Pregnant With CEO's Baby

Chapter 4
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Chapter 4: The Ex-boyfriend and His Shameless New Girl

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Jeanne came out of Jonathan’s room and headed back to her own.

While she was walking back, someone stopped in front of her and it forced her to a stop.

The man that she used to love with all her heart appeared before her, looking confident and proud.

Jeanne grew up together with Eden, and they had been dating since high school. Their relationship had been steady since then. They had squabbles from time to time but it was nothing but small bickers between the young couple.

Monica used to say that only a guy as good as Eden could tolerate Jeanne’s feisty temper.

Eden used to love her too but to her surprise, Eden ended up in Jasmine’s bed. The news spread like wildfire in the city.

It was a huge slap in Jeanne’s face.

Her boyfriend was snatched away but everyone assumed Jasmine to be the victim and it was all thanks to her stepmother, Jenifer’s fact-bending capabilities.

Jeanne’s feisty attitude back then had determined that she could never accept the slander, hence she caused a scene and put the family to shame. It was that incident that caused her to lose everything.

After she lost everything, she announced that she would be going after Edward, the fourth master of the Swan family so that Eden and Jasmine would have to call her aunt.

Regardless of what happened, it was all in the past and they were not some fun memories to recall.

Fortunately, staying abroad for a few years taught her a lot. She learned how to control her temper and understood the importance of patience and endurance.

“Jeannie,” Eden called her with his soft and warm voice.

Jeanne smiled at the man. It was a plain smile without any emotion attached.

“It’s been so many years since we saw each other. How have you been?” Eden asked casually as if he was asking a close friend or a family.

Jeanne said coldly, “It’s none of your business.”

“We used to be in love. I really wish for your happiness as well.”

“I believe you know why I’m summoned back to South Hampton,” Jeanne said with a raised brow.

“I know that Thedus isn’t a good person.”

Jeanne remained quiet.

“If our relationship didn’t go through that fallout, this won’t happen to you today.”

“It’s okay, Mr. Swan. You don’t need to blame yourself. I’m happy that I was able to cut ties with you.”

“As stubborn as always, I see. If it wasn’t for your temper, I wouldn’t have fallen for Jasmine in the first place,” Eden said with a sour look.

The man cheated on her and yet he made it sound like he was the victim.

“In my opinion, marrying Thedus is better than marrying a man who can’t control his d*ck.”

“Why try to act tough? If you really don’t want the wedding to happen, you can beg me and I can help you,” Eden said with a sincere look.

Jeanne chuckled in disdain before she walked away, leaving Eden embarrassed.

Eden sympathized with Jeanne. Although the fallout back then hurt a lot of people, after so many years, Eden was prepared to put them all behind. However, Jeanne’s rock-hard attitude gave him a second thought.

‘She’s pretending to be tough right? She must be!’

He turned around to Jeanne and said coldly, “If you let me have sex with you, I wouldn’t have gone for Jasmine back then!”

Jeanne froze.

Eden added, “Where’s your integrity now? Where’s your pride now? You came back with a son. Don’t you think that’s very pretentious of you?”

Jeanne turned around to Eden.

The moment she saw the person that appeared behind Eden, the words that she prepared were replaced by something harsher. She wore a sharp grin and said, “So, you f*cked Jasmine because I didn’t let you f*ck me?”

Eden frowned.

Jasmine also glared at Jeanne from behind Eden.

Before Eden could say a word, Jasmine spoke with her sweet voice, “Eden, what are you guys talking about?”

Her sweet voice froze Eden’s words.

She went up to him and curled his arm with hers like an obedient woman, looking innocent and cute.

“Just catching up, you know,” Eden showed a loving smile at her.

Jeanne stood there and watched their lovey-dovey interaction. Her lips were still curled into a beautiful smile.

After flirting with each other for a while, Jasmine finally remembered Jeanne’s existence. She asked, “Sis, welcome back. I really missed you. If it wasn’t what I did back then you… Anyway, my bad.”

Her eyes started to tear up.

Jeanne watched quietly. The smile on her face remained.

It was that bland smile that left Jasmine in a sour state.

‘What’s with that smile? Is she mocking me?’

Things got awkward for a moment.

Jeanne said, “I’ve been flying for more than 10 hours now. I want to have some rest.”

She did not answer or show any response to Jasmine and simply walked away.

Jasmine glared at Jeanne from the back. She turned around to Eden and asked, “Is it me or she’s different now?”

“I think she has learned her lesson,” Eden voiced his speculation.

Jasmine chuckled. “I guess so. Maybe she learned how to be a good girl now.”

She felt fortunate for Jeanne now that she believed her stepsister had learned her lesson, or else it would not be as simple as being thrown out of the manor this time.

The reason why Jeanne did not want to show any response to Jasmine and Eden was because they were not worth her time. They were just her ex who cheated on her and her stepsister who tried to cut her face during her worse.

She returned to her room and found George sitting on the spacious bed with his tiny legs dangling on the edge. He was waiting for her without doing anything.

Jeanne asked, “Are you sleepy?”

“A little.”

“Go take a bath. We’ll sleep together tonight.”

“Okay.” George jumped down.

Jeanne started to unpack the clothes.

George was an independent child and he was able to take care of himself just fine even though he was just six.

He went into the bathroom and turned on the water tap in the bathtub.

Jeanne went inside and saw her son naked.

George bashfully covered his body and his face got red.

“Are you shy?” Jeanne grinned.

Even a boy genius like George would be shy in front of basic human nature.

“Mom, please go out. I’m a boy and you’re a woman.”

Jeanne shrugged and left her son alone. She was just afraid that George could not adapt to the environment, but what about herself?

Was she able to adapt to the place that once turned on her?

However, it did not matter. She came back because she wanted to take back what was owed!

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