Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 744: Road ahead, pits (1)
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Chapter 744: Road ahead, pits (1)

The tiny steel wire was provided by Lin Chujiu. It was as thin as a hair. It was hidden in the bushes and could not be seen by the naked eye easily. Unless the black-armored guards had excellent eyesight or didn't walk in this direction, the probability of being hit was ninety percent.

The black armor guards came very fast. Lin Chujiu and Liu Qi had just set up the trap when they heard very light and dense footsteps.

"He's here!" Lin Chujiu, who was sitting on the tree, made a gesture toward Liu Qi. Liu Qi nodded, looking sharply ahead, just waiting for the black armored guard to appear.

Soon, the black armored guard dressed in the black iron appeared in Liu Qi's sight. The black-armored guard kept walking, walking along the traces left by Lin Chujiu and Liu Qi until he passed by Liu Qi. When he heard the wild boar's struggle, he stopped, but before he could make a move, Liu Qi let go of the wild boar.

*Roar* The wild boar's eyes were bound by the black cloth. When Liu Qi put it down, he stabbed it in the buttocks. The wild boar roared in pain and rushed forward.

The black-armored guard and the wild boar stood face to face. The wild boar rushed forward, while the black-armored guard discovered this and instinctively dodge.

The wild boar was injured and had a great temper. He went on a rampage all the way. The black-armored guard naturally wouldn't be afraid of a small wild boar. He raised his knife and swung it toward the wild boar.

The wild boar couldn't dodge in time and was slashed straight by the black-armored guard's sword. Its blood spattered on the ground. Now, the wild boar was even crazier and desperately went to the black-armored guard.

The black-armored guard took a step back so that he could cut and strike again, but who knows what he touched, and several sharp arrows suddenly flew towards him from both sides. The black-armored guard was slightly shocked, he stop attacking the wild boar to avoid the attack of sharp arrows.

This move gave the wild boar a chance. The wild boar arched its body and rushed towards the black-armored guard like crazy. At the same time, the sharp arrows shot from both sides constantly.

*Swoosh, swoosh* Two arrows in a row changed direction in mid-air and hit the wild boar.

The wild boar was badly injured. It was hit by two arrows in a row, and his attack power was lost. It swayed and fell to the ground.

There was no wild boar making trouble, and the sharp arrows flying from both sides could not stop the light footsteps of the black-armored guard. As soon as the black-armored guard turned his head, he saw Lin Chujiu who was hiding in a tree and shooting him with cold arrows.

"Hmph…" The black-armored guard snorted coldly, raised his knife, and ran towards Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu was not in a hurry and continued to put the short arrow on the small crossbow, and then fired it at the black armored guard.

*Swoosh, swoosh* All the arrows were shot at the black-armored guard, but the distance between the two was getting closer and closer.

Fifty meters…

Thirty meters…

Seeing that the black-armored guard was about to rush in front of Lin Chujiu, Lin Chujiu didn't panic and continued to shoot cold arrows at him. The black-armored guard didn't even need to raise a knife, he just turned sideways to avoid the oncoming arrow.

Seeing that the black-armored guard was about to rush in front of Lin Chujiu, but at a critical moment, the black-armored guard stepped on something, slipped his feet, suddenly lost his focus, and rushed forward.

And when he fell, he just fell on the steel wire, and only heard a muffled sound, and the small steel wire directly cut through the armor of the black iron and embedded it into the flesh of the black armored guard.

But that was not enough!

When the wire cutters went into his flesh, there was a scream. The black-armored guard screamed and clutched his wound in pain, only to see a burst of white smoke from his wound, and the sour stench instantly dissipated… …

It turned out that Lin Chujiu had put concentrated sulfuric acid on the thin steel wire so that it could cut through the armor of the black-armored guard.

They'll take advantage of this injury to kill people!

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