Predatory Marriage

Chapter 5 - Please Forgive Me, Master
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Chapter 5 - - Please Forgive Me, Master

Most of her time in the palace, Leah heard all kinds of vulgar words from her half-brother, Blair. Yet none of those made her flinch the way she did as the man on top of her spoke so coarsely.

Was it because of his low, deep voice? She felt that his words were cruder and more offensive. Under his scrutiny, she tried to hide her unease while her face burned of embarrassment.

The man staring at Leah’s flushed face smiled and soon retracted his big hands from resting beside her face. He used them to rip off her clothes, making quick tearing sounds resonated around the chamber. Having immense strength, his rough hands weren’t delicate enough to unbutton her clothes without causing damage, so he just yanked and pulled it off, succumbing to his primal instincts.

Leah trembled faintly, like a sheep in the mercy of a beast. A while ago, she spoke fearlessly but couldn’t hide the fear that had started to fill her. Fear from doing it for the first time—and with a stranger no less!

Her eyes flew open when a cold chill coursed down her body, biting her skin. She found herself wearing nothing but her undergarments. The man looked at Leah with pride, amazed by his own piece of work.

In the dark room, there was only a dim light emitting from the table candle and from the moonlight peering through the cracks of the drapes. Yet, it was enough to illuminate her body, and his golden eyes scoured all over it. His stare made her shiver.

Being a princess, her body had been pampered, leaving no traces of even the smallest scar. Her skin was snowy white—as unblemished as her light silver hair.

Leah thought that the man would immediately babble words of praise. But his face unexpectedly hardened as he uttered words she was least expecting.

“You’re too thin.” He carefully grabbed Leah’s wrist and held it gently, like a fig that would easily break in a strong blow of the wind. He muttered, “Do you properly eat?”

How dare… His honesty, which was almost comical, calmed Leah’s frenzied nerves.

She stealthily took a deep breath and then without thinking, pulled the hem of his waistband. Her hands, as if with a life of its own, moved impetuously!

Instantly, his gaze moved from her wrist to the bold hand that was tugging down his trousers. He was surprised by her actions. His eyes found its way back to her delicate face.

“Stop blabbering and just take it off,” was the order of a beet-red Leah.

Unlike her, the man only took off his robe and was still dressed. He smirked when she commanded him to remove his clothes and laughed when she tugged down his pants again and failed pitifully.

Leah didn’t know what he found funny, but the man seemed to laugh every time she spoke. Hence, she finally snapped and opened her mouth, finding it aggravating. “Do not speak to me like that.”

“Like what?”

“Like… ‘Open your legs.’” She said with a grimace.

His vivid golden eyes pierced hers. Nonetheless, Leah looked at him back straight on, unafraid of his stare.

He slowly craned his neck sideways, his eyes partially drooped. “I am a low-born man with no education. Please forgive me, master,” he asked for forgiveness which was noticeably laced with mockery.

He grabbed Leah’s thighs and parted them. Wedging his body in between, he was able to keep them apart that even if she wriggled and coiled her legs, it was too late. His waist had already been lodged between her legs. Not knowing what to do, she grabbed the hem of his shirt.

He took this as an invitation to undress. “Should I take these off one by one, master?”

As the man stripped off layers of clothing hence revealing his naked torso, Leah’s jaw dropped. With his clothes on, he appeared perfect—dashing and strong. But when he was near naked, the truth was entirely different…

His tightly-knit muscles rippled on his every move. They were as delicate and beautiful as a carefully sculpted Greek statue. But his skin…it was hideous.

Scars of different sizes were inscribed throughout his torso, and the one on his chest looked thick and painful. Nonetheless, these angry scars made him look fiercer.

Fear gripped her heart as her eyes trailed the ridges of the scars that brandished his body. The man grinned at Leah, who hadn’t realized she was staring too long, and was unconsciously embracing her body. She then felt strong hands lift her buttocks and upper body from the bed while her legs were latched around his lean waist.

Astounded by the sudden change in position, she touched the man’s thigh for support. As she did so, she felt something hot under the palm of her hand.

Ahh! She immediately took back her hand as if it was scalded. She trembled as the man clucked his tongue and pulled Leah’s wrist, placing it on his shoulder.

Leah closed her eyes and silently screamed. Though she had no knowledge of a man’s body, she knew that he was far from being ordinary. She could not believe the hot leather-like skin she had felt under her palm.

She felt hands cradled the back of her head.

Because of his large physique, their gazes were leveled despite how Leah’s legs were wrapped around him as tight as a koala hangs on a tree. The man silently looked at her for a moment, then slowly stiffened his hands. As he pressed, their faces grew closer, and he stopped when their noses nearly touched.

His golden eyes sparkled, and Leah’s breath hitched. His forehead bumped hers as he whispered, “Let’s do it in order.”

Before she could say anything, he smashed his lips on hers. The kiss was light and gentle. However, it didn’t last long—the kiss that followed was ravenous. His hot tongue probed her lips open and surged inside her mouth.

It was hot and wild. His velvety tongue roughly wandered inside her. When it left her, it found its way in, again and again, leaving her no room to breathe. He sucked her lips and did things she didn’t know was possible.

But as he did so, she couldn’t ignore the strange sensation that slowly crept up inside her…especially when she felt the unmistakable canine teeth grazing her flesh.

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