Power and Wealth

Chapter 599: Work Party Committee!
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Chapter 599: Work Party Committee!

Next day.


Dong Xuebing was preparing for work when he received a call from a Beijing landline. It’s a call from the National Respect and Cares for the elderly’s model unit award to notify Guang Ming Subdistrict had passed the first round of selection. They need to submit the application materials.

It’s finally here!

Dong Xuebing brightens up. “Thank you. Where should we submit the materials to?”

“The final selection is under the Ministry of Civil Affairs. You all can submit the application to them.”

“……. Alright. We will do it as soon as possible.”

“The Central Government should have started the final selection now. You must submit the materials soon, or it will affect your results.”

“Thank you. I will do it immediately.”

“That’s all.”

This is the first major award Dong Xuebing has worked on since he becomes the Director. This award is what he needed now. He knows getting past the first round of selection does not mean anything, and the Ministry of Civil Affairs will eliminate more than half of the remaining teams. But his chances of winning this award are slightly higher than 30%. If he can get this award by luck, it will be an impressive achievement on his resume. His Subdistrict Office will get more funds from the District, and they will stand out among other Subdistrict Offices. He is not confident of getting it, but he will try his best.

On the way to work, Dong Xuebing called Zhou Yanru to notify all the Work Party Committee members that he was calling for a meeting.

Half an hour later.

Small meeting room.

Dong Xuebing remained in his office to check the National Respect and Care for the elderly’s model unit award materials. He waited until the last minute before entering the meeting room and saw everyone was waiting for him. After Guo Mingfeng backstabbed dong Xuebing, he realized his authority among the middle and higher management was weak. After yesterday’s incident, he decided to strengthen his status. As the Work Party Secretary, it’s normal for him to be slightly late to show his authority.

The meeting room is quiet and tense.

Dong Xuebing looks at everyone and walks to his seat. “Let’s start the meeting.”

The Work Party Committee Members straighten their backs subconsciously. Dong Xuebing can tell many of them had changed their attitudes towards him.

Geng Xinke is looking down and drinking tea. He seems to be in a bad mood.

Deputy Director Yu Rongfeng looks nervous and unsettled.

Police Station Chief Peng Gang is also looking nervous.

They are looking terrible because Dong Xuebing had eliminated one of the three members of the Geng faction because of the incident.

Dong Xuebing purposely brings up Guo Mingfeng. “All of you should know what happened to Deputy Director Guo Mingfeng. I had asked the District Commission of Discipline Inspection about the progress of the investigation. He has serious issues with his finances and moral issues. We must take this as a warning!” He knocked on the table three times and raised his voice. “Our Organization Department must be more careful in the future!”

Geng Xinke is in charge of the Subdistrict Office’s Organization Department’s personnel matters. Although he cannot decide on a Section Chief position, he can select the candidates. Everyone here knows he was the one who helped Guo Mingfeng get promoted to Deputy Director. Now, the latter is in trouble, and Geng Xinke has to share the blame.

Dong Xuebing’s statement made the situation more tense.

Zhou Yanru glanced at Geng Xinke and continued to record meeting minutes.

After giving out his warning, Dong Xuebing sipped on his tea and paused for two seconds before saying slowly. “Someone has to takeover Deputy Director Guo’s duties. I will reassign his duties now. Office Director Meng will take over Deputy Director Guo’s Ministry of Civil Affairs duties from now.”

Office Deputy Director Meng Shenguo had not handled the dispute between Wang Yuling and the resident well. After that incident, he tried to show he wants to be on Dong Xuebing’s side, but he did not accept. Meng Shenguo heard this and brightened up. Ministry of Civil Affairs work means he will have some authority. This is Dong Xuebing’s way of telling Meng Shenguo he accepted him into his faction. He was one of the longest-serving staff in the Subdistrict Office. After the former Director left, he did not join other factions. Now, he is accepted into Dong Xuebing’s faction, and he is excited.

Meng Shenguo immediately expresses he will do a good job.

Zhou Yanru looks at Meng Shenguo and smiles.

