Predatory Marriage

Chapter 360
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Predatory Marriage — Chapter 360. Unbridled (4)

Translator: Atlas / Editor: Regan

At those words, Leah tried to struggle. But her body was so immobilized under him, all she could move was her fingers and toes.

Ishakan watched as she scratched at the carpet with her fingertips, and then made a sharp stabbing motion with his hips. Leah wobbled under him, intermittent moans escaping her.


Every time he moved his waist, her shoulders shook. Ishakan brushed her silver hair aside and sank his teeth into her neck passionately.

Every time he saw Leah wearing dresses that showed off her shoulders, he couldn’t wait to bite her again. Now he had a chance to feast on her until she would have to wear high-necked gowns to conceal the marks of his teeth.

His weeping wife looked so adorable, Ishakan wanted to eat her alive. As his beastly nature overpowered him, increasingly dangerous thoughts filled his mind, and he had to fight to restrain himself.

Ishakan smiled cruelly as his wife begged for mercy.

Leah’s body had lost all its strength. She was lying on the floor beneath him, her legs bent, her thighs spread wide. It was a most shameful posture, like a frog sprawling.

Ishakan slid his hand under her belly. Smiling, he moved his fingers between her legs.

A little bump was captured between his fingers. Her cl!toris was taut, and he rubbed it hard, as if he were [email protected] himself.

Leah screamed at the sudden stimulation, so sharp it was nearly painful, her voice filled with both pleasure and pain. freewe(b)novel.c(o)m

“Ahh... Ishakan... wa, wait...” She cried out to him, pleading desperately. “Ahh... I think I’m going to come...”

By now Leah knew it wasn’t urine that came out of her when she was overly stimulated. Ishakan was even more aroused by the lewd sound of her words, panting as she spoke. Posted only on NovelUtopia

“Me, too...I think I’m going to come...Leah...”

Gently, he bit her earlobe. He licked her ear. Leah shook her head hard, but couldn’t escape the pleasure.

The moment he pinched her cl!toris between his fingers, the light in her purple eyes went out. Saliva flowed between her open lips.

Desperately, she tried to pull her trembling body away, but Ishakan wouldn’t let go. He held her tightly, thrusting his manhood deep inside her. She could not even speak as she suddenly, violently, came.


Ishakan’s hand was suddenly soaking with the liquid squirting from her, even as he spilled his s3men inside her, stroking her swollen cl!toris. His fluid seeped out of her, streaking past his manhood as if there wasn’t enough room inside to contain it.

Leah collapsed. She might have even temporarily lost consciousness. Ishakan hugged her weak, trembling body, whispering.

“Leah...wake up...Yes?”

The heat in his body still wouldn’t go away. He had thought he could finally come to his senses after coming a few times in her, but it was quite the opposite. Almost instantly, he hardened again, and he couldn’t stop himself from thrusting back into her opening.

His instincts argued that it wasn’t enough yet, he hadn’t finished, he needed to do it more. He wanted to come inside her until her belly was swollen with him. He wanted to cover her in his scent from head to toe.

Inside, her hot inner walls throbbed. Ishakan gritted his teeth at the incredible pleasure contracting along his shaft. Normally, he would have been able to restrain himself, but now, no matter how hard he tried...


Leah moaned as she slowly came back to herself, and Ishakan nuzzled her apologetically, stroking his face against her silver hair.

“Haa.. I’m sorry...I’m sorry Leah...I love you...”

Somehow, this only made Leah feel more alarmed, and she tried to struggle. But it was too late. His manhood was already beginning to swell inside her.

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