President Wife is Pretty and Cool

Chapter 76 - Her Brothers Dream of Being a Star
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Chapter 76: Her Brother’s Dream of Being a Star

It was already evening when Lan Anran returned home. After washing up, she was browsing Weibo, when she saw the Mo Family Group’s Luo Tian Entertainment’s Weibo page recruiting new members. Her eyes lit up, Yanran had a chance now. She was just about to tell Lan Yanran about it, when she saw the email on her computer.

It was Rong Ze. She opened it and saw the contents.

“Change of plans. Abandon Xiang Tian and find someone called Zero. She is an internationally renowned psychologist, so the price will not change.”

Lan Anran thought for a moment and typed a few words on the keyboard.

“Sorry, I’m only cooperating with you to find Xiang Tian. If the plan changes, I don’t think there’s a need for us to cooperate anymore.”

Rong Ze sent a message quickly.

“Don’t you want that one billion?”

Lan Anran hesitated again, suddenly having a greedy thought. She smiled and continued to type.

“Alright, deal. What else do you know about her? I can find out more easily if you tell me.”

She wanted to do both, so she wouldn’t give up on searching for Xiang Tian. Her interest in him grew. From now on, searching for Xiang Tian was her mission, it had nothing to do with anyone else.

“I don’t know, I just know that she is very mysterious.”

Rong Ze continued.

Lan Anran was relieved. They didn’t know much more about Zero. When the time came, she just needed to stall and find someone to imitate her.

“Roger that!”

She smiled and deleted the email. Finding Zero wouldn’t be easy.

Lan Anran continued to look at Weibo on her phone. Luo Tian Entertainment.

“Yanran, Yanran, come over here.”

She hugged her phone and shouted.

Lan Yanran ran over when he heard the voice.

“Sis, what’s wrong?”

“Look, this is the management company of Luo Tian Entertainment, a subsidiary of the Mo Family Group. They are hiring newbies. Do you want to go?” Lan Anran asked brightly.

Lan Yanran looked at the Weibo post on her phone, his eyes lit up and he nodded excitedly.

“Sis, I want to be a star even in my dreams. My goddess, Liu Xixi, is also at Luo Tian Entertainment. If we can stay in the same company, we might have a chance to meet. It would be a dream come true. It would be great if I could go, but…”

Lan Yanran was very excited at the beginning, but his face fell afterwards.

“What’s wrong? As long as you’re not afraid of hardship, sign up. You’ll definitely make it,” Lan Anran said.

“Really, Sis? I’m not afraid of hardship, I love this profession.”

Lan Yanran was a little excited. He believed his sister’s words, and now that she was his wishing artifact, he believed everything she said.

“Go ahead, I support you. I’ll talk to Mom and Dad.”

Lan Anran patted his shoulder encouragingly.

“This is great!”

Lan Yanran ran back to his room.

Lan Anran looked at the competition and saw that it was about to end in two weeks. The registration would start now and the auditions would start when the competition ended. The timing was perfect.

As long as her brother liked it, she would definitely help him fulfill this wish.


A little later, Mo Jinrong and Mo San appeared in the black market.

“Old Man, have you found the information I asked you to?”

Mo San raised his head.

“Young Master Mo, the information you want is really difficult to find, but I have some news. I heard that Q attended an event with hackers all over the world a few years ago. The person who attended the event recalled that Q was a very beautiful woman. She wasn’t old and we don’t know what she looked like. After all, top hackers are very cautious and wear masks, they don’t even leave fingerprints.

Q seemed to be from Rong City as well. This was the only time she appeared and she hasn’t been seen since then, I don’t know anything else,” the old man said and Mo San was a little suspicious. However, it was good enough that the old man could find out about this. He himself didn’t know where the information came from.

Mo Jinrong placed a bag of cash on the table and the old man accepted it with a clear conscience.

“It seems that Q is very cautious. It will be difficult to capture her.”

Mo Jinrong frowned.

After leaving the tent, Mo San then spoke up.

“Young Master, this old man is incredible to have found out this information.”

“Cut the crap. Is there news of Lan Anran?”

Mo Jinrong asked softly as he walked.

Since there was no news from Q, they could only start with Lan Anran.

“No, the scouts said that there wasn’t anything special the past few days. Other than some meals, hospital and home trips, she barely left the house,” Mo San replied.

“She didn’t go out? How is Rong Ze?”

Mo Jinrong asked again. He sat in the car and kept tapping his index finger, a sign that he was deep in thought.

“Master Ze just sent a message. He has reached an agreement with Q to change targets to Zero.”

“Mmh, tell Rong Ze to find traces of Q no matter what,” Mo Jinrong said, exhausted.

“Yes, Young Master, there’s something else. Recently, I noticed that someone seemed to be investigating Xiang Tian. Fortunately, I’ve replaced Boss Yu, Old Mrs. Wang is taking over and her man has cancer. I promised to give her a 30% discount,” Mo San drove as he said.

“Who investigated Xiang Tian?”

“I don’t know yet, I heard from Boss Yu that someone came to find out, but he didn’t say anything. Is it possible that it’s Q?”

Mo San continued.

“If it’s really her, find a way to stop her. She’ll ruin our plan.”

Mo Jinrong closed his eyes.

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