President Daddy's Excessive Love

Chapter 20 Good girl call me uncle
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"I have nothing to talk about with you!" Tang Youyou glared at him angrily without any sympathy.

Ji Xiaohan turned around and took something out to give Tang Youyou personally: “This is the ten-year contract of the One Thought Group. I’ve done with my signature and seal. You only need to sign it and then you will officially become the designer of One Thought.”

Tang Youyou's beautiful big eyes were opened widely with her face filled with disbelief.

At this moment, two little kids who were hiding behind Tang Youyou peeked out half of their small heads from both sides. Two pairs of clear black eyes were secretly sizing up the man in front of them, who was dignified but also peerlessly handsome.

"Uncle, are you a good person?" Tang Xiaonai inexplicably had a favorable impression of this gentle looking man, so she asked in an i

ocent ma


The reason why Ji Xiaohan treated this woman well was simply because he wanted to take the opportunity to get closer to these two little kids.

Seeing that the little girl had talked to him, he immediately squatted down with his noble body. After that, he reached out his hands and patted Tang Xiaonai's little head, and said gently and lovingly: "Good girl, call me uncle!"

When Tang Youyou regained her consciousness, she realized that she had been forced to accept a contract.

She had heard from her godmother that to be able to sign the contract with One Thought for 10 years was definitely awesome treatment for a designer.

Most designers only had three years of work contract. They would be fired by the time of the contract renewal if they achieved no good results.

At this moment, what this man had done was beyond her expectation…

When Ji Xiaohan touched the little girl’s smooth long hair, his steel-like heart instantly softened.

"You are not allowed to touch my sister's head! Only I can touch her head!" Just as Ji Xiaohan was satisfied, a voice that was equally domineering woke him up.

Ji Xiaohan's long and narrow eyes looked to the side, and he could see a beautiful little face, with his chin slightly raised, staring at him with an overbearing gaze. Ji Xiaohan thought that the little boy was emulative and that he was born to be a member of the Ji Family.

The little boy was unhappy, so Ji Xiaohan could only unwillingly stand up. With a deep and calm gaze, he looked at Tang Youyou who was still in a daze: "Miss Tang, it was just a mistake yesterday. If you're still willing to work at One Thought, then come today!"

After Ji Xiaohan finished speaking, he meaningfully lifted up the corner of his lips, and then, reluctantly glanced at the little kids who were blinking their big eyes behind Tang Youyou.

The usually cold and serious man couldn't help but blink his eyes at the adorable Tang Xiaonai.

Tang Xiaonai immediately smiled with her mouth opened.

"Scoundrel!" Tang Xiaorui immediately became vigilant. He didn't like the bad guy who was teasing his sister in front of him.

Ji Xiaohan's convoy quickly left.

Tang Youyou frowned and thought: “What was wrong with this man?”

"Mommy, that uncle is really rich. It would be great if he could be our father! He's so gentle!" Tang Xiaonai, who had been amused by Ji Xiaohan just now, sighed like a little adult, and said with her face full of anticipation.

Tang Youyou was shocked, and then she started to feel a

oyed. Just now, she was only concerned about looking at the contract in her hands, and did not notice what that bastard had done to her daughter.

"Tang Xiaonai, are you serious? Every time you see a handsome and rich man, you want him to be our father. Mom can’t stand your idea." Tang Xiaorui looked at Tang Xiaonai with disdain.

Tang Xiaonai pouted her lips in frustration, "Everyone else has a father, we are the only ones who don't … Why aren't you letting me speak out? Bro is so a


Hearing this, Tang Xiaorui immediately became speechless.

The thing that Tang Youyou was afraid of most was the two little kids mentioning their dad. At this moment, she was so scared and was in panic.

She quickly squatted down and hugged the two little guys. "Darling, don't worry. Once Mommy stabilize my job, I'll find you a good daddy…"

"Mommy, whom you refer to is a 'stepfather', we want our real, our biological father…" Tang Xiaorui's small face revealed dissatisfaction.

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