Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day

Chapter 1286 - No Longer a Young Man
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Chapter 1286: No Longer a Young Man

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Once this statement from Nancheng University was released, the entire matter became very awkward.

The various reports of Xia Wanyuan’s “history expert” were still hanging on the Internet media, and all sorts of reporters’ praises were still pouring out.

However, as the most authoritative liberal arts university in China, Nancheng University’s expert team was famous in the country.

No one dared to not believe their judgment.

[ This… So who is right?? I don’t understand. Who should I believe? ]

[ I’m inclined to believe the professors of Nancheng University. After all, they’re all professionals. Although Xia Wanyuan is very good at literature, history and literature are not the same thing at all. Xia Wanyuan isn’t so proficient in everything, right? ]

[I’m also standing with Nancheng University. I feel that those old professors look very dignified when they stand there.]

At this moment, in Nancheng University, everyone was divided into two extremely intense extremes.

Looking at the statement that had been released that there was no new dynasty, some teachers who had worked hard for a long time were very unconvinced.

“There clearly is! How can you lie with your eyes open?! You’re completely violating the fairness of academia!”

“Professor Li.” A fat middle-aged man sitting at the meeting table pressed his hand down. “Don’t forget that you’re a professor at Nancheng University. Your wife works here too. If Nancheng University declines, you won’t have a good time.”

Hearing the middle-aged man’s words, Professor Li gritted his teeth and stood silently at the side.

“The school leaders said that they’ll give you double the allowance for this year’s History department. Our country has so many things to study. Why must you dwell on this? Don’t you think so?”

Professor Li and a few other aloof teachers were silent, but they did not retort.

The director glanced at the teachers present and his expression suddenly became serious. “I don’t care about your so-called academic fairness. Let me tell you, before you go out and cause trouble, think about the people behind you first. Don’t treat yourself as a rash young man who only knows how to charge forward.”

With that, the director left the office.

The others looked at each other, their eyes filled with helplessness.

If they went back to thirty to forty years ago when they were still young,

They would probably ignore the leader school and have to come up with the truth.

However, now, they had family and children behind them. Their lives were tied to Nancheng University.

They no longer had the capital to bravely expose the truth.

“Sigh.” A sigh sounded in the office.

Everyone found helplessness in each other’s eyes. Even though they had already become the most authoritative people in history,

However, they still did not have the right to speak. They had to watch the truth be stepped on by the nobles.

“I heard that Xia Wanyuan is quite amazing. Maybe…”

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