Plundering in the Apocalypse

Chapter 13 Can He Be Trusted?
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(Alice POV)



I opened my eyes as I stared at the unfamiliar ceiling in front of my eyes. It's not my bed. Whose room is this? Suddenly I had a severe headache. A moment later all my memories started to sink in. About how I almost died getting trapped below that debris. I still remember how I was suffocating.

Wait, am I still alive?

Shouldn't I be dead?

And whose place is this?

Suddenly I heard a deep voice resonate inside the room.

"Oh, you are awake."

A handsome black-haired man sat in a chair in the corner of the room. He had azure blue eyes like a beautiful ocean. He had the look of melancholy as he sat there. He looked like a model sitting in a beautiful pose.

Then my eyes fell on my body as I looked to check if he did something weird to me. I was surprised to see myself covered in bandages and my wounds were cleaned thoroughly. He didn't open any of my sensitive parts and only cleaned the wounds and bandaged them.

As I was in my thoughts. He suddenly stood up and started walking in my direction. I glanced at him cautiously.

'I know very well that handsome guys are just like beasts waiting to hunt their prey. They just fake their motives behind their handsome smile.'

'He must have some ulterior motive too.'

'Even though I attended an only girls school. I know very well how low could those men get.'

'But why didn't he do anything to me when I was unconscious? It would have been easy for him.'

Suddenly, I remembered those men at the shelter and my eyes turned cold. I was disgusted at their act.

'Yeah, how could I forget? Even that dog Drek and others got away scot-free. Che. I wanted to punish them a little bit.' My mood worsened thinking about how I let them get away.

My second personality was about to take over me as I cautiously waited for that handsome man to act and jump at me showing his true nature.

Yeah, he must also be just like others too. Young men are just a bunch of dogs in heat. I know he must also be planning on doing something bad. That handsome smile and those good looks won't fool me.

'Just try me. Once your lust takes over. At that moment you'll regret ever thinking of such things.'

My dark side was ready to be unleashed at any moment,

'I'll pummel you to the ground with that handsome face of yours. Just try me.' but the next words that came out of that young man's mouth caught me off guard.

"Are you okay?" He asked me in a worried tone.

"Uh-um yes. I am fine now." I replied a little confused.

"I see that's good." He had a reassuring look on his face as his eyes were a little teary.

Why is he acting like that?

Is he really worried about me?

No, It must be an act to let me let my guard down.

But if that's acting his acting skills are so good.

He gently grabbed my hand and in a broken voice said to me.

"You suffered so much. I don't know what kind of things you have come across. But you are a very strong girl to come out of everything alive. I am glad." He said as tears started to fall from his eyes.

I have greatly misunderstood.

This man is not like other scumbags. He wanted to save me without any rewards. I don't believe he is lying. I can feel his honesty in his words. He was worried about me and is happy to save me.

But why?

"Why were you so worried about me? Aren't we strangers." I asked with a hint of curiosity.

He calmed down as he wiped his tears. Soon his handsome smile returned to his face.

"Yes, we are. I know nothing about you. Nor have we met before. I had also suffered. But I was lucky. I survived with some stroke of luck after the series of events. But many others did not." His eyes turned sad as he continued.

"I wish I could have saved others too. Because I was too weak. I couldn't save them. I felt guilty for their deaths. But being able to save you helped my conscience."

Ah, I see. He is just a pure and innocent young man. Even though he isn't sure of anything. He still cries for the dead. Even though he doesn't know them. He blames his weakness for not being able to save others.

I wish others also had that kind of pure heart. I saw how cruel people can be. They left their own family to die. So they could survive. Hell, some we're even ready to kill others for the sake of survival.

Even those awakened didn't bother saving others. Those people just baited monsters toward others and escaped with their powers. Even though they can't defeat them. At least don't kill others.

I thought most of them will turn out like that. But this person is different. He cares about others. But he is naive. Someone will trick him and use him for their benefit. What kind of adult is he? He seems much silly compared to me. But he doesn't look much older than me.

"Don't worry I am fine. My name is Alice Kayden."

He replied to my gesture.

"I am Shin Wolner. I am 20 years old. How old are you Miss Alice?"

"Just call me Alice and I am 16," I replied casually.

But I can't trust him with just words. Suddenly I felt my mom's feelings transmit to me as my eyes flickered in excitement. I've got a great idea.

Let's wait and see.


(Shin's POV)

"I see. Now, what should we do?" I asked while pondering something.

"What do you mean?" She asked me as she knit her brows.

"I mean. Should I help you return to your family or if you have something else planned?" I asked.

She suddenly turned quiet. It seems I shouldn't have asked that.

