Power and Wealth

Chapter 443 – If no one is going to care, I will!
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Chapter 443 – If no one is going to care, I will!

Swimming pool.

The attitude of the Koreans and the county government’s staff had angered the people.

Dong Xuebing suppressed his anger and jumped out of the pool. He has grudges against Dafeng County’s leaders but its people. When he saw that man was beaten up, he was furious. Before he could say anything, a few others got out of the pool.

“You all want to run after hitting others!?”

“No one is allowed to leave unless you all delete the photographs and apologize!”

It was three young people who looked like university students.

Li Xiaoan sneered and looks at them provocatively. He is not afraid of causing trouble as the Dafeng County government will back him up. Also, Park Yongxi, one of the top taekwondo masters in the world, is beside him. He knows nothing will happen to him.

Wang Bo glanced at them. “What are you all trying to do?”

A young man shouted. “I should be the one questioning you! Are you Chinese or Korean? Is our Dafeng County under the Chinese government or the Korean government? Ah? It’s fine if you all don’t stand up for us! But why are you all siding with them?! Are you still human? Did the taxes we pay every year fed to the dogs? Are we inferior to these Koreans!?”

“Well said!”

“That’s right. This group of people only wants political credits and doesn’t’ care about their citizens!”

“Call an ambulance, quick! That man is dying! Don’t allow these people to leave!”

“They must pay for their crimes! Beat them up!”

At that moment, everyone in the pool is full of anger, and many people step forward and surround Li Xiaoan and Wang Bo.

Wang Bo is furious. “Get back into the water! What are you all doing? Ah?” If these Korean investors were beaten in Dafeng County, it would be disastrous. Not only will they not invest in Dafeng County, but other investors will also lose confidence in them. To mention that their projects are going to be ruined. Who dares to invest in your county if you cannot even protect them? Mayor Li will not look good in front of the City Government. He headed this investment fair and had instructed them to make sure nothing must go wrong. That’s why Wang Bo needs to protect them.

When Li Xiaoan saw many people stepping forward, he took a step nearer to Park Yongxi and looks at them with a sneer.

The people saw the county government did not care about the man beaten up by the Koreans and still sided with them. Everyone is furious. Is this still your own country! Even the local government doesn’t protect their basic rights and interests. Dafeng County Government would rather sacrifice the ordinary people to suck up to these Koreans! What the hell is this?!

Suddenly, one university student could not hold back anymore and threw a punch at Li Xiaoan. “Give me the camera!”

After one of them started, another middle-aged man in swimming trunks kicked out at Li Xiaoan.

But when Li Xiaoan was about to be punched and kicked, Park Yongxi moved. He stepped in front of Li Xiaoan and blocked the blows before pushing them a few steps back.

Li Xiaoan arrogantly smiles after he saw Park Yongxi stepping in.

“Everyone.” Park Yongxi’s mother is Chinese, and his mandarin is very good. “This is Xiaoan’s fault. I will ask him to delete the photographs and pay for the medical expenses. Can we let this matter rest?” He is not close to Li Xiaoan, but he knows his father. His father was afraid Li Xiaoan would cause trouble and asked Park Yongxi to look out for him. That’s why Park Yongxi will not let him get beaten.

That injured man’s wife is crying, and she shouted. “You think this is the end after paying some money? You all must be arrested! You all are too arrogant!”

The university student who was pushed away by Park Yongxi added. “Ask that idiot to apologize first! If he doesn’t apologize, don’t even think of leaving this place!”

“Park Yongxi! We know you are a Taekwondo master, and we cannot beat up! But you should not side with that guy! Is this how Koreans are brought up?!”

Li Xiaoan has a foul temper, and he pointed to them. “!#!#$%#$^...”

“Don’t talk to me in bird language!”

“Park Yongxi! Step aside! I must beat up this bastard no matter what!”

Three people rushed up with their fists!

Park Yongxi sighed and pulled Li Xiaoan behind him. to let him go behind him. He then lifted his hands to block and dodge those people’s attacks. He used a bit of strength and forced them back. This time, he used more force than before as he wants to end this fast. He is the Olympic Gold Medalist and has no problem facing seven to eight ordinary people.

One of the three men was kicked to the ground, and the other two received blows to their chest. They are all injured.

“Bastard! You all are too much!”

“Park Yongxi! F**k you!”

