President Wife is A Man

Chapter 7
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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 - Love between Two Men

After a while, two persons release one another, Ke Yan fixed his eyes on Jiang Qi and watched him for a moment and then he stretched his hand to Jiang Qi and said: “Let’s go for a walk . ”

“En, Okay . ” Jiang Qi took hold of Ke Yan’s hand .

Two persons walking along the street and after a while Jiang Qi started talking: “Today my mom asked me to go on a blind date . . . ” spoken until here, Jiang Qi could not go on because Ke Yan is grasping his hand tightly, slightly painful . Ke Yan after listening to that sentence had immediately grasped on Jiang Qi’s hand, tightly hold and after some time domineeringly speaks to Jiang Qi: “I forbid . If you dare to go, I will lock you up until you cannot go anywhere, only to stay by my side . ”

Listening to Ke Yan’s threat, Jiang Qi cannot help but laugh . “Rest assured . I will not go . It’s just, my mom is trying to ‘drive a duck onto a perch’, so what to do de?”

TLN: 赶鸭子上架- gǎn yā zi shàng jià = idiom . drive a duck onto a perch -- to force someone do something that is entirely beyond his capability .

“Oh . . . to catch you this small little duck ah?” Ke Yan could not help but to laugh with his pun . Then we go to her and confess ba . Don’t worry, she surely will agree with both of us being together . ” Ke Yan calmly stated . “Why are you so sure?”Jiang Qi doubtfully asked . “Of course, because I am your man, so I would shoulder all the problems for you . ”

Listening to this sentence Jiang Qi’s face can’t help but to change, already not so afraid and worried as before, because he know Ke Yan has that kind of ability . Suddenly, standing so closely, Ke Yan again said another sentence, causing Jiang Qi’s momentarily dumbfounded only to laugh shortly afterwards . Ke Yan’s words seems to ring loudly at Jiang Qi’s ears: “Because your mother and I really love you, so we will not let you to be sad . ”

This is Ke Yan first time confession to Jiang Qi and also in his lifetime Ke Yan’s first time of telling someone, “I Love You” . Right now Jiang Qi is emotionally touched and his heart is full of happiness . He stops walking and turn around, face to face with Ke Yan, raise his head, to Ke Yan speak out this words: “Yan, I Love You . ” This is also Jiang Qi’s first to voice out his inner feeling, feels so embarrassing, cannot help but to bow his head down afterwards with a slightly redden face .

Jiang Qi sudden confession makes Ke Yan stunned for a while, looking at Jiang Qi’s blushing shyly with his head down, unable to suppress his own excitement . Jiang Qi . . his Jiang Qi . Ke Yan’s heart can’t help but burst with ecstasy, lift Jiang Qi’s head and kiss him up .

Jiang Qi was slightly startled with Ke Yan’s sudden impulse . This is the roadside ah, what if someone suddenly saw they kisses . Ke Yan bites Jiang Qi’s lip lightly, dissatisfied with his sudden absent minded .

Back and forth by the roadside, Jiang Qi and Ke Yan, two men, sharing genuine affection, continuously growing stronger . So, two men when finally returned home already late at night, together in the bathroom to clean up and bathe . Walking into their bedroom, Ke Yan helps Jiang Qi to blow dry his hair and then finally to pressure Jiang Qi’s body below him . With whole night strenuous exercise, as a result the next day looking at the disastrous elevator regime, no need to even think resolutely walking up the staircase . While Jiang Qi gasping for breath climbing up, his mind cannot help but to curse the perpetrator of his misery: Ke Yan you big bully!!!!!!

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