Guo Xiang. So she had a fierce quarrel with her elder brother and ran away from home to find Guo Xiang again. When she found Guo Xiang, Guo Xiang had just learned about the situation from the news and was hurriedly asking some friends he knew for verification.

Because I left my phone at home, they couldn’t get in touch with me...

At that time, all the information Guo Xiang got from the people he knew was that I had been taken away by one of the gunmen, and no one knew if I was still alive or not. So he was extremely anxious. After all, it was he who took me to Long Xiaotian’s birthday party.

This young couple had actually come to my house once during the day, but because no one was at home, Xingyu called Chu Yuan. To be cautious, she only asked very implicitly. After Chu Yuan said that I had just ‘sprained my foot’, and I had probably gone to see the doctor, this young couple was finally relieved. Thinking that I was fine, they decided to return to Guo Xiang’s company.

However, after they returned to the company, they encountered a very strange thing. Li Xinghui, the chairman of the Blue City Group, which ranked second in the real estate industry, actually visited him in person with his nominal wife (it was said that they were not married), Ms. Zhang Lingfang, a famous socialite in Bei Tian City, and waited in Guo Xiang’s office for two hours!

It must be said that in the past, the relationship between Heng Xiang Group and Blue City Group was just like the relationship between a shoe shiner and a customer. Even if Heng Xiang Group tried very hard to curry favor with Blue City Group, the Blue City Group would not be interested in working with Heng Xiang Group. However, what made Guo Xiang even more surprised was that the purpose of Li Xinghui’s visit this time was to invite Guo Xiang and his friend “Chu Nan” to have a simple dinner together, and discuss the possibility of cooperation and development between Heng Xiang Group and Blue City Group in the future...

Guo Xiang’s company was eager to rise, and it urgently needed the support of a powerful company to expand its influence and credibility. On his desk alone, there were five or six different versions of the cooperation plans with the Blue City Group, but they had all been rejected by the Blue City Group...

Blue City Group actually took the initiative to seek cooperation and development with Heng Xiang Group. For Heng Xiang Group, it was tantamount to hitting a jackpot. So of course, Guo Xiang would not refuse it. But he was also not a careless man. After careful probing, he finally found out Li Xinghui’s true intentions.

No wonder why I felt that I had those of those two names before. Weren’t they the hostages who were ransomed after me with Liu Xiaosheng last night?

Guo Xiang then learned from them what had happened last night, including the internal information that Li Xinghui got from the police: Chu Nan fought with the leader of the gunmen and seized the bomb remote control, but he was seriously injured...

Damn those police, they really liked to exaggerate the situation... What did they mean that I was seriously injured?

In terms of those two people, they told Guo Xiang that they wanted to get to know me and thank me personally, but that was definitely a lie. Cooperating with Heng Xiang was just a pretense or a bargaining chip to buy Guo Xiang and me. Fortunately, I had heard the analysis of Mo Fei and Dong Xiaoye earlier, so I could guess the purpose of Li Xinghui and Zhang Lingfang. Guo Xiang was also a wise man, so how could he be fooled by them easily? Therefore, he left them in the office and hurriedly rushed to my parents’ house to inquire about the situation with Xingyu...

And then, they all rushed toward my flat together.

“I know you care about Yuan Yuan, but you can’t spoil her too much,” my stepmother suddenly smiled, “Are you not afraid that no one would want her in the future?”

Those words actually reminded me of Dong Xiaoye. It seemed that I often worried that no one would want her in the future. I couldn’t help but smile, “You are worrying too much. You probably don’t know. There are many boys who like her in the school. For a girl, having a little bit of temper is like a type of personality, which will make them more attractive to boys.”

I unconsciously tried to find an excuse for Chu Yuan again. Personality? To put it bluntly, she had a problematic personality! However, it was not a lie that there were boys who liked her. For example, Lv Siqi and several of his friends, didn’t they all like Chu Yuan?

My stepmother stared at me for a long time, making me feel very uncomfortable. Then she sighed and said, “I don’t understand, my son is so gentle and considerate, but why can’t he get a girlfriend? The girls nowadays are really dumb...”

I couldn’t help but blush. Before I could speak, my stepmother reached out her hand and poked my forehead, and said with a playful smile, “Yuan Yuan is a beautiful girl. So it’s normal that there are boys who like her. But they only like her because of her appearance, who would really like her personality?”

What my stepmother said made sense. That bratty girl normally hid her problematic personality from other people. If other boys really found out what kind of person she really was, would they still like her?

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