Plundering in the Apocalypse

Chapter 8 A Teenage Girl.
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[ Name- Shin Wolner ]

[Age - 20]

[ Title - 1st awakened, Maniac ]

[ Level - 3 ]


[STR - 30]

[AGI - 22]

[DEX - 5 ]

[Stamina - 10]

[ Bonus stats - 60 ]

[Special ability - Plunder]

[Skills - Predator's eyes (F) ]


Eyeing his status board for a while. Shin decided to increase his stats and try to stabilize them. He wanted to maintain some balance between his stats.

[STR - 35] [AGI - 35] [DEX - 20 ][Stamina - 25][ Bonus stats - 12 ]

Feeling the changes in his body Shin felt great. His body felt lighter like he could even jump up a floor of the building with some little effort. His body felt refreshed.

Shin's gaze turned towards his blade as he felt a familiar feeling for some reason. His hand movements were smoother and he wasn't as clumsy as before. Even though he didn't know any techniques for weapons. His swings were smoother. He felt he could use it more efficiently.

Shin again started heading in the direction of his home. He could have already reached there if not for the monsters. He had to take many detours and fight so many of them so he could get strong and continue moving forward.

Shin met some goblins along the way. They were on a rampage. Those goblins were throwing around things showing their superiority of strength over each other.

Their gaze turned towards Shin, He was walking towards them without lifting any guard. They assumed the human gave up on life and just wanted to die by their hands.

They decided to compete against each other by killing that human. One who kills him first wins.

Those goblins jumped at him with their piercing eyes filled with bloodlust and excitement. But to the current Shin, their strength was nothing more than a 5-year-old kid playing tag.

Shin didn't even bother getting into a proper stance this time. His eyes flickered for a moment and then he threw a random stone at the oncoming goblin.

The other goblin couldn't even understand what had happened for a moment. Only after a moment did he realize. The human killed his rival without even bothering to move.

He was too powerful for him to fight.

The goblin didn't even bother to look at his rival's corpse and ran away as fast as he could. He wanted to escape far away from Shin. He just wanted to survive.

Seeing that the human wasn't chasing after him, he heaved a sigh of relief.

That means the human wasn't interested in him. He was lucky to have escaped. If he had confronted. He was sure he would have died in misery. Now he can live.

But the goblin was wrong. Why would Shin leave him alive after taking the oath to kill all the monsters? Shin threw a palm-sized rock after putting some force behind it toward the running goblin.

The rock shoot off at an incredible speed and went past his head making a big hole in it. The goblin didn't even know how he died, as his body slumped to the ground. Creating a pool of black blood.

[You have killed 2 goblins.]

Shin didn't even glance at the notification. As his focus was on something completely different. He knit his brows and focused his gaze on the rubble on the ground. Probably from the rampage and the chaos caused by monsters.

He went towards the rubble near the building on the left, not far from where the goblins were creating a ruckus before.

A slight sound could be heard from under the rubble. Shin activated his predator's eyes and found traces of someone trapped inside that rubble.

Shin was on alert, as he could feel the figure to only be a little bigger than a goblin. He couldn't confirm whether the figure was a monster or a human.

The possibilities of it being a monster were there and Shin didn't want to risk it. But he also didn't want to stop as there was a possibility of it being a human.

After the appearance of monsters except for Anna, Shin could only get a few sights of people hiding inside their houses and locking themselves.

They didn't want to get involved with monsters trying to help someone. So there was no point in Shin asking them for help.

But Shin wanted to help if he can. This way he can lessen the guilt of the deaths of the people he didn't try to save.

He started rummaging through the rubble. As soon as he felt that it was a human. His hand started moving very fast and carefully. As it might hurt the victim.

After a few seconds. Shin saw a small white arm and started moving rocks more carefully and thoroughly. With his swift movement, a figure soon appeared in front of Shin from under the rubble.

It was a cute little girl. She looked like a teenager. She was covered in dirt and her body was full of wounds. She was unconscious.

Her situation didn't look good. If he had been even an hour late she might have been dead already. Shin thought to himself, might be because of being trapped for who knows how many hours she suffocated until she was unconscious.

I tried to wake her up but it was to no avail.

"She is so light. I don't think she might be any older than 15. I should take her to a more safe place and try to give her first aid."

Shin looked around and saw a 2-storeyed house. It looked empty and the entrance was broken. So the possibility of others being in there was low.

Who would risk being in that place when monsters can get inside so easily and kill them? If they were strong enough to defeat monsters. Those goblins should have already been dead.

But just in case Shin used his Predator's eyes to confirm any presence nearby.

"So it's all clear." Shin sighed and looked in the direction of that teenage girl.

I took her in a princess carry and started walking towards the house nearby. The door was broken and I already confirmed that no one was there.

I walked in, sensed the whole house, went upstairs, and slowly placed her on the bed inside the bedroom.

Seeing her covered in wounds as she was trapped inside the rubble. She had some of her blood mixed with dirt over her body. I needed to clean her up. Or it might affect her condition.

I started searching for a first aid box inside the house. It was inside a desk on the first floor. I took the box and made my way toward her.

I started cleaning her wounds with a clean towel and some water. I applied some ointment and started wrapping her wounds in bandages.

After cleaning her face. Shin got a good look at her. She had a cute face. If she was an adult she would have been very beautiful. Might even rival Elena or Anna. That's how beautiful she was. She had purple bob-cut hair that had fades of blue on the underside of her hair. She looked adorable.

Her lips looked soft, neither too big nor too small. Her nose was small and a little red. Her eyes were also swollen, it was pretty much clear she must have cried a lot.

It made my heartache. I felt very sad for that teenage girl. I couldn't even imagine how much she had suffered. Her pain while being trapped and suffocating, or what she had been through, let her in that situation.

I was lucky enough to awaken and survive. But she suffered a lot more. I should try my best to help her. Shin was enthusiastic and glad that he was able to save her.

The guilt he had in his heart, felt like a burden to him. Was slowly easing up.

While putting on a bandage on her small right arm gently. Shin couldn't help but smile. He thought of the time when his mother helped him whenever he got injured.

Shin completed her first aid and took a seat nearby on a chair. Thinking of his mother, tears started to form in his eyes. He was very afraid.

Afraid of losing them.

All this time while fighting or running for his life. Shin wanted to avoid thinking of that possibility. He was sure his parents would be safe and he just had to reach them.

But now that his mind was not on alert. He started thinking of that possibility and got worried. He wanted to be optimistic but he couldn't.

Shin brought both of his hands towards his eyes, he bend his neck to let his head rest on them and lie with a worried look.

Inside that silent room, only sounds of small cries and sniffles could be heard. Shin felt a little pathetic but his old weak self was still there somewhere inside. Even though he is strong outside. His heart is still weak.

"I just want to go home. Please be safe Mom and Dad. I'll be back soon. Wait for me." Shin spoke with determination and hoped for them to be safe.


Shin's status:-

[ Name- Shin Wolner ]

[Age - 20]

[ Title - 1st awakened, Maniac ]


[ Level - 3 ]


[STR - 35]

[AGI - 35]

[DEX - 20 ]

[Stamina - 25]

[ Bonus stats - 12 ]

[Special ability - Plunder]

[Skills - Predator's eyes (F) ]


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