Pregnant With CEO's Baby

Chapter 17
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Chapter 17: Negotiating With the Lawrence Family

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When Jeanne brought George downstairs, she saw Jasmine in the living hall with a gloomy look.

Her feelings went through a roller coaster ride in just one morning. She received the sapphire from Fourth Master Swan earlier and she was over the moon.

She posted on her social media to thank her “Uncle Edward”, to show that she was a polite and grateful girl. She also used the chance to show off to her friends. Instead of Eden, the sapphire was worth a lot more when it was from Fourth Master Swan. It was a sign that she was accepted by the Swan family and it would boost her status in high society from now on.

To her surprise, while she was replying to all the praises and jealous comments, she suddenly saw something trending.

Someone revealed that the sapphire was originally a gift for Jeanne from Fourth Master Swan. Jeanne declined it, so Fourth Master Swan gave it to her.

In other words, she was picking up Jeanne’s trash. What was worse was that she was flaunting the shiny stone a moment ago and now, the stone became her embarrassment. She had never experienced such a turn of events before.

The moment she looked up from her phone, she saw Jeanne. Her embarrassment made her think that Jeanne was mocking her with a faint smirk.

However, Jeanne did not even spare a glance at her. She was just walking with George.

Nonetheless, Jeanne knew what happened and realized that Jasmine was embarrassed online due to her own stupidity, which made her feel great.

“JEANNE! STOP RIGHT THERE!” Jasmine shouted.

Jeanne stopped and looked at Jasmine. “Are you not embarrassed enough? Do you want me to add fuel to the fire?”

“Who do you think you are, Jeanne?!” Jasmine lost control of her patience. Jeanne’s words were the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

Jasmine vented her anger out by shouting, “Dad threw you out of this house seven years ago! You’re no longer a Lawrence! Do you think you’re still the princess of the house? Do you think you’re here because Dad wants you to come back?

“You’re here because we’re using you as a tool, a tool to exchange for more profits for the family! What exactly are you so proud of?”

Jeanne stared at Jasmine blankly. Even George was staring at Jasmine with a less friendly gaze.

The boy thought, ‘As expected, everyone in the Lawrence family isn’t a good person.’

“Is that so?” Jeanne barely reacted and did not want to care.

The nonchalance on Jeanne’s face fueled Jasmine’s rage. She shouted at Jeanne, “You’re back because Dad wants you to marry that prick from the Locke family, Thedus Locke! Everyone in the high society knows that he’s a piece of sh*t! He’s a playboy and he never does anything good! No girl will ever marry him! The reason why Dad agreed to this proposal is because the wedding will bring us a huge sum of funding!”

“You’re saying the wedding between Thedus and I is happening because our family is getting funds from the Locke family?”

“It’s for 30 million dollars! Do you really think Dad cares about you or your happiness? What a big fat joke!” Jasmine cackled.

Jeanne curled her lips into a mocking smirk. She lifted her brows slightly and waited.

At the next moment, a deafening shout echoed in the living hall. “JASMINE! What nonsense are you talking about?!”

It was Jonathan, the head of the family.

Jasmine was deeply shaken by the shout.

She turned around and saw her grandfather descending an escalator.

While Jonathan was too ill to move around the house frequently, Alexander usually went out for a morning jog around this hour with Jenifer. That was why Jasmine lashed out at Jeanne without holding back.

She was shaking as she stared at her grandfather.

Jonathan wore a gloomy look. He never liked to smile, so when he got angry or serious, the look on his face was scarier than usual.

Jasmine’s legs turned to jelly.

Before Jasmine could say a word, Jeanne’s eyes suddenly got teary and she said, “Grandfather, I always thought you and Father summoned me back because you guys missed me. The wedding is happening because you want me to live the rest of my life without any worries and concerns.

“I was deeply grateful for that because I know I’m in no position to negotiate since I have a child. I really thank you and Father for arranging this for me. But now, I really didn’t… I don’t know…”

Her eyes got red and teary.

She, too, knew how to act.

Jeanne’s sobbing and innocent look left Jasmine speechless.

Jasmine stuttered, “N-No, Grandfather, it’s not like that… It’s not what she said. Jeanne argued with Dad last night and she knew this was a business marriage, a marriage to bridge two companies together…”

“ENOUGH!” Jonathan bellowed.

Jasmine was on the brink of breaking into tears.

“What has your mother taught you all these years? Where are your manners and temperament?” Jonathan scolded her.

Jasmine was under Jenifer’s protection since she was young and as a mother, Jenifer protected her from all the scoldings.

This was her first time being scolded and it broke her into tears.

“Go back to your room! I don’t want to see you out here in the next few days!” Jonathan said with a commanding tone.

Jasmine pursed her lips and tears rolled down her cheeks. She glared at Jeanne before she ran upstairs.

Jeanne was left alone with Jonathan in the living hall.

The two of them looked at each other in silence for a few moments.

Jonathan then said, “Put your sobs away. I know what you’re thinking.”

Jeanne put her pretentious look away and grinned. “Grandfather, you still favor Jasmine, I see.”

Jonathan wore a cold look.

“If I’m the one who talked to you like that, you’d have slapped me…”

“What’s wrong with you? Trying to be vengeful, are you?” Jonathan bellowed.

Jeanne chuckled.

Seven years ago, when she came back from the Swan family after causing a scene, it was Jonathan’s slap that welcomed her home. The slap was so strong that it almost made her deaf.

It was impossible for her to forget that slap, even up until today!

How could she not be vengeful? Or hold a grudge at her grandfather?

She said, “You want me to come back, here I am. You want me to marry Thedus, I said yes. But, if you want me to marry with such insults…”

Jonathan glared at Jeanne.

“... Then no. I’m not going to accept the insults.” Jeanne emphasized word by word.

“What do you want?”

“The union between the Lawrence family and the Locke family is considered the union of two biggest families in South Hampton. The profits for both sides are immeasurable. I’m thinking once I marry Thedus, both companies’ share prices would surely go up by at least five percent. Besides, Jasmine said the Locke family will give us 30 million,” Jeanne said nonchalantly.

The look on Jonathan’s face became more bitter.

“We all know if Jasmine was telling the truth. I myself won’t get anything but I’m bringing a huge profit to the family,” Jeanne said as she stared at Jonathan. She did not sound like she was begging the man to negotiate but she sounded like she was stating a solid fact.

“I’m not asking for much. I just want five percent of the company’s shares.”

“Outrageous! You can continue dreaming about that!” Jonathan declined without a second thought.

“Then, tell Jasmine to prepare for the wedding instead.”

“JEANNE! Have you learned your lesson from seven years ago?!” Jonathan bellowed again.

“I actually did, that’s why I know I can’t rely on anyone other than myself. Think about it. If I don’t get an answer from you tomorrow, I’ll bring George out of this house, again.”

Jeanne then left with George without giving the man a chance to speak.

Before she stepped out the door, she paused and turned around. “And I mean it.”

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