Plundering in the Apocalypse

Chapter 32 Happy Meal!! Darling~
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"Hmm, interesting," Shin muttered without looking back as the color of his eyes flickered.

While running Shin used his appraisal skill on those group of people who were hunting monsters.

He was surprised. His skill worked on humans too. Before he didn't use it to check on Alice. Cause he didn't know if that would work or what effect it might have.

Those people were perfect to test it on. And as he expected it was fine. It worked just like he thought.

The group consisted of people ranging from levels 2 - 4 and the highest level was level 6.

[Harry Davidson]

[Level - 6]

[Title - Commander]

[Special ability - Knife Throw(B)]

[Trait - Arrogant, moody, likes to order around.]

[More detailed information can be obtained as the user levels up.]

"So that's how it works. Hmm. Now I understand why appraisal doesn't have a rank. It depends on the user's level." Shin said while being amazed at his skill.

Of course, the only thing he found interesting was his appraisal skill's function. The information on that level 6 person was of no importance.

Shin then remembered he got this skill from a Vultican. He got curious about the monster's intelligence.

'Are they intelligent enough to use this skill?'

Then he thought of his fight against all types of monsters he met.

Goblins felt fear when he tortured them before.

Corpse eaters had no sense. They just chased after him blindly.

Velnora dogs were fighting on instinct like a beast.

Vultican, Well he didn't have a chance to observe it properly. But it was indeed strong. The damage it did after crashing was terrifying.

Gnolls. He doesn't know much about them other than their pain resistance.

As for Undead Tormentor. It had some intelligence. It was intelligent enough to use gravity manipulation skills.

Shin concluded that some monsters had intelligence and some did not. Maybe the stronger ones will be more intelligent and troublesome.

At that moment Shin got more motivated to get stronger and faster.

After some time. They managed to reach their destination.

Aston Krat Mall.

It was a building situated at the center of the Northern sector covering a very large area. It was the biggest mall in the northern sector.

The building had 4 floors and 2 underground floors for the basement. Parking lot.

Standing at the main entrance was a group of four who just arrived here without breaking a sweat.

Shin was surprised by his change. He was a little worried that he needs to adjust to his body growth fast or it will be problematic in fights.

He placed Alice on the ground, Who was a little reluctant to leave?

She felt like she just won a lottery and the next moment it was taken back from her.

She wanted to protest. But whom she can complain to? So she timidly walked towards Reina.

Reina was having fun watching Alice's reaction. Seeing that Alice was a little sad. She glared at Shin.

Shin didn't understand why his mom is angry at him. He just scratched his back and went near Alfred.

Reina just patted Alice's back with an amused smile.

"It's too quiet," Shin muttered snapping Reina and Alice out of their thoughts.

They turned to look everywhere. It was eerily quiet. Well after yesterday's monster attack it was obvious.

The question is. Are there people trapped inside who are still alive?

"Mom, what is inside that bag?" Shin asked with a curious expression. Both his mom and dad had black backpacks on them.

"Fufu~You will understand later," Reina said with a teasing smile.

Shin frowned seeing his mother make fun of him.

"Okay listen here everyone," Alfred said getting everyone's attention.

"This building has four entrances. One in front of us, One in the basement, and the other two on the east and south side."

"We will clear monsters from the 4 floors first then we will move to the basement. We don't want to get trapped there if there are monsters above us."

Everyone nodded at his words. Just as he said they first need to clear the main building. Before clearing the basement.

"We will enter together. If a situation arises and we have to separate. We will separate into groups of two, and either I or Reina will be with one of you." Alfred said his words in a clear voice.

Shin and Alice nodded at his words. They too understood that it was for their good. Shin's parents can support them in case of any emergency.

"And lastly. If we find any survivors. We are to bring them together with us."

"Yes, Dad," Shin said like it was just obvious.

"Yes," Alice said with a serious look.

"Of course honey. Everyone here has the same thoughts." Reina said with a smile. She was a little proud of Shin and Alice. They were good kids.

"Okay then. Follow me." Said Alfred with a smile and started moving.

They entered the Mall and the scene was horrific.

The floor was blooded red and a disgusting smell attacked their noses. Some pieces of flesh and bones were scattered on the ground.

After some time they managed to maintain some resistance to the smell. After all both Shin and Alice saw many disgusting things yesterday.

As for Alfred and Reina. They had their share of past experiences.

So all of them managed to hold the urge to vomit.

They all had sad expressions on their faces.

But as soon as they walked further inside, they heard a growling sound.


All of them turned vigilant. Soon they found themselves surrounded by a dozen of monsters.

Shin and Alice got ready to fight. Shin took out his long sword and said.

"Alice me first. Please."

Hearing Shin's words she instantly replied.


How could she refuse him? If he asks like that. This day was the best. Alice was enjoying her time with Shin. She smiled and just stood beside Reina and Alfred.

"You don't need help?" Asked Alfred with worry. He knew they were just for support but he can't help but get worried. After all, Shin was outnumbered.

"I'm fine," Shin said with an assuring smile.

"But-" Reina was about to say something but stopped after hearing Alice's words.

"Happy Meal, Darling~"

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