Pregnant With CEO's Baby

Chapter 339 - Ceremony Ended: What About the Marriage of Convenience We Agreed Upon?
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Chapter 339: Ceremony Ended: What About the Marriage of Convenience We Agreed Upon?

Did that mean Fourth Master Swan was also nervous? Suddenly, she did not find him as high and mighty as she thought he was.

Then, the two of them arrived at a stage at the end of the tent, where there was a five-tiered cake and glasses of champagne on a round table.

In front of the stage, Zachary and Alexander were sitting at the bride and groom’s table.

As for Jenifer… She had no right to sit there. After all, she was not Jeanne’s biological mother. At that moment, the expression on Jenifer, who was sitting at another table, was ashen.

She was already raging at how grand the wedding today was, and now she was not allowed to sit at the bride and groom’s table? Nevertheless, she endured it.

On the stage, Edward and Jeanne held the knife together and cut the cake slowly. After that, they each picked up a glass of champagne and made a toast to everyone present.

Edward held Jeanne’s hand and said, “We want to thank everyone for being here. Here’s to you!”

At that moment, someone below whispered.

“Have you noticed how the Fourth Master takes such good care of Jeanne? Every time she moves, the Fourth Master will hold Jeanne’s hand unconsciously as if he’s afraid she’ll fall. He is so considerate.”

“I did notice that! I also realized that the Fourth Master has been smiling all day. Although I’ve rarely seen the Fourth Master growing up, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile.”

“It’s true love.”

The people down the stage were filled with envy.

That was when the emcee said, “Now, it’s time for the bride and groom to share their first dance!”


Edward’s gaze was only on Jeanne.

As they looked into each other’s eyes, they did not put their hands on each other immediately as if there was a tacit understanding between them.

It was only after a while that Edward said, “Ms. Lawrence, from now on, you will be mine.”

Jeanne’s heart raced, and it had been racing all day. She was afraid that if it continued to pound, she might have a heart attack.

He said, “Ms. Lawrence, are you mentally prepared?”

Jeanne smiled and said, “What about you?”

Edward replied, “I have waited for you for a thousand years.”

Jeanne looked at him and saw him put his hand on her waist. Then, she, too, put one hand on his shoulder and another holding his.

At that moment, white petals rained from above, fluttering all around them.

The entire tent erupted in never-ending applause, and some people even teared up. Although there was no romantic song to accompany the scene and stir up people’s emotions, it was extremely touching.

On the other hand, Monica was already ugly crying. Watching the scene of Fourth Master Swan and Jeanne exchanging that conversation and putting their hands on each other made her so emotional that tears streamed down her face.

She just could not control herself.

Just then, a napkin suddenly appeared in front of her.

Monica turned her head, only to see Finn, who said, “Wipe it off. You’ve ruined your makeup.”

“Is it ruined?” Monica was a little nervous.

Finn smiled.

Monica hurriedly took the napkin and carefully wiped the corner of her eyes for a while. However, the more she wiped, the more smudged it became.

Finn could not bear to watch any longer. He said, “Don’t move.”

Monica frowned as Finn took out another napkin and lowered her head.

With her head lowered, he looked at the black mark at the corner of her eyes and carefully wiped it for her. His eyes were fixed on her black spot, and his touch was neither light nor heavy.

Monica pursed her lips. Seeing Finn’s sudden action… She found it somewhat unbelievable as Finn was not kind-hearted.

Just as her thoughts were wavering...

“Monica.” A familiar voice suddenly sounded behind her.

It was that voice, and it prompted Monica to suddenly take a few steps back, clearly wanting to keep her distance from Finn.

The napkin that Finn was holding in his hand froze mid-air. Looking at her, he said, “Let the makeup artist handle it later.”

He lowered his arm quietly before turning his head around and averting her gaze.

By then, the wedding reception had ended, and all the lights in the tent lit up.

Edward and Jeanne had left the scene already.

Monica chatted with Michael for a while. However, since many people were around, they still had to be mindful. Hence, Monica chatted with Michael for a while before leaving with the staff.

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