Plundering in the Apocalypse

Chapter 35 Family Monster Hunting Trip!!
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Alice looked down as she was remembering something. She had a sad look on her face.

Everyone thought that maybe she has some story behind it. They felt guilty. Reina was about to take back her question. When Alice said in a low voice.

"From when I was small my mother used to give me tasks such as cutting grass in the garden or helping with plants. So after years of doing this, I became familiar with a scythe. I still remember that feeling. One time I git sunburnt you know."

Alice suddenly felt her mother's(Mia) emotions transmit to her. From her soul grimoire. She was very angry. She never forced her daughter to do it.

'But I did get sunburnt.' Alice thought.

'It was your fault to forget wearing a hat.' Mia retorted transmitting her emotions.

Everyone was dumbfounded. Was that the only reason? Then what was up with her reaction?

"Umm, is that the only reason?" Reina asked wanting to confirm Alice's words.

"Yeah, and it looks cool too." She replied with a slight smile.

Shin thought of her mana scythe. A silver one and a black one. He nodded his head agreeing with her words. It is cool.

Even Reina and Alfred seem to agree with her.

But the next moment they saw something ridiculous. A book started floating above Alice's hands and the dead bodies of monsters got covered in black energy and got sucked inside the book.

Shin was completely fine as he had already seen this many times and gotten used to it. Both Reina and Alfred had the same thoughts in mind.

'What is going on? Can someone explain please?'

They gulped and looked at Alice. They couldn't help but think. Maybe Alice is more ridiculous than Shin.

They continued checking all the shops on that floor. They encountered a few monsters but they were also taken care of easily.

Alfred and Reina continued to stroll. I mean observe the area all this while.

Soon they covered the whole floor and there were no monsters, nor any survivors. They all sighed.

*Haah*( x4)

Well, it was obvious. It's very difficult for survivors to be there. If there were they would have tried to escape first.

"Let's move onto the next floor," Alfred said while looking at the escalator which wasn't working.

The second floor had electronics shops and many clothing sections.

Alfred looked at his watch it was 10:45 a.m. he said.

"We took a lot of time on the first floor. Let's clear this floor within fifteen minutes."

Everyone nodded. They knew they can easily do it. On the last floor, they wasted a lot of time. Even Alice knew it was possible with her speed. But she had already decided from now on she will also focus on her other stats too.

They started quickly moping any monsters on their way and checking every place thoroughly.

Unfortunately, they didn't find any people this time either.

The same went on with the third floor. They crushed many monsters. But there wasn't any survivor.

Shin leveled up again.

[You have leveled up.]

[ +10 Bonus stats for leveling up.]

[Plunder activated]

[You have absorbed 18 stat points.]

By the regular use of Devourer's touch. Shin wasn't getting tired.

Alice also leveled up a few times.

As soon as they started moving to the fourth floor. They heard a screeching sound.

Alfred gestured for everyone to speed up. They rushed to the fourth floor in the hopes of finding a survivor.

As soon as they entered there. They rushed toward the source of the sound.

They saw a bunch of goblins surrounding something.

Shin used his long sword to slash at them. But this time even Alfred and Reina didn't stand by. Before Shin or Alice could react. They had already finished those monsters.

Both Shin and Alice were shocked.

'Mom and dad are really strong.'

'As expected of my in-laws.'

They turned to look at what those monsters were surrounding. There was a spherical transparent barrier protecting someone. Inside that barrier, a woman could be seen. She was probably in her late 20s and a man lay unconscious near her. He seems to be hurt badly.

That woman had her eyes closed. Seemingly gave up on her life and accepted her death. But she was still doing her best to protect that man from those monsters.

Alfred and Reina looked at them with pity. That woman was crying and her situation also didn't look much better. She also had wounds over her body.

"Open your eyes. You guys are safe now." Reina said to that woman in a sweet voice.

That woman opened her eyes in surprise as she heard Reina's voice.

Then she noticed four figures in front of her. She was a little afraid but seeing they didn't have any ill intent towards them. She calmed down.

She asked in a firm voice without removing the barrier.

"Thank you for helping us. But who are you people and what do you want?" She asked even though she didn't feel any I'll intentions from them. She had to be a little cautious.

Reina understood that woman's thoughts. She started introducing everyone.

"I am Reina Wolner. This is my husband Alfred Wolner." She said and pointed at Alfred.

"That boy in the back is my son, Shin Wolner." Shin nodded at the woman. She nodded back.

"This beautiful girl is Alice Kayden, Shin's partner." Alice blushed at that moment.


Shin thought about his mother's words. 'Partners huh. Well, we are fighting together. So it is true in a way.'

That woman looked at blushing Alice and rolled to her to meet Reina's and said.

"I'm Jenny Felbert. This is my husband, James. He is injured. But what are you guys doing here? With your strength. You can easily escape from here." Jenny asked suspiciously.

She didn't understand why this group of people. Who easily defeated those monsters are doing here. They must have some reason.

Reina smiled and said.

"Yes, we came here to hunt some monsters."

Everyone nodded.

"Yeah, it was a fun trip," Alice said after her. She had so much fun with Shin and her in-laws after all.

Jenny was dumbfounded. The only thing that came out of her mouth was.


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