Pregnant With CEO's Baby

Chapter 337 - Ceremony Ended: What About the Marriage of Convenience We Agreed Upon?
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Chapter 337: Ceremony Ended: What About the Marriage of Convenience We Agreed Upon?

“Thank you, Dad,” Jeanne replied.

Then, she said softly to George, “George, greet your grandpa.”

George looked up at Zachary and said obediently, “Grandpa.”

Only then did Zachary notice George and size him up. He glanced at the boy a few times, but then he did it again. He found it somewhat puzzling.

Eventually, he asked George, “How old are you?”

“Six years old,” George replied.

“The same age as Quinton,” Zachary muttered.

George just looked at Zachary, who did not say much either and took a box that Wade had delivered.

Inside the box was a locket. It did not look like it was made of gold, but it looked a little aged.

Zachary held it in his hand, and when he stood up from his seat, everyone looked at him respectfully, watching his every action.

He bent down and personally put the locket on George’s neck. He said, “I hope this will keep you safe.”

Jeanne was, in fact, a little surprised.

She had never thought Old Master Swan would prepare a gift for George.


The gift may not be expensive, but for Old Master Swan to go through the hassle to prepare it, it was considered valuable.

By then, Jasmine could no longer hide the jealousy in her eyes.

Quinton’s mother, Grace Hamlin, muttered unhappily at the side, “The Old Master has never given that to Quinton.”

It was not just Quinton. The Swans had many children and grandchildren, but none had ever received them.

Jasmine secretly gritted her teeth, thinking she had to get pregnant with Eden’s child right away.

She had to have a son to prove her value so that she could undermine Jeanne in the Swans!

“George, say thank you.” Edward reminded him.

Jeanne was still so stunned from being surprised that she forgot to remind George. However, when she heard Edward’s tone…

Although it was just a simple sentence, it made her feel as though Fourth Master Swan had treated George as his own son, and that was why it sounded so natural.

Her heart did a weird flip.

George said obediently, “Thank you, grandpa.”

With that, Zachary nodded and returned to his seat. Then, he said, “Alright.”

“Thank you, Father.”

Just as she was about to move, Fourth Master Swan held her hand to support her. In response, Jeanne turned to look at Edward and smiled at him to express her gratitude.

Her gown was too exquisite, which had forced her to move a little slower, and Fourth Master Swan was obviously taking care of her by holding her hand.

When Edward saw the sweet smile on her face, his lips also curled into a big and affectionate smile.

“I’ve never seen Fourth Master Swan smile like this before,” said the Third Old Master Swan, Richard, in a low voice.

At first, he had thought that such an abrupt wedding would definitely be a marriage of convenience.

After all, Fourth Master Swan was close to 30 years old. Although the old master had never pushed him to get married, he was not young, and it was only natural for him to get married.

From the looks of it now, it seemed they were making presumptuous assumptions.

In fact, the reason why the Fourth Master Swan had never gotten married before was that he had not found the right person and not because he refused to get married.

Now, he was getting married because they had found the right person. It was only logical.

With Edward holding Jeanne’s hand, the newlyweds walked out of the Universe Garden and onto a large lawn in the Swans family’s manor.

A beautiful wedding reception had been planned out on the lawn, with a huge tent built in the center. As they walked in on the white carpet, the inside was grand and magnificently decorated, with chandeliers, sculptures in the background, and tons of white flowers!

Jeanne was shocked.

How did Fourth Master Swan prepare all those in just four days?

She could not help but look at the man beside her.

Feeling her gaze, Edward turned around, bent down by her ear, and whispered, “You’re worth it.”

Worth what? Did he do all of that for her?

Jeanne felt as if her heart was struck, and it beat even faster.

Before she could speak, she saw Edward let go of her.

He said, “See you in a while.”

After that, he followed the staff and walked to the other side.

At that moment, Jeanne also had many staff members surrounding her, guiding her to walk to the other side of the tent.

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