Pregnant With CEO's Baby

Chapter 26
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Chapter 26: Fourth Master Swan Looks Like a Stud!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Teddy was kicked out of the car.

Nox could not bear to see Teddy’s disheveled and confused look with a hint of pity on his face.

He turned around and looked at Edward, muttering to himself, ‘I really can’t provoke this tiger at all. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even know how I died!’

Nox took a deep breath and became a little more serious. “It seems that someone has tampered with the Lockes.”

Edward turned to look.

“Didn’t you ask me to bring down the Lockes? I originally prepared a project to make the Lockes empty their assets. I didn’t expect that someone would be a step ahead of me. At this moment, the Lockes is diverting a large number of funds to do an e-commerce project. As far as I know, the repayment date of their loan from the bank is these few days. If this project is void, the bank is very likely going to stop lending them money and will even pursue them for repayment. Once the chain of their funds is broken, the Lockes will go bankrupt in no time.”

Edward frowned slightly.

Nox asked, “Do I still need to continue?”

“Not for the time being,” Edward said, “Find out who’s making a move on the Lockes.”


“Don’t let anyone find out.”

“Okay.” Nox nodded.

Nox might seem careless, but when he was seriously doing something, he was more reliable than anyone else.

In the Lawrence family’s courtyard.

Jeanne brought George back to his room.

Monica followed them.

She was so excited that she almost jumped. She said, “Godson, how could you perform so well just now? You were so obedient and sensible and made the Lockes humiliate themselves. I just heard someone secretly scolding the Lockes, saying that they’re lacking in manners. They also said that that darn woman, Octavia, is a blabbermouth who always says bad things about others...”

Monica was incredibly excited and kept on blabbering non-stop.

Jeanne could not stand it anymore and interrupted her. “I haven’t seen Dr. Jones around.”

“Dr. Jones?” Monica was stunned, “Oh, he had surgery in the afternoon, so he left after lunch. Speaking of which, Jeanne, don’t tell me that you’ve fallen for him! I’m telling you, don’t do it. He’s a scum!”

Jeanne was speechless.

Monica’s way of thinking was too novel.

“If you’re thinking of dating someone and getting married, I think Fourth Master Swan is not bad,” Monica suggested.

“I’m not interested.” Jeanne directly rejected.

“Fourth Master Swan has everything he wants. What are your complaints?” Monica asked.

“I have no complaints; I just don’t want to.”

“You don’t really think that Fourth Master Swan is bad in that aspect, do you?!” Monica raised her eyebrow.

Jeanne was speechless.

She did not think of that at all.

“I’ve asked Finn. There’s no problem with Fourth Master Swan.” Monica gave a positive answer. “He just has a cold personality and doesn’t like women. Besides, don’t you think that Fourth Master Swan looks like... a stud?!”

Jeanne reminded, “George is still underage.”

Monica stuck out her tongue and smiled. “In short, Fourth Master Swan can give you absolute sexual happiness!”

Jeanne did not want to continue this topic.

She changed the topic and asked, “I heard that Finn is an orphan?”

“Why are you so interested in him?!” Monica frowned. “Finn isn’t as handsome as Fourth Master Swan!”

Finn was not as good-looking as Fourth Master Swan indeed.

Fourth Master Swan was the kind of man who could stun women with a glance such that they would not be able to shift their gaze away. He was so handsome that he could be considered the best in the world! Even so, it was also because he was too handsome that people did not dare to approach him easily.

On the other hand, Finn was different. He was refined and gentle. He was the kind of man who was not very eye-catching at first glance. After looking at him for a while, one would feel that he was alright. After looking at him for a while, one might then fall for him.

Nevertheless, Monica was different from ordinary people. She fell in love with Finn at first sight, but she was also heartless when she wanted to break it off with him!

“I’m very curious. Why did he become Fourth Master Swan’s personal doctor?”Jeanne was surprised.

Logically speaking, given Fourth Master Swan’s status, it would be very difficult for someone like Finn, who had no background, to get close to.

“I’ve asked him before,” Monica responded, “For someone like Finn who has nothing, what kind of sh*tty luck did he have to get close to Fourth Master Swan?! Finn said that it was because of his clean background that he gained Fourth Master Swan’s trust. I thought about it... Although I really hate Finn, I heard that his medical skills are great. He’s 29 years old this year, right? Yeah, he’s four years older than me and seems to be the same age as Fourth Master Swan. It was probably difficult for someone his age to become the chief surgeon of South Hampton City’s Central Hospital!”

It was indeed not easy!

Monica had heard that Finn had performed several world-famous heart surgeries. His medical skills had a certain degree of influence internationally.

“Alright, can we not talk about him anymore? No matter how good his medical skills are, it can’t hide his scumbag nature!” Monica said impatiently, “I’m going to the washroom.”

As she said that, she rushed into Jeanne’s washroom. She probably did not want to talk about Finn anymore.

Jeanne looked at Monica’s back. She turned her head and looked at George.

George lowered his head.

Jeanne asked, “Did you bite yourself?”

Given her son’s abilities, he would not be bullied by people his age.

George did not say anything.

Jeanne lifted George’s sleeve and looked at the row of teeth marks. She said, “Next time, don’t bite so hard. Doesn’t it hurt?”

George looked at Jeanne, thinking that he would be scolded.

Jeanne said, “If Jeremiah hadn’t come to find trouble with you, you wouldn’t have treated him that way.”

George nodded. “He called me an illegitimate child!”

“Do you mind?”Jeanne asked.

“I don’t mind.” George looked helpless. “My father is dead, and there’s nothing I can do.”

Jeanne suddenly smiled.

It was because…

It was funny.

George added, “As long as you don’t die.”

Jeanne patted George’s little head. “I won’t die!”

She had survived so many near-death experiences, so how could she die so easily?!

Moreover, she also wanted those people with ill intentions to die!

Apart from the unpleasant incident that happened in the afternoon, Old Master Lawrence’s Birthday Banquet was successful overall.

While the Lawrence family was not considered one of the top families in South Hampton City, they were still very considerate in terms of etiquette.

They sent off all the guests that night.

Jeanne was called to Old Master Lawrence’s study.

Alexander, Jenifer, Jasmine, and Joshua were all there.

Jonathan said sternly to Jeanne, “Jeanne, I don’t care if you did it intentionally or not, or if you’ve been wronged or not. I’m telling you clearly now that you must go and apologize to the Lockes!”

Jeanne sneered and did not say anything.

Jonathan continued, “During this period, the Lockes has been embarrassed many times because of you. Whether it’s the charity banquet last time, intentionally letting George steal the limelight this afternoon, or causing that little grandson of the Lockes to be humiliated today. In short, you must apologize tomorrow and bring your son, George, along with you!”

Jeanne looked at Jonathan and said indifferently, “In any case, it doesn’t matter whether it’s right or wrong!”

“Nothing in this world is absolute. Whether it’s right or wrong, it’ll be completely different if you change your point of view!”

“At the end of the day, isn’t profit the most important thing?” Jeanne raised her eyebrow.

Jonathan’s face darkened. “You took 5% of the Lawrence family’s shares!”

‘Therefore, you must... sell your dignity to the Lawrences!’

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