Pregnant With CEO's Baby

Chapter 338 - Ceremony Ended: What About the Marriage of Convenience We Agreed Upon?
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Chapter 338: Ceremony Ended: What About the Marriage of Convenience We Agreed Upon?

Since they walked in from a rather remote corner, the guests, who were moving around, did not notice them. However, they could also be doing so because they were deliberately trying to cover up a surprise that would follow.

Just like that, Jeanne was guided into a white veil in the middle of the tent.

Through the white veil, one could faintly see Jeanne’s beautiful figure. Although it was not very clear, it attracted everyone’s attention at that moment.

Monica was also sent there. However, she was so exhilarated by today’s wedding that she could not speak clearly.

“Jeannie, I’ve grown up seeing countless rich people and attending countless weddings, but I’ve seen one of this scale before. You’ve become the women’s public enemy number one!” Monica said indignantly.

Jeanne had instantly killed all the women in Harken.

Monica was not making it up. The hashtag ‘Public Enemy Number One, Jeanne’ really was trending.

Jeanne chuckled.

She, too, did not think Fourth Master Swan would put so much effort into the wedding.

“Rows of cars filled with flowers!” Monica muttered, “Just those words alone sound so romantic. Fourth Master Swan, that b*stard, looks so cold and aloof. I can’t believe he puts so much effort into doing something. It’s so touching!”

“What do you mean by rows of cars filled with flowers?”Jeanne was surprised.

“Don’t you know?” Monica stared at Jeanne with wide eyes.

Jeanne really did not.


“I won’t tell you even if you don’t know. I don’t want you to get all smug,” Monica said on purpose.

Jeanne was speechless, thinking how much of an idiot Monica still was.

Just then, a male voice suddenly sounded, “The time has come!”

Jeanne’s heart skipped a beat.

Monica was even more excited than Jeanne. “It’s starting! It’s starting!”

Jeanne tried her best to contain her racing heart.

She looked through the veil and saw Edward at the end of the white carpet. In his white suit, his tall figure and outstanding looks instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

Monica was so starstruck that she almost drooled.

The wedding reception had officially begun.

Alexander had also appeared within the veil.

He was at a loss for words, probably because of how big of a scale the wedding today was. After all, who would have thought that such a last-minute wedding would be so grand?

Nevertheless, Jeanne still took the initiative to hold Alexander’s arm.

After all, it was just a reception, and there was no need for either of them to express their feelings.

The wedding reception was not like the usual wedding ceremony.

The moment the reception started, Edward began walking on the white carpet until his tall body stopped in front of her.

Then, the veil slowly opened, revealing Jeanne and Edward to each other.

There was a smile on Edward’s face.

From the side, Monica watched with infatuation. To be honest, she had never seen Fourth Master Swan smile like that before. What was more, he had been smiling like that all day, and his smile was infectious.

She watched as Fourth Master Swan reached his long, slender fingers out to Jeanne.

Jeanne stared at his hand and suddenly began to feel nervous while Alexander placed her hand on Edward’s.

According to the plan, Alexander said, “I’ll hand my daughter over to you.”

“Thank you, dad.” Edward was extremely respectful.

Alexander nodded, displaying an image of a loving father.

Edward held Jeanne’s hand and walked on the white carpet.

The lights in the beautifully-decorated tent shone on them, bathing their bodies in a faint layer of white halo. At the same time, Jeanne’s body glittered as the fine diamonds on her gown reflected the light.

They were the focus of everyone’s attention.

At that moment, it even felt like they were the only two people left in the world. The others were just... floating clouds!

With each step they took on the white carpet, gentle music accompanied in the background. In the air above the hall, countless red petals were fluttering in the air.

The romantic scene made everyone hold their breaths as if breathing too heavily would destroy its beauty. For a moment, everything was quiet.

Jeanne was so nervous that her palms were sweating. However, she could also feel the wetness in the palm of the man, who had always been calm and collected in any situation.

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