"You don't have to tell me If you don't want to. I know you might have your circumstan-"

"They died. I am all alone now."

She cut me off and told me about her circumstances. It seems that her family died and she has no one left. They died of monsters. I felt pity for her. Such a sweet girl suffered so much. She lost everything at that age. I couldn't leave her alone.

If she doesn't have anyone to lean on in these situations. She might give up on life. No, I should help her mind get stable. Losing her family might have made her mentally unstable. I should look after her for a while. So that she doesn't make any rash decisions.

"Why not come with me for a while? We will find a solution for you together. You can stay at my home till then. I am sure my parents will have no problem."

"Are your parents fine?" Alice questioned me.

"I don't know. As I have no way to contact them. Even the line isn't working. But I know they will be fine. I know it might sound absurd but my confidence is not unfounded. I can't tell you in detail please understand."

Yes, I'm confident they are safe. Cause my family may look like any other normal family out there. But we are not. We have some secrets which couldn't be revealed to the world. But from the looks of it. It might get revealed sooner or later.

'Dad and Mom will be fine against those monsters. Cause if they can't handle those monsters. Then there's no hope for this world. Even those awakened aren't strong yet.'

Alice looked at me weirdly as she was thinking deeply. Seeing my confidence. Alice didn't probe any further on that matter.

But will she follow me? I don't think so. I am just a stranger to her. How could she trust me enough to follow me to my house? I am stupid to suggest such a thing. But I don't have any other option. She will have to stay here otherwise. But her condition isn't good.

Even if she is an awakened in this condition she is a perfect target for monsters.

Yes, I know she is awakened. My Predator's eyes reacted when she woke up. I can guess she is very strong. I can't estimate how much but I guess once my skill level's up I can find more information.

But the big question is will she follow me?

Snapping me out of my thoughts I heard a beautiful voice from Alice's small mouth. As she said

"Yes, I'll go with you. It's better than staying here."

What? How come she agreed so easily?

I thought I'll need to persuade her more. I can't understand what she is thinking. Anyway, it's good that she agreed for now. I can't let her die. She has already suffered so much. Anyway, I'll need to plan properly.

Let's see if she knows something useful.

"Ok, then we have to move toward Lawrence street. Do you know the types of monsters we might come across?"

She started telling me about Corpse eaters, Goblins, Velnora dogs, and other monsters by their appearances. She told me about flying-type monsters too and because of them, she got trapped inside the debris.

Yes, for detailed information on monsters. We need to kill their kind first. Only then the information will be revealed. It seems she has only killed these three types.

So Velnora dogs, huh? I haven't seen them. But as she described them. I might be able to handle them without much effort.

And as she told those flying monsters aren't attacking yet. So we can't afford to attack them as we have no means. As I was coming up with a plan. I asked

"Which is the strongest monster you came across?"

As I asked that her body started trembling and her eyes showed fear for the first time we started talking. I can't imagine what she witnessed. So I waited for her to say something.

I can't compromise on this information. After a few minutes, she finally calmed down as she opened her mouth.

"...It was terrifying. That monster is in a different league. No other monsters could be compared to him. I believe he is the boss monster in the area."

I understood her words and her fear as well. If we think logically a boss monster is a type of king to all these monsters.

If they are his minions. His strength will be incomparable.

I guess. I'll need to get strong. I can't confront it now. The only choice left for me is to kill as many monsters as possible and use plunder.

I had one worry in mind as I glanced towards Alice's wounded area. I can't let her fight in that condition. Seemingly understanding my worries. Alice started removing her bandages. I panicked.

"Wha-What are you doing? You should let your body recov-"

"I am fine see. All my wounds are almost recovered." Cutting me off between sentences she showed her wounded area. She was right. The wounds were already mostly recovered.

What is she? What kind of healing ability is that?


I was shocked.

Seeing my shocked face. Alice chuckled. She was enjoying my reactions for some reason.

Is it that funny? Anyone would have been surprised. If they see this.

"If that is the case. Let's plan our next action. Staying here for long will not be good." I changed the topic hiding my embarrassment.

"Yeah, you are right. But what will we do? Will we run or deal with that boss monster." Alice asked curiously.

"We will deal with it. If not that situation will become more troublesome. But first, we have to level up to get stronger." I need to hide my Plunder ability and its use. Or she might think of me as a potential threat. I can't reveal to her that I can gain stats and skills from the ones I kill.

She nodded her head in understanding. I'm glad she didn't ask me why I know she is awakened. I guess she understands and respects my privacy.

"Then first-" before I could finish my words. I heard the sounds of monsters nearby.

I looked at Alice and smiled. She smiled back understanding my thoughts.

"Let's start hunting shall we."

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