Power and Wealth

Chapter 721: Why?!
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Chapter 721: Why?!


Subdistrict Office Family Quarters. Geng’s family apartment.

Geng Yuehua’s father reads the newspaper on the sofa while her mother peels beans beside him.

Ding dong… ding dong…. The doorbell rang.

Geng Yuehua’s mother puts down the beans. “Xinke is back.”

Geng Yuehua’s father is looking terrible. “So what if he is back?!”

“Stop showing that face.” Geng Yuehua’s mother frowned.

“I am disgraced and embarrassed by this useless son!”

“That incident had been settled.” Geng Yuehua’s mother said. “What else do you want our son to do?”

Geng Yuehua’s father continues to read his newspaper. “I will just read my newspaper.”

“Go ahead!” Geng Yuehua’s mother mumbled as she went to open the door. “I…. all my life is spent worrying about you and our son. Sigh…. Having a daughter is so much better. Look at Yuehua. She did not let us worry since young. If Xinke is half as good as her, I would not worry so much….”

“You asked me to stop, yet you are talking about this.” Geng Yuehua’s father grumbled.

“Fine…. I will stop talking about him.”

The door opens, and Geng Xinke enters. “Mum, Dad.”

“You are back.” His mother closed the door. “I am preparing dinner. Is your sister coming back?”

Geng Xinke changed into slippers. “I think so. Didn’t she say she will be back this morning?”

“Ok. Then I will wait for her first before frying the vegetables.” Geng Xinke’s mother saw him looking gloomy and asked. “What happened? Did other people at your workplace know about the video recordings?”

Geng Xinke shook his head and sat on the sofa. “No.”

Geng Xinke’s mother was surprised. “Didn’t you say it will spread in the Subdistrict?”

“I think sister had stopped the news from spreading. Everything is fine, and no one seems to know about it.” Geng Xinke drank a cup of water and sighed in relief.

Geng Xinke’s mother looks at him. “This is good news. Your sister had recovered the DVDs and videotapes, and no one knows about it. You should be happy about it. Why are you looking so gloomy? Is it because you had fought with Dong Xuebing? Did the District Government punish you for that?”

Geng Xinke paused for a second. “I am not punished.”

Geng Xinke’s father puts down his newspaper. “You are not punished after what you did?!”

“Maybe Sis had stopped them. I did not hit Dong Xuebing after all, and it’s not that serious.”

“That’s good to hear.” Geng Xinke’s mother said. “You must thank your sister later when she is here. If she had not helped you to clean your mess, you would be in trouble now.”

“I know.” Geng Xinke is grateful to his sister and has caused many problems this time. At the same time, his anger with Dong Xuebing intensified. “Luckily, Sis is around this time. Or else, Dong Xuebing would have sent the DVD to the Commission for Discipline Inspection. Even if nothing happens to me, I will be a laughing stock. Furthermore, many people will have seen Pingping’s body. How is she going to live?”

Geng Xinke’s mother heard it and got mad. “This Dong Xuebing is a scum. Which leader will do such things?! You are dating, and what has it got to do with him?! He is trying to create trouble for everyone. I met him earlier on my way home, and he still greeted me as if nothing had happened. I ignored him and walked away!”

Geng Xinke’s father shook his head and did not comment.

Geng Xinke’s mother carried on complaining. “Dong Xuebing had been creating trouble for us. I will talk to your sister. She is the District Mayor, and she can easily bring down a Subdistrict Office Director. We cannot allow this to carry on.”

Geng Xinke looks like he got something to say.

“What is it?” Geng Xinke’s mother asked. “What do you want to say?”

Geng Xinke sighed. “Mum, I don’t know what Sis is thinking. I got a feeling that she has been getting closer with Dong Xuebing recently. She used to keep quiet when I talked about him. But recently, she will get angry and scold me for other things when I talk about him. I wonder what is going on….”

Geng Xinke’s mother waved her hand. “Impossible. Your sister can’t wait to kick him out after what he had done to you.”

“That’s why I am confused.” Geng Xinke said. “I received news that the District Government had issued funds to our Subdistrict Office for Dong Xuebing’s earthquake response exercise. This is ridiculous.”

“The District Government had issued fund?!”

“It was Sis who approved it.”

“Your sister?!” Geng Xinke’s parents frowned. “What is Yuehua thinking?”

Although Geng Xinke’s parents felt their son is responsible for this video recording incident, they will side with him. They scolded him for two days and still sided with him. They are angry with Dong Xuebing for trying to blow up this matter and the previous grudges between him and their son. Now, their daughter had turned around and supported him.

Suddenly, the door opens, and Geng Yuehua steps in.

Geng Xinke immediately walks over to greet her. “Sis, you are early today.”

Geng Yuehua nodded. “There’s not much work. Did you all have dinner?”

“Not yet. We are waiting for you.” Geng Xinke looks at their mother. “Mum, you can start cooking.”

Geng Xinke’s mother remained in her seat and looked at her daughter. “Yuehua, come here. I have something to ask you.”

Geng Yuehua put down her handbag and sat on the sofa. “What is it?”

Geng Yuehua’s mother looks angry. “You should know what happened between Dong Xuebing and your brother. It’s fine if you are not helping your brother, but why are you getting closer with Dong Xuebing?!”

Geng Yuehua frowned. “What are you talking about?”

“Stop feigning ignorance. Xinke had told me everything.” Geng Yuehua’s mother stares at her. “Did you approve the funds for his earthquake response exercise?!”

Geng Yuehua replied emotionlessly. “Let’s not talk about this and have dinner.”

“I am asking you now. Answer me first!” Geng Yuehua’s mother pulled her and stopped her from walking away. “What are you thinking.”

Geng Yuehua turns to her mother. “I know what I am doing. Stop interfering.”

Geng Yuehua’s mother got angrier. “Dong Xuebing had almost tarnished your brother’s reputation, and you are telling me you know what you are doing?! If you know what to do, you should be bringing him down now!”

Geng Yuehua waved her hand. “I don’t want to talk about this today. Can we start dinner?”

Geng Xinke saw his sister and mother were about to fight. “Mum, Sis, let’s have dinner first.”

“No!” Geng Yuehua’s mother shouted. “No one is going to have dinner if your sister doesn’t give us an explanation!”

Geng Xinke looks at his sister. “Sis, I should not be the one saying this. But don’t you think the earthquake response exercise is a bit unnecessary? Why are we conducting this exercise when nothing has happened? This will let others think we are doing this for formalities. Why did you allow Dong Xuebing to carry on and provide funding?”

Geng Yuehua’s parents are looking at Geng Yuehua.

Everyone is waiting for Geng Yuehua to explain herself.

Geng Yuehua got mad. “I don’t want to mention some incidents because it is over. Why?! Do you still want to know why?! Fine! I will tell you all why!” She stares at Geng Xinke. “Did you think I was the one who suppressed the DVD incident for you and stopped news of it from spreading in your Subdistrict and the District Government?!”

Geng Xinke was surprised. “Isn’t this what happened?”

Geng Yuehua coldly replied. “Even I am the District Mayor, I cannot stop people from gossiping! Do you think news of this incident will not leak because I said something? Do you think this is possible?!”


“The moment this incident started, Xiao Dong and your Subdistrict Office’s Disciplinary Work Committee Secretary contained it and stopped it from spreading. After that, he came to see me and gave the DVD to me. Besides both of us, Dong Xuebing and your Subdistrict Office’s Disciplinary Work Committee Secretary are the only ones who know about this. This is why you can still go to work peacefully, and there are no rumors about you!”

Geng Xinke is shocked.

Their parents are also shocked.

Geng Yuehua looks at her brother. “Let’s talk about the videotape and the DVDs. Did you think I was the one who recovered all the DVDs? Did you think I was the one who investigated this incident? It was Xiao Dong. He knows it is inconvenient for me to interfere, and he skipped lunch and went straight to Dong Hai District to settle it. He spent the whole afternoon investigating this incident and brought back all the recordings. He was the one who prevented this incident from blowing up.”

Geng Xinke is speechless. “This….”

Geng Yuehua looks at him coldly. “Let’s talk about you hitting Xiao Dong. Do you know why it ended so fast and quietly? Why didn’t the District Government punish you for what you did? Do you think it is a small matter? Xiao Dong told Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Wu Liang that you did not hit him or grab his collar. He said you all had only argued because of some differences at work. That’s why you can sit here peacefully with me. This is why you are not punished!”

Geng Yuehua’s mother gasped. “Yuehua… he….”

“Sis….” Geng Xinke couldn’t believe what he heard. “Is it real?”

Geng Yuehua continues. “Xiao Dong had been clearing your mess, and you still dare to raise your hands on him?! Touch your heart. You what to know why I supported him with his exercise?! What do you think?! Tell me!”

Geng Xinke slapped his forehead.

So, this is what happened.

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