Power and Wealth

Chapter 475 – Contact the investors!
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Chapter 475 – Contact the investors!

9 pm.

Xiang Yi Hotel’s lobby.

The few County Leaders had left, leaving the Investment Promotion Agency’s staff there waiting anxiously. The opening ceremony is only around 10 hours away, but only six participants and Park Yongxi’s investment is canceled. Yan Tai County will be the laughing stock in front of the City Government if this carries on. The Agency has to bear responsibility!

What are they going to do?

No one knows what to do as even their person in charge had feigned illness to hide in the hospital!

When Dong Xuebing arrives at the hotel, Sun Shuli, Luo Haiting, and the rest rushed to him. They had just received information that Chief Dong will take over this investment fair again.


“Chief Dong.”

“Chief Jia is hospitalized, and we....”

“Only six participants have arrived, and Mr. Park....”

Dong Xuebing looked at them and waved his hand. “Don’t panic. I know about it, and this is nothing to worry about. Alright. You all should be tired after a long day. Go back and rest.”

Jiang Hailiang, Lin Pingping, and the rest were stunned. Go back and rest?! Jia Yan had dumped everything to them. How can they sleep? But they calmed down after seeing Chief Dong’s reaction. All of them felt Chief Dong is several times more capable than Jia Yan. Jia Yan only knows how to boast. When things did not go according to plan, he immediately feigns illness and hides in the hospital. Look at Chief Dong. His first reaction is, “this is nothing to worry about,” and he asked them to go home and rest. This is the difference between them.

Luo Haiting hesitated. “Chief, we...”

“Go home now.” Dong Xuebing stopped her. “Have a good rest. We will be busy tomorrow.”

Everyone doesn’t know how to react. Since Chief Dong asked them to go home, they will obey. Anyway, they are not the person in charge and will not be held responsible for this investment fair failure.

Dong Xuebing asked his subordinates to leave because they also can’t help with anything by staying here. After they left, Dong Xuebing called Park Yongxi. Park Yongxi is still awake, and they met in a café. Xie Huilan will bring in the investors, and he doesn’t need to worry about it. All he needs to do is to get more investments to slap Xiang Daofa and Jia Yan again. This will tell everyone that replacing him is a big mistake and help Xie Huilan get some credits. That’s why he must get more investments in this fair.

Park Yongxi is Dong Xuebing’s first target.

Park Yongxi should not be changing his mind at the last minute.

A café.

When Dong Xuebing arrived at the café, Park Yongxi is already there, waiting for him. They did not go into a private room, as there are no other customers at this time.

“Master Park.” Dong Xuebing smiles. “Sorry to ask you out so late.”

Park Yongxi laughed. “It’s fine. I heard you had become the person in charge of the investment fair again.”

“Yes, I got reappointed at the last minute. It’s so stressful.” Dong Xuebing sat down and ordered a coffee. “Master Park, I thought we had finalized this investment? We are unable to offer the five years tax exemption you wanted. Even Mayor Xie cannot allow this, as this is against the regulations.”

Park Yongxi laughed. “I know.”

Dong Xuebing is stunned. “You know?!” If you know about this, why did you demand it? What are you trying to do?

Park Yongxi did not continue immediately. He took a sip of coffee and continued. “We did agree on the terms of the contract, but that is between you and me. I have no obligations towards others.”

Dong Xuebing paused for a second. “Then, the project....”

“Since you are reappointed to be the person in charge of the investment fair, then it will not be a problem. The five years exemption is only a casual remark. Haha... We will go along with what was discussed before. I have check out the investment site, and we don’t need to discuss the details again. Just tell me when you want to sign the contract, and we will sign it.”

Dong Xuebing understood why Park Yongxi had done this. He shows his support for him and the five-year tax exemption to make things difficult for Jia Yan. This is to force the County to reappoint Dong Xuebing to be the person in charge again. He is touched. Although Park Yongxi and he had gotten along well and had sparred before, their relationship is not that close for him to help Dong Xuebing. Also, Dong Xuebing had challenged and embarrassed Seoul’s Taekwondo Schools. Park Yongxi has no obligations to help him. This means he treats Dong Xuebing as his friend!


Old Park is a good friend!

Dong Xuebing suddenly banged the table, shocking the waitress and Park Yongxi. “Master Park, I will not say much. Just give me a call if you need any help in the future!”

Park Yongxi laughed. “You frightened me. Haha... Alright. Just take care of my investment for me as I will be returning to Korea next month.”

“No problem. No one will dare to disturb your investment with me around!”

Dong Xuebing did not expect his greatest headache is solved just like this. He is in a great mood and continued to discuss with Park Yongxi about his investment. He almost jumped up in joy when Park Yongxi confirmed he would be investing 100 million. But this will give others the impression that he was the one who asked Park Yongxi to cancel his investment to create problems for the investment fair. Park Yongxi expressed he understands, told Dong Xuebing that he would attend the investment fair, and showed his change of attitude over the next few days.


Dong Xuebing felt Park Yongxi is a righteous person and is worthy of being treated as a friend.

Dong Xuebing felt the weight on his shoulders is gone. With Park Yongxi’s 100 million RMB, and Xiang Daofa’s 40 million RMB, this investment fair is considered a success. Everyone can accept this outcome as this will be higher than expected.

But this is not the end.

Dong Xuebing is still not satisfied. Since he is going to make Xiang Daofa look bad, he should not hold back. Xiang Daofa had picked on him several times, and he will not accept it. One hundred forty million RMB investment is not enough to make Xiang Daofa and Jia Yan the joke of the County. He needs to prove himself to everyone and tell everyone Xie Huilan had picked the right person for this job.

That’s right. I will look for him!

Dong Xuebing suddenly remembers a person. He thought for a while in his car and took out his phone.

Ring... ring... ring...

The other party answered. “Hello, who’s that?”

“Teacher Mu, are you resting?”

“Huh? You are that young man?! Hahaha... I am not resting. You have finally called me. I have been waiting for your call.” The other party is Mu Zhengzhong, a private museum owner. Dong Xuebing gave him Japan’s National Treasure after returning, but he did not leave his name and contact details.

Dong Xuebing paused for a second. “You are waiting for my call?”

“Is it convenient to talk now?”

“Yes. Go ahead.”

“Haha... You had handed the to me, and I must let you know that it is returned to Japan. Of course, it is not returned for free. It is exchanged for one National Treasure tier relic, three first-tier relics, and five second-tier relics. The National Treasure tier relic, two first-tier relics have been donated to the Palace Museum, and the remaining will be on display in my Museum these few days.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. That is useless, and they might as well exchange it for China’s cultural relics. This was his plan. “... this is worth celebrating.”

Mu Zhengzhong laughed. “Japan’s National Treasure is too outstanding, and we did not talk about the details. Since we have exchanged it for our relics, I am thinking of giving you....”

“It’s not good to talk about money. I had already said I am donating to your Museum.”

“Not to mention the National Treasure relic and the first-tier relics, those five second-tier relics are worth a lot, despite not allowed to be auctioned. I am thinking of estimating those relics’ value and....”

Dong Xuebing interrupted. “Teacher Mu, I had already said that is a gift for you. Stop talking to me about those relics’ values. We are all fellow Chinese. Is there a need to talk about all these?”

“Then I will owe you a big favor.” These relics will prove their worth when they are displayed in Mu Zhengzhong’s Museum.

“How about this?” Dong Xuebing thought for a while. “Come and invest in our County.”

Mu Zhengzhong is stunned. “Huh? Your County? Invest?”

“Err... It’s a bit late for self-introduction. My name is Dong Xuebing, and I am Yan Tai County’s Investment Promotion Agency Chief. We had organized an investment fair but met with some problems. I know you are only dealing in antiques, but investment and collecting antiques are quite similar. If you think you had owed me a favor, then come and invest with us. I guarantee you will make money.”

Investment Promotion Agency?

This young man is the Chief?!

Mu Zhongzheng is speechless. Someone who can steal the National Treasure from Japan’s most secured Museum is a... government staff and is a County Investment Promotion Agency’s Chief?!

Which civil servant will do such things?!

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