Predatory Marriage

Chapter 358
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Predatory Marriage - Chapter 358 - Unbridled (2) - NovelUtopia

4-5 minutes

Predatory Marriage — Chapter 358. Unbridled (2)

Translator: Atlas / Editor: Regan

Ishakan stared at Leah, lust gleaming in his golden eyes. Wickedly, he licked his lips, tasting her wetness on his mouth.

Leah turned her head, embarrassed, but his large hand cupped her chin.

“Look at me.” There was an undercurrent of anxiety in his face. “Don’t look away, I need you to look at me, to keep control...”

He was obviously clinging to his sanity, and Leah wished she could go back in time. It was naive to think she wouldn’t die. It seemed likely that today she would be taken straight from this couch to a coffin.


“I like that.”

Ishakan had been steadily stroking himself, and now he pushed himself against her, placing the head of his manhood against her opening. 𝒻𝓇𝘦𝘦𝘸𝘦𝒷𝓃𝑜𝑣𝘦𝑙.𝑐𝑜𝓂

“Keep calling me by my name...”

Though his voice was affectionate, he thrust into her fiercely.

Relentlessly, his thick shaft entered her tight channel. Though she had received him countless times, Leah was still shocked. She felt too hot, the temperature of his body boiling her from the inside. It was as if he had plunged a fireball into her belly.

“Ah, Ishakan, hmm, you’re too... hot...!”

Her inner walls, wrapped around him, felt so hot that she was tingling inside. Ishakan sucked her earlobe between his lips and pounded himself in deep, so deep that his balls slapped against her @ss.

With every breath, his chest swelled, and after a while he began to whisper her name.

“Leah, Leah...”

Leah opened her arms to hug him, and as her hands ran over his sweat-soaked skin, his muscles tensed.

Ishakan lunged into her. Placing his hands on either side of her head, he moved his waist. He pulled himself out of her to leave only his [email protected] inside, and then shoved back in hard.

Leah’s upper body jerked from the intensity of his pounding, her breasts swaying up and down. It was so embarrassing, she wanted to cover them, but she couldn’t. Ishakan beat her to it.

“Hmm... ah, ahh!”

The sound of their wet flesh pounding together was so sensual. His waist moved faster and faster, and Leah moaned every time he p3netrated her.

It felt as if she was wrapped in flames. She was so hot, she could feel the blood pulsing through her body.

Her cl!max came even faster than usual, and Leah wrapped her legs around his waist tightly. Her lower body was writhing side, almost convulsing, and Ishakan did not stop even though he must have felt the squeezing of her inner channel. Posted only on NovelUtopia

His virile manhood kept plunging into her like a brand, driving her through her cl!max. The pleasure continued on and on without end, building to unbearable levels. Involuntarily, she screamed.


Something burst inside her, and she spurted liquid as if it were water, the strong scent of her [email protected] soaking the couch, thickening the air. She was so wet inside, every time Ishakan drove into her, it made a liquid sound, a splashing.

For a moment, she asked him to stop, but Ishakan was beyond hearing her. Suddenly, his manhood was buried deep inside her, and Ishakan’s lips drew back, baring his teeth. The veins in his neck stood out sharply.


Suddenly, his manhood jetted a torrent of s3men into her, and Leah shuddered as she received it. It was the same boiling heat as his body, as if he were pouring that heat inside her.

And it went on and on, Ishakan thrusting at intervals, jarring Leah’s body.

She felt like she was going to die.

Tears well in her eyes, so fast that she couldn’t even wipe them away. The sound of Ishakan’s voice surprised her.

“Are you crying already...?” He whispered, licking away her tears. “My God. We haven’t even started yet...”

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