President Daddy's Excessive Love

Chapter 2252
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In the morning, Cheng Qingqing did not mention the matter of helping any more, as if it had ended last night.

Li Qingyan did not mention it, but he knew that it was not over.

Since she asked for it, how could he not care?

When he arrived at the company, he made a call to Zhang Chengwen. Zhang Chengwen was very excited when he received his call.

Li Qingyan inquires about what he needs to help. When Zhang Chengwen is in a mess, Li Qingyan's words are like the help of heaven, which immediately relieves him of all his anxiety. He quickly says his difficulties again.

Li Qingyan then hung up the phone and didn't say much, which made Cheng Zhangwen confused and anxious about what he was looking forward to.

Li Qingyan had to use his interpersonal relationship to clear the way for Zhang Chengwen, even if he had to pay a lot of money and interests.

In the afternoon, Zhang Chengwen received the good news of winning the bid. Excited, he almost jumped up from his chair. "I knew that he is my son-in-law now, and he will not be helpless. Qingqing, you are really my father's savior. My father will never treat you badly again." Zhang Chengwen knows that all this is due to his daughter Cheng Qingqing. He secretly decides to make up for their mother and daughter.

Cheng Qingqing is filming, and her mobile phone rings. She doesn't receive it either. It's more than two hours after she finished filming. At this time, it's getting dark. Because of the addition of her play in the evening, she has to find her mobile phone to tell Li Qingyan that she can't go back until later.

When she opened her cell phone, she saw that there were several missed calls. She looked through them one by one and found that both Zhang Chengwen and Zhou Mei had called her. Her mood suddenly fell into the ice, and her pretty face became cold.

They are endless. Why doesn't she help? Don't they know why?

Just when Cheng Qingqing is angry, Zhang Chengwen's call rings again.

Cheng Qingqing had to be patient to answer.

"Have you had dinner, Qingqing? Dad wants to invite you to dinner. Do you have time to come here? By the way, let Mr. Li come with me. Dad wants to thank him for helping me today. You must call him. " Zhang Chengwen is very happy to invite you on the other end of the phone.

Cheng Qingqing felt numb and asked in a strained voice, "what did he do for you?"

Zhang Chengwen immediately laughed more happily: "Qingqing, do you still not know? That's my goal. After Mr. Li called me this morning, I got the good news. He must have helped me

Cheng Qingqing is a little messy. Li Qingyan didn't promise to help her last night. How can he solve this problem in one day? What did he give? Isn't it hard?

"Now that I've helped you, what else do you want?" Cheng Qingqing just wants to hang up at the moment and call Li Qingyan to ask what's going on. Her heart is in a mess. She only thinks about him.

"Qingqing, what do you mean by that? Of course I'm happy to have such a good daughter as you..."

"I've never been your daughter. Don't take yourself too seriously." Cheng Qingqing finished and hung up.

Zhang Chengwen looks at the mobile phone, and his smile darkens. It seems that the daughter still hates herself. Cheng Qingqing doesn't want to shoot the play in the evening. She wants to go to Li Qingyan. She needs to ask him about it face to face. So she asks the director for leave, and the director looks at her in a circle. "The venue has been set up, and all the staff have been busy for most of the day. Suddenly, you said no more? Cheng Qingqing, tell me something about professional ethics. How can I explain to others when you are like this? " The director looked at her angrily.

Cheng Qingqing's heart at the moment seems to have a fire tormenting her, and she doesn't want to ask for leave, but she can't get into the plot.

"Director, I I really have something urgent... "

"No, you have to finish shooting before you go to prepare for the next play." The director doesn't let people go.

Cheng Qingqing has no choice but to ask for leave. However, the play she plays is a very happy dinner party. Although Cheng Qingqing changes her clothes, she can't get into the state. The director calls for a stop. Cheng Qingqing is also a thriller. She can't perform the expression the director wants to see without a good state. She is also very guilty and anxious.

"I think you did it on purpose. Forget it. It's so late. I'll shoot it tomorrow night." The director had to let her go, but because of this, Cheng Qingqing was criticized, and some gossip spread in the crew.

Cui ling'er looks at Cheng Qingqing, who has always performed well. She is suddenly scolded. Moreover, she makes the staff resentful. She immediately wants to be a demon, so she deliberately asks several staff members to spread out. In order to ask for leave, Cheng Qingqing deliberately doesn't cooperate with the filming, wasting the staff's preparation. Before her popularity is booming, she begins to play big names.

Cheng Qingqing doesn't know that her performance will bring about negative effects, but she has something hidden in her heart. She really can't play it any more. This kind of anxiety is also shrouded in her heart.

She came home tired, Li Qingyan also just returned soon, see her, Li Qingyan just look at her.

"Did you help him?" Cheng Qingqing walked directly in front of him and asked softly."Well." Li Qingyan nodded.

"Why? Didn't I ask you not to help him? " Cheng Qingqing's eyes were hot. In fact, she was not angry, but moved.

"It's rare for you to ask me something. If I don't help you, do you think I'm not a qualified husband?" Li Qingyan got up and walked towards her. Seeing tears in her eyes, he gave a gentle smile: "well, this thing is over."

"After that, I dare not ask you any more. I'm afraid you will try your best to help me again." Cheng Qingqing said to herself.

"It's normal for husband and wife to help each other. How can they become so stiff when they come to you? If you have difficulties, just tell me. I won't stand by. " Li Qing extended her hand to wipe away her tears, patted her shoulder: "you have suffered too much, I want to share some for you, don't treat me as an outsider, OK?"

Cheng Qingqing plunges into his arms and sobs. Finally, someone sees her vulnerability, but she hasn't scared her away.

Looking at the girl holding her tightly in her arms, Li Qingyan was stunned for a moment. Then, she hugged her back and stroked her long hair silently to comfort her.

Cheng Qingqing cried for a long time, tears and snot are crying out, but also stained with the man's expensive suit, she immediately feel shame and remorse.

Li Qingyan took a paper towel to her: "don't cry, wipe away your tears."

Cheng Qingqing sucks her nose and her eyes are red and swollen. She feels that she must be very ugly.

"You've helped him this time, and you'll leave him alone in the future." Cheng Qingqing said as she wiped her tears.

"What you don't want me to do, I won't do it." Li Qingyan's thin lips bring out a smile.

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