Dong Xuebing continues. “As for Deputy Director Guo’s Respect and Care for the elderly work and Disabled Persons’ Federation….” He paused for a while and said. “Director Yuling, please take care of it.”

Wang Yuling was shocked. She did not expect Dong Xuebing to give her this responsibility.

Everyone looks at the District Party Secretary’s niece.

Guang Ming Subdistrict’s Respect and Care for the elderly work is important. They might have a chance to win the Respect and Care for the elderly work’s model unit award. This is a good position, and everyone is eyeing to get a slice of this cake. If their Subdistrict wins the award, Wang Yuling will get this credit. Even if she is not interested in the Government Service and is not ambitious, she still wants a promotion. Her salary and welfare benefits will increase.

Wang Yuling felt embarrassed as she had not participated or helped with the inspection. Now, she will be getting this credit, and her face turns red. “Errr… Director, I…”

Dong Xuebing smiles. “What’s wrong? Is this responsibility too big for you?”

“I am afraid I can’t do a good job.” Wang Yuling said she might not do this job well, and not she is not willing to take on this job.

“I know about your capabilities. You must be more confident in yourself. That’s it. Anyone else has any problems with this arrangement?” Dong Xuebing looks at the rest.

The other members kept quiet.

You had decided everything. Who dares to raise any objections?

If Dong Xuebing had done this in the past, the Geng Faction would be the first to oppose and demand a vote to decide these appointments. But yesterday’s incident had shocked them. He had sent Guo Mingfeng to the Commission of Discipline Inspection. He even caused the District Organization Department to get a verbal warning. That’s why no one dares to go against him now.

Dong Xuebing is satisfied by their reaction. This is the first time he felt he was the No.1 in the Subdistrict. “Since you all don’t have any objections, it is finalized. Lastly, I want to share a piece of good news. I had received a call from the Nation Respect and Care for the elderly work’s Role Model Unit award’s office this morning. We had passed the first round of selection, and the final round of selection will be held these few days. I want everyone here to pay attention to the work and don’t want any problems during this period.”

The nomination list is out?

Everyone started to discuss the Nation Respect and Care for the elderly work’s Role Model Unit award.

When the meeting ended, Dong Xuebing looked up. “Director Zhou, Director Wang. Please stay back for a minute.”

Everyone left the meeting room, except for Zhou Yanru and Wang Yuling.

Wang Yuling looks at Dong Xuebing and smiles. “Thank you, Director.”

“Are you talking about the Nation Respect and Care for the elderly work?” Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “Haha… this is the trust by the Organization. Why are you thanking me for? But since you have taken over this role, you must work hard. I will hold you responsible if there are any problems.”

Wang Yuling is not confident, but she still nods.

“Director Zhou.” Dong Xuebing turns to Zhou Yanru. “You got to work closely with Director Wang.”

Zhou Yanru smiles. “I know. Don’t worry about it.”

Dong Xuebing had let Zhou Yanru handle the Nation Respect and Care for the elderly work a few days ago, and he added Wang Yuling now. It means both of them are in charge of this. They are close friends, and he believes they can work well together. Also, Wang Yuling is considered in his faction, and he has full control over this role model unit award.

Everything was going smoothly, and Dong Xuebing felt good. This is the result of him establishing his authority yesterday. He had strengthened his foothold, but there are consequences to it. Other people will use their subordinates to establish their authority, but he is different. Not only had he used his subordinate, he even used a District Government Leader, Xue Qingrong, to establish his authority. This will put him under the spotlight.


I got to stay low for a while.

Zhou Yanru asked. “The application materials….”

“The Nation Respect and Care for the elderly work’s Role Model Unit Office want us to send it to Beijing as soon as possible.” Dong Xuebing thought for a while. “Alright. Both of you go back and pack your stuff. You all will go to Beijing with me, and be prepared to stay a few days there.” Besides trying to stay low and submitting the materials, Dong Xuebing also wants to treat the Role Model Unit Award Office Leaders to dinner. They are already late, and many units should have left for Beijing now.

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