Primordial Expanse: I have the Strongest Talent!

Primordial Expanse: I have the Strongest Talent!

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    In a future where humanity has already conquered the galaxy, a whole new realm of mystery and horrors beyond human comprehension opens up to them, the Primordial Expanse.

    For as long as he could remember, Alex worked in the mines of an asteroid so desolate it didn't even have a name. But to him, this was home.

    He knew that his future held nothing for him and he would die a lonely and forgotten death just like everyone else stuck on this godforsaken rock.

    That was, until one day he wakes up to the realisation that he would die soon, as the Primordial Expanse called for him.

    This mysterious realm is a place of promise and opportunity for many, but for people from the slums of society like Alex, it was only a curse that almost always guaranteed death.

    Follow Alex on his journey though the Primordial Expanse as he navigates his way through battles, trials and enemies to carve out a space for himself at the peak of the universe.


    [WSA 2024]

    This novel is purely a work of fiction, any names, locations and characters are all made up and do not depict or represent the real world.