Pregnant With CEO's Baby

Chapter 1455 - Chapter 1455: Zoe’s Trick
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Chapter 1455: Zoe’s Trick

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

She seemed a little cold.

Chloe snickered to herself. She was certain that Candice was jealous of her.

After the two of them went through puberty, her figure was obviously much better than Candice’s. Candice had a well-proportioned figure, but she was definitely not as voluptuous and slender as Chloe.

When the two of them stood next to each other, the man would notice her immediately and never spare Candice a second glance. Edward was unaware of her beauty, which was why he was seduced by Candice.

She watched as Candice slowly took off her clothes. She wanted to surpass Candice in every way and make Candice feel ashamed.

While Chloe was deep in her thoughts, Candice took off all her clothes. However, the moment she took it off, Chloe’s eyes widened.

Since when did Candice have such a good figure? Even a woman would be moved by her beauty. There was not an ounce of fat on her body, and every part of her body looked good.

That woman… did she go for plastic surgery on her body In order to marry Edward?

“Protect your hands well and come over to take a shower.” Candice pretended not to notice Chloe’s gaze and called out to her calmly.

Chloe came back to her senses and looked at the two bodies in the mirror. Even if she did not want to admit it, she had to admit that Candice had turned crushed her in a second.

No wonder Edward liked Candice so much. He must have been seduced by her body.

She could not believe that in order to secure her position as Edward’s woman, that shameless woman actually went under the knife. Candice had no sense of shame at all!

She was displeased, but she still walked toward Candice and showered with the latter’s help.

“Sis, did you do anything to your body?” Chloe looked friendly and sincere.

“Your figure looks better now.”

“No, or perhaps, I don’t remember.” Candice said, “My memory has been blank for a long time.”

To Chloe’s ears, Candice was tacitly agreeing to having done surgery on her body, but she just found an easy excuse to cover up.

“Do you really not remember what happened in the past?” Chloe asked.

She refused to believe that a person could lose her memory just like that. She had a feeling that Candice was pretending to be pitiful so that her father would treat her better, and that was why she married Edward.

“I don’t remember,” Candice answered.

Her heart suddenly skipped a beat, and a memory seemed to flash past her mind again. However, it also felt like she was dreaming because those memories had nothing to do with her being Candice. “I’m so sad for you.” Chloe looked very sad.

Candice looked at her indifferently.

Of course, she did not expose Chloe. Instead, she said, “It’s fine. I’m used to it.” “I will spend more time with you in the future,” Chloe said considerately.

Candice smiled faintly and found it funny. ‘What confidence did Chloe have to think her despicable methods could work on me?’

She also somehow found Chloe inferior after getting to know many people.

After the two of them took a shower, Candice went out in her pajamas. Chloe, too, was wearing the pajamas that she had worn when she came. It was bright red, spaghetti-strapped, and showed a lot of skin.

She had just taken a shower and deliberately did not dry her body completely to make herself look more seductive. Then, she walked out before Candice could put on her clothes.

Meanwhile, Candice looked at Chloe’s back with a faint smile and continued to put on her clothes slowly.

She did not feel much for Chloe, so she was not so kind as to remind her not to court her own death. In any case, Chloe deserved what would happen to her in the end.

Candice put on her clothes and walked out to see that Edward’s back was facing Chloe.

Chloe was calling out to him, “Edward, are you asleep?

Edward pretended not to hear her.

“Are you asleep so soon? I just wanted to thank you for letting me come to your house and reunite with my sister. I’ve really missed her.”

Still, Edward did not respond.

Chloe stomped her feet in anger. She could not believe that Edward did not even look at her sexy look.

She gritted her teeth and told herself that he was not in a hurry. There was still a week left anyway, and she refused to believe that she could not seduce Edward.

She said, “In that case, I’ll head back to my room first. Goodnight, Edward..”

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