Predatory Marriage

Chapter 23 - Estia’s Crown Prince (2)
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Chapter 23 - Estia’s Crown Prince (2)

Chapter 23 – Estia’s Crown Prince (2)

Without a doubt, he was a handsome man—with silver hair and deep blue eyes mirroring Leah’s features. However, his beauty was only a mask, fro what lay inside was hideous than, more than one could ever imagine.

Cold and quick-tempered, the crown prince of Estia was feared by the many. Truth of this matter, Leah felt horrified whenever he looked at her. Just like this moment, for instance.

His piercing eyes ran all over her. After scrutinizing the box that Leah is currently carrying, he slowly looked at Ishakan. While observing the situation, Ishakan pleasantly greeted Blain without any hint of embarrassment.

“Good morning, Your Highness!”

At the outset, he pretended to be acquainted with Blain. Only then did Blain acknowledge him. The courtesy greeting was dull and wry. Shortly right after, the atmosphere went silent.

A strange aura surrounded them. The sound of the water flowing from the fountain reverberated amidst the silence. After the muffling silence, Blain finally opened his mouth.

“I didn’t know that the King of Kurkans will be here.”

Ishakan struck back, “Is this a place I am prohibited from entering?”

“Well, I don’t know what the custom of Kurkan is like.” Blain gritted his teeth and said, “But here in Estia, it is not good to see an unmarried woman alone with a man.”

He glanced back at Leah while spiteful words spilled from his mouth, which sounded like daggers aimed at her.


Leah bit her lips as he called her “sister.” Although Blain was her half-brother, he has never treated her respectfully. On the contrary, Leah was harshly educated to respect the crown prince, Blain politely.

He used to call Leah by her name or call her sister whenever he felt like it. It seemed that he formally addressed her because the king of Kurkans was around. After all, there was no good in finding out that the royal family was a mess.

“I came to tell you something. Let’s go to a silent place.”

He said it in a tone of suppressed anger. She dealt with this situation before, and knew very well how Blain’s anger would escalate If she resisted longer.

Therefore, Leah answered submissively, “Yes, Your Highness.”

With that, Blain snatched her wrist right and roughly pulled her with him. Her foot stumbled across the jagged edges of the slab of stones, and her body tottered, but Blain did not care.

While being dragged away, Leah looked back at Ishakan. She excruciatingly tolerated the pain and was able to gaze at him with a serene face.

Their eyes met. Ishakan’s eyes never left Leah’s form. He was displeased and was ready to strangle the man to death. However, Blain was Estia’s next ruler, and disputing with him would rather make things complicated. What’s more, making such commotion would likely affect the princess.

But still, he couldn’t help but mouth,?Need help?

His golden eyes hoped a reply. In his disappointment, however, Leah lowered her eyes indicating her refusal.

This is for the better, she thought.

She did not want to be dragged by Blain. Deep inside, she was desperate for his help. But it has been a long time since she realized that following her heart is na?ve.

That man is the king of Kurkans who came to devour Estia. He must have premeditated all of his political plans. Even though his intention is not clear as of the moment, it is best not to get involved with him.

Leah dismissed her thoughts, and unbelievingly shook her head. She felt Ishakan’s persistent gaze, but she ignored it and blindly permitted Blain to drag her away.

As soon as they arrived in the nook of the garden, far from Ishakan’s sight, her body was roughly pushed against a tree. Her short dress was scraped and torn by the wooden bushes.

Brutally, Blain pulled her hair—wrecking her beautifully curled mane. It was so strong her head tilted backward.

“What were you doing?”

With such force, she feared her neck was going to snap anytime. She was overwhelmed with pain, Blain’s words sounded vague to her ears.

Shaking her, Blain asked her again.

“I asked! What were you doing with that man?” His blue eyes gleamed with madness.

As if him maltreating her was not yet enough, he did something much more horrible.

Disgust crossed Leah’s eyes as soon as she felt him grope her. He intrusively touched her shoulders, chest, and waist… and even tried to raise the hem of her skirt.

She barely mustered strength when she slapped Blain on his cheek—hard. Her strength may be far inferior to him, but she couldn’t let such repulsive conduct continue.

Blain released her hair and then forcefully flung her. An ample distance from him, Leah scowled at Blain, who looked possessed by the devil.

“Don’t sway your hips in front of the Kurkans.” Towering over Leah, he coldly warned her.

“Understand, sister?”

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