“This is too much! F**k!”

Li Xiaoan smirked behind the unbeatable Park Yongxi in front of him. Who can win against a Taekwondo Olympic champion? Even if everyone in the swimming complex attack together, they will still be beaten up!

This has become a stalemate.

No one dares to move. Who dares to face Park Yongxi?!

Even Xu Yan is furious when she saw those Koreans injuring four to five Chinese. She got out of the pool and shouted. “You all are too much! Xiao Dong! Teach them a lesson!” She had heard of what Dong Xuebing did in Yan Tai county and even knows about what he did in Korea. After all, she was the one who helped him get the air tickets.

“Yes, Madam!” Dong Xuebing moved his arms and stepped forward.

Those people are still standing in front of the Koreans staring at them.

Park Yongxi replied humbly. “I will apologize on behalf of Li Xiaoan for what happened. I hope you all can give me face...”

“Give you face?!” Dong Xuebing got past the crowd. “Who the f**k do you think you are?!”

Park Yongxi frowned.

“Dong Xuebing? What are you doing here?” Wang Bo saw Dong Xuebing and got angry. “You have nothing to do with this!”

Dong Xuebing laughed and looks at him. “The people are being treated unjustly. How can this have nothing to do with me?! As a Party Member, I must stand up for the people! You all Da Feng County government officials are too much! You all don’t even care for your people! Without them, do you think Da Feng County can develop so fast?! It is because of their taxes, you all can build up better infrastructures to attract investors! You don’t even understand this simple logic?! Is this Da Feng County Government’s standard?! This is too shortsighted!”

The people heard it and started to shout.

“Well said! What government is this?!”

“How can you all side with the criminals!? Did the dogs ate all of your County Government Officials’ conscience?”

Wang Bo and the Investment Promotion Agency staff almost curse out loud. Dong Xuebing is purposely creating trouble for them! He is even inciting the people to go against them!

The injured man felt better and can speak now. But his daughter is still crying and crying out for him besides.

This is too heartbreaking to watch.

Dong Xuebing looks at them, and his face changed. “You all still want to leave?! If you all don’t settle this today, no one can step out of this place! Do you all think you all can do whatever you want in China?! Bastards! I already saw how arrogant you all were when I went to Korea. You all dare to beat up our Chinese students, and even your police did not take action. Now, you all are still trying to do the same in China?! Fine! Since Da Feng County Government Officials and Public Security Bureau are not going to do anything, I will settle the score with you all today!”

Dong Xuebing had made a bold claim, but the people could tell he is a nobody. Even Da Feng County Government staff knows him.

Da Feng County’s Investment Promotion Agency staff smacked their lips and thought to themselves. You are just an Agency’s head. What can you do?”

Wang Bo gave Dong Xuebing a stare. “Chief Dong! Stop it right now!” He doesn’t want anything to happen! All government officials are afraid of things getting out of hand, except for Dong Xuebing! He is creating troubles wherever he goes! He is not afraid of things getting out of hand, and it seems he is still looking forward to it! Wang Bo is afraid of Dong Xuebing using his fists against those Korean Investors. But with Park Yongxi around, he is assured nothing will happen to the investors. No matter how Dong Xuebing is good at creating trouble, he can never get past a grandmaster like Park Yongxi.

Who is Park Yongxi?!

One of the World’s top Taekwondo fighters! His skill is unmatchable, and had won countless Championships!

You are only an Agency Chief, and you dare to go against Park Yongxi? Are you seeking death? Even ten of you is no match for him!

But Dong Xuebing did not care. He stares at Park Yongxi. “You are Park Yongxi?! Step aside!”

Park Yongxi returned Dong Xuebing’s stare and did not move.

Park Yongxi had not used his full strength against those ordinary people and even apologized for Li Xiaoan. If possible, Dong Xuebing also does not want to fight him. When he saw Park Yongxi refusing to step aside, he laughed. “You don’t want to step aside? Fine. I will see if you can carry on protecting that bastard! One of the world’s top Taekwondo fighters?! I had been thinking of fighting one! What’s the point of fighting against ordinary people? Do you think there are no good fighters in China?! Come! Let’s spar! I want to see how powerful you are!”

The Investment Promotion Agency’s staff were stunned. Do you want to spar with Park Yongxi?! Are you crazy?!

The people around Dong Xuebing were also stunned!

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