Primordial Sin System

Chapter 264 264-Unexpected
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Chapter 264-Unexpected

Dave looked at his surroundings and felt that he is now in a different place. He saw the old man who introduced the stairs a while ago and looked at him with surprise and astonishment.

"A genius indeed"

The old man nodded and smiled at Dave.

"I never expect that you will easily pass the trial my master created for 1000 years. It took him a lot of time to create it using a lot of resources and treasures, but you pass it in just an hour."

Dave looks at the old man and all he can see is a question mark. He realized that the old man is not simple.

"I just got lucky"

The old man smiled and replied, "A humble genius, hmm, you are rare."

Dave looked at the old man and said, "So where is my reward?"

The old man smiles and replies, "Don't worry, the reward will surely surprise you."

The old man took a black orb and gave it to Dave. Dave was stunned and he could feel the endless darkness within the orb.

"This orb is a fragment of abyssal core, my master found it when he entered the abyss."

Dave eyes squinted and looked at the old man with wariness.

"Hehe, I know that you know the situation."

The old man said, and Dave nodded.

"If I am not wrong, your master is not just an Imperial Emperor, it may be stronger."

The old man nodded and replied, "My master was a True Saint and when he ascends in the celestial plane, he stumbled upon a crack, and he enters it because of his curiosity"

"Little he didn't know that it was a portal towards the abyss and for him to escape the abyss is to get the permission of the demon lord residing in that level or defeat it and become the demon lord."

"My master traveled in the abyss and was pursued by a lot of demons, and he constantly fought for hundreds of years until the demon lord appeared in front of him and he was defeated instantly."

"The strength of the demon lord cannot be underestimated and even though my master is strong, he feels despair when he is telling me what happened in the abyss."

The old man's face is full of fear when he is remembering what his master told him.

Dave didn't expect that the old man would tell him about many things he should not know.

"So, what happened next?"

He is curious about what happened.

The old man clenched his fist as anger could be seen in his eyes.

"That bastard demon lord, he put a curse on my master and then threw him out of the abyss and made him suffer from the curse."

"He didn't care about him escaping and he just wanted him to die slowly"

"The curse corroded his body, and it weakened him overtime."

"That bastard demon lord is lunatic."

"I tried to look for solutions, but it was no avail, so my master decided to spend his time in the Immortal plane where he originally belongs."

"Even his strength deteriorated, he still created a tomb where he can share his legacy."

"The last thing he told me is to find someone who can inherit his legacy and he didn't wish to take revenge on that demon lord as he knew that it was impossible because even a True Saint was like an ant in front of a demon lord."

The old man's eyes were watery, then he fixed himself as it's not good to show weakness in front of a junior.

Dave didn't expect that a simple emperor tomb is a tomb of a True Saint. If others knew it, the powerhouses might try to breach this place.

"So why did you tell me about all of this?"

"What's your goal."

Dave asked the old man with a serious face as he is not easy to fool. He can see that the old man is not lying to him, and the story might be true but it's better to be wary.

The old man smiled and said, "It's because the real legacy is in front of you and the only trial my master created is the stairways."

"You can encounter some treasures inside the tomb but none of them can compare when you pass the trial."

Dave was stunned as he didn't expect that the real legacy could be found when someone passed the trial.

"Since you are the one who manage to climb here first, therefore I announce you as the heir of True Saint Deuz"

The old man said and suddenly, Dave felt a connection with the whole tomb. He can see everything, where the treasures are located, where the geniuses are hiding and he realized something. This is not a tomb but a supreme treasure.

It can form based on the desire of the owner and Dave didn't expect that he will become the master of this treasure. Please visit 𝑓r𝙚ew𝚎𝚋𝐧૦ѵ𝗲𝘭. c𝘰m

He looks at the old man who is smiling at him and the old man bows to him.

"You are now my master so I will be under your command."

Dave was stunned as he didn't expect that the strong old man would acknowledge him as his master.

"What is happening?"

He is confused about the sudden change of events.

The old man smiles and explains to him.'

"My previous master collected a lot of treasures during his entire life and when he was near to die, he decided to sacrifice his life to create a supreme treasure and he commanded me to guard it for him and choose a worthy heir."

"He said that if someone can pass the trial, it means that he has the power to resist his inner demons and I must choose him to be my new master."

Dave nodded and he asked. "Is that all?"

The old man smiles and says, "Master, my previous master created a library of his collections of techniques and his treasury is near the core of this treasure."

Dave nodded as he felt delighted because those techniques will be useful for his subordinate and even for himself if he found a suitable technique for him.

"So how strong are you?"

Dave is curious about the old man.

The old man replied, "I am the weakest of 4 of my master's servants but I reach the Imperial Saint King."

"My name is Yudi"

Dave was stunned as he didn't expect him to be strong. "Wait, you mean that there are 3 more people?"

Yudi replied, "Yes, but they scattered around the Immortal Plane, and we don't have any connection about each other's"

"All I know is that if we find them, they will surely serve you whole heartedly as they are very loyal people."

Dave nodded and decided not to think of it for now. He planned to create a force in the immortal plane, but he didn't expect that his luck would be good and he is now a strong servant. The strongest person in this world is only an Imperial Emperor from the Light Pavilion.

"Master, what do you plan to do to those people inside?"

Dave smirked and said, "Lets expelled them outside but those people with me must receive some gifts"

The old man bowed and said, "As you wish."

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