Plundering in the Apocalypse

Chapter 122 Unrequited Feelings!!
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Astros is a name related to Shin by destiny. But there's still time before he remembers anything.

"So, Astros Guild it is." The lady exclaimed.

"This is your guild card. Sir. The guilds will be divided into rankings by the association. For now, your guild's rank is 1 star." She didn't bother to explain any further and asked for the next person to come.

Shin and Alice understood everything was settled here. So they didn't wait any longer.

"Are we going to check other sections too?" Alice asked.

'We can tour around this place. It can be assumed as a date right? Hehe.'

Alice continued smiling not leaking any of her thoughts.

"Maybe next time. We have a lot of things to do today." Shin replied calmly.

'Eh?' Alice was disappointed and she couldn't conceal her thoughts.

"Don't worry we will come by again."

Hearing Shin's words Alice reluctantly agreed.

"We have to meet a few people."

*Beep* *Beep*

"Hm, it's Simon," Shin answered the call.


"Hey, Simon."

[Shin, Elena is awake. Come quick.]

"Ok, we will be there soon."

"Is she awake?" Alice asked to confirm it with Shin.

"Yes," Shin replied.

'Great that bitch is alive. Hehe, now this will be fun.'

"Let's go then," Shin and Alice came out of the building to a secluded place.

"Shadow Veil." Both of their figures disappeared without a trace.

But someone did notice by coincidence. A person with a special ability was observing the whole association and caught sight of this.



While soaring through the sky.

'Was someone watching us? But I checked with my magic eyes no one was nearby. This is troubling.'

'With my increase in mana. I can fly for a very long time. This is great.'

'Before if I wanted to fly fast, it would have consumed a lot of mana but now I don't have to worry.'

Shortly after they reached Adger's residence.

"Come on in, guys." Simon hurriedly leads them inside the house.

Alice looked around and asked.

"Where is she?"

"She will be down in a minute. You guys have a seat first." Simon replied.

Alice's face brightened.


She immediately locked her hand around Shin's arm affectionately.

He felt something was off about Alice's actions but decided to ignore them.

As Shin took a seat Alice sat on his lap.

'What? What is this? Since when was Alice this forward? And she isn't even embarrassed like usual.' Shin wasn't able to process what Alice was thinking.

As for Alice, her mind was preoccupied with thinking of the best way to show off in front of Elena. So she didn't even think about her actions.


Elena came out of her room as she heard Shin had arrived.

'I must have troubled him a lot. I should thank him properly. You can do it, Elena.'

'Yes, I can't act cold in front of him when I'm supposed to thank him.'

"Would you guys like to drink something?" Elena heard Simon's voice from downstairs.

'Oh, brother is treating them nicely.'

"Tea is fine."

Hearing Alice's sound Elena felt annoyed.

'Sure enough, that bitch is here.'

'Calm down I can't let Shin see this expression.'

"Darling let's drink in the same cup," Alice said while giggling.

'What? Am I hearing things?'


Elena immediately hurried downstairs and the scene in front of her shocked her to the core.

Alice was sitting on Shin's lap and Shin was also showing affection for her.

'Why is this? Please, let this be a dream.'

"Wh-Why are you guys?" Elena asked while pointing her hand towards Shin and Alice shakily.

"Oh, we started dating." Alice smiled mischievously and answered her question.

Like thunder struck her, Elena couldn't think straight and was left standing there.

'Hehehe, seeing the expression of this bitch. It was worth it.' Alice was enjoying the situation very much.

Shin didn't understand why would Alice had to declare that in a roundabout way. She could have said normally.

Simon saw her sister's expression and couldn't help but feel sorry for her.

'Sorry sis, I won't interfere in this matter. You have to solve it on your own.'

"N-No, this couldn't be. It's a lie. This is not true." Elena's mind was on the verge of breaking.

"It is true. It's been a few days. Mom and Dad also agreed to it." Alice just continued hurting Elena with her words like swords piercing her heart.

Alice was enjoying it.

'That was fun.'


Elena started crying as she stood there motionlessly. Tears started dropping from her eyes nonstop. She couldn't understand what she was feeling.

Was this jealousy? Or a sense of loss.

Her mind couldn't process anything and the heart-throbbing pain inside her chest was unbearable.

'What is this feeling?'

'Why does it hurt so much?'

Her tears never stop.

"Ele-Elena, are you okay? Does it hurt? Is it the side effect of your advancement?" Shin immediately went to her in worry.

'Why are you caring for me now? Please don't, it hurts more.' Elena wanted to say this but no words came out of her mouth.

"Alice, can you heal her?" Shin asked anxiously.

Although Alice wanted to tease Elena a little. She didn't expect this type of reaction.

'This is serious.'

"Okay, don't worry. We girls will have our private girls talk so don't bother us for a while." Alice exclaimed while grabbing Elena by her shoulder and supporting her to her room.

"Is she alright?" Shin mumbled in concern.

'Is this bastard really clueless or just acting?'

"Tsk, sometimes I think how nice it would be to beat the crap out of you," Simon muttered while glaring at Shin.

"Did you say something?" Shin asked as he felt he picked up Simon muttering something.

Simon didn't reply and took a seat waiting silently.

'Why is everyone acting this way? I have so many important things to discuss. Haah, we don't have much time. It will happen tonight.'

'I hope they finish their talk soon.'

Shin thought as he started circulating his mana inside his body.


Inside Elena's room.

"Have you calmed down?" (Alice)

"Does it look like I'm fine?" (Elena)

"Please tell me it was a prank." Elena still had some hope of it being wrong.

"No, it was true," Alice answered.

Elena started crying again.

"Why, why did this happen? Is it because I always act cold in front of others? I try my best to act nicely in front of him."

"I can't believe you are his girlfriend." Elena continued speaking.

"I liked him for a long time. I wanted to be with him. For years I have loved him. He had very low self-esteem until very recently. He had already given up on his life. His motivation for doing anything. I always wanted to help him. But I couldn't. I thought maybe if I can help him we can be together."

"It took me years to open up to him. Even my brother had a very hard time. But it still wasn't enough."

"I thought of many ways. I even tried inviting him out many times. Maybe because of my personality things became even more difficult."

"When the monsters invaded. I thought I had lost Shin. I cursed myself for not stopping him from going back home that day. If something had happened to him. I couldn't forgive myself."

"After a few days when I found out, he was fine. I was very happy. But when I met him. He had changed completely. His eyes had a bright light inside them. They were not lifeless anymore. His personality had changed. He had confidence in himself."

"I had dreamt of Shin being like that for a long time. I even tried many ways to help Shin become like that."

"But that wasn't the only change. I wasn't the one close to him. It was you. You came out of nowhere and managed to do what I've been trying for years."

"I know I don't have any right to say this. But I don't like it. I wanted to be with him. Just what did I do wrong?"

Elena's tears never stop coming out.

"This is unfair."


She tugged Alice and kept crying. Alice crouched down on her knee and hugged her.

Elena burst into tears.


'This wasn't how things were supposed to be. She should have been annoyed and thrown a tantrum. I would have made fun of her. Then tease her for a long time. I never thought she liked him that much.'

'She cares for Shin a lot. So I can't get rid of her. What should I do? But I don't want her to come in between me and Shin.'

Alice wasn't able to conclude anything.

[You can't monopolize Shin. So let things happen with the flow of time. Let destiny decide it.]

A voice sounded inside Alice's consciousness.

'Huh, who the heck was that? What do you mean can't monopolize him? Shin is already mine. F*ck the destiny. I decide how I want things to be.'

"Okay now stop crying." Alice patted her back while her eyes had a fierce glint in them.


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