Plundering in the Apocalypse

Chapter 121 A Guild!?
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As Alice's SSS rank ability was to be kept hidden to avoid unnecessary trouble. It was time for Shin to use his new ability.

"Hehe, let's go." Shin grinned and they both went inside.

As they entered to find the reception they came across a grand hall. With high-tech monitors in full view.

It was pretty crowded with the number of Awakeneds who came to register. They saw the guild registration desk and took a form to fill out the details.

'Our name, age, address, contact, ability name, type, rank, and level.' Shin read the details that needed to be filled out in the form.

'It is simple but important. Ability type, rank, and level can already give a general idea about the person's combat power and potential.'

'From what I heard they are doing assessment too. To check if the information is correct.'

'It has both good and bad points. So I can't just criticize.'

They both went to the assessment room. While waiting for their turn. Many applicants showcase their abilities inside the hall. The practice dummies were attacked one by one. The walls and material inside the practice hall were very sturdy.

'The walls seem reinforced. So this is the effect of the builder and exchanger class abilities. Interesting.' Shin was intrigued by the practice hall.

'Once I make our base. I'll be sure to make it magically reinforced.'

"Fire Pistol, D rank. Mage class. Next." The assessor asked the next person to come on stage and showcase their skills.

While the awakened whose test was over was now surrounded by the people trying to recruit him.

"MOVE ASIDE!!" A loud voice echoed from behind.

"What? What's going on?" As people tilted their heads to see the source behind the voice.

They saw an arrogant young man with a stoic face standing haughtily. The voice probably came from the muscular bodyguard standing behind him.

Soon murders started among the crowd of applicants.

"Isn't that..."

"Yeah, it is."

Shin raised his eyebrows at the unexpected situation. But soon a sense of familiarity came over him. It was not because he knew that person. That young man was in Leonard's memory. It was Jin Carter. A rich second-generation fool, who led the Carter family to disaster.

He had committed many evil deeds because of his arrogance in the future.

'It's better to not involve with him. I am not strong enough to face other families. I already have enmity with the Mark corporation's Steven Mark. Fortunately, I haven't run into him. I need to do something about that too. I can't delay that matter.'

(A.N. - Steven Mark was someone who tried to court Alice in front of the Canopy dungeon but failed. Because of his hatred for Shin, he sent Assasins after them who died miserably. Refer to chapter 63. )

"Ohh, it's master Jin."

"Is that young master Jin?"

"I heard he is a very powerful awakened. The Carter guild will certainly belong to him in the future."

Hearing the crowd praise him Jin's arrogance rