Predatory Marriage

Chapter 29 - An Unfortunate Encounter (2)
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Chapter 29 - An Unfortunate Encounter (2)

Chapter 29 – An Unfortunate Encounter (2)

Looking up at the source of the voice, Leah gasped in surprise. For hidden in the shadows, was a man, who had his head poking out and looking at them.

He was a slender man with a lean build, and his stare was as sharp as a cat’s. He hurriedly made his way towards them, and gestured quickly to the alley before disappearing once more.

Frowning, Ishakan went back outside to see what was happening. Leah felt her heart sink as she followed him out.

There was a middle-aged man, flirting with some of the Gypsies. Behind him were knights, dressed in casual clothes, watching dutifully as he laughed in amusement with the Gypsies. Leah’s eyes narrowed as she saw who the man was.

It was her fiance, Byun Gyongbaek.

“Amazing,” Ishakan mused, “Isn’t that Byun Gyongbaek?” he asked her, leaning in further onto Leah’s damp hat, while she had barely fixed the hem of her cloak.

It was a well-known fact that Byun Gyongbaek was quite fond of any form of entertainment. Whenever he would wander into the West’s Royal District, he, without fail, would head straight first to the red light district, whose alleys were filled with alcohol and women.

However, she had not expected to see him today.

Leah hopes none of his knights would notice them, allowing them to slip away with ease. But it seemed that would not happen, for his knights had already spotted them. She caught them glancing to one another, watching their in their peripherals.

One of his knights drew closer to him, whispering softly.

And Byun Gyongbaek’s grip on the woman gypsie’s waist loosened up, his grin turned into a frown as he shifted his gaze towards them.

Unlike Leah, who was clearly covered and well-disguised. Ishakan was not.

They couldn’t run. They’d surely be caught.

Leah finds herself in a difficult situation. She hadn’t anticipated sneaking out of the castle late at night would turn dangerous. Her worst case scenario involved being caught by some of the guards of the Royal family, but not this.

“It’s too late if we run for it now.” Ishakan calmly told her, which was a clear contrast to the panic she was feeling at this very moment. She looked at him desperately, watching as his eyes glinted dangerously as at the nearing figures. It was clear to her, he had no intention of running away.

Suddenly she was reminded of the Kurkan’s hostile nature. And the man in front of her was their leader.

As if reading the Kurkan’s mind, the knights simultaneously grasped the hilts of their swords as they neared him, Byun Gyongbaek leading the entourage. He stopped in front of them.

“What’s this? A Kurkan?” he asked mockingly, and Leah watched her fiance, dumbfounded. He spoke so casually to the king. But aside from Leah, no one was surprised with the way he addressed him.

But instead of retaliating, Ishakan only stared him down.

Now Gyongbaek wasn’t short by any nature, but in front of Ishakan, he might as well be. And because of his inferiority, Gyongbaek compensates in his actions, acting tougher than he actually is.

“Are you out of your mind? You must be! Wandering carelessly inside the palace walls.” Gyongbaek remarked and Ishakan snorted.

“What’s wrong? I mean no harm. I can wander as carelessly as I want.” he replied with quick wit. Byun Gyongbaek huffed out in displeasure, stopping short of retaliating when he caught sight of Leah, hidden behind Ishakan.

He quirked up a brow towards her, staring at her up and down, before zeroing in on her neatly trimmed nails.

“Where’d you find that woman?” he scoffed, “She’s so… small and thin. I imagine she won’t look so appealing.”

That was when Leah realized he must have mistook her for a prostitute. Which was a relief. Quickly she hid her hands beneath her cloak, careful not to blow her cover. Gyongbaek barked out a laugh when she hid her fingers from view, and turned back to Ishakan.

“You must like my fiance.” Gyongbaek said tauntingly, “Is that why you chose her?” he looked at Leah, “Oh well, I may not know where you got her, but would you like me to give you some recommendations? I know quite a few who have some striking resemblance to her.” he boasted, thinking he was doing him a favor but Ishakan only snorted in amusement.

Byun Gyongbaek thought he’s one up the King of Kurkans simply because he was the one engaged to Leah. What a fool.

“To compensate for your origin of a barbaric tribe, I can allow you a taste of such advanced culture we have here in the Royal Kingdom.” He proudly stated, “Consider it a favor from me.” he winked, chuckling in pride, and his knights follow in suit.

But Ishakan remained unmoved and unflinching, and only gave them a brief smirk.

“It seems you’re the one who’s mistaken Byun Gyongbaek.” Ishakan said in mocking disappointment, and the laughter stopped as the grin was once again wiped on his face.

“Me? Mistaken? Of you flirting with a princess-look-alike prostitute?!” he asked incredulously and Ishakan shrugged.

“I am the one playing the role of a prostitute here.” he simply stated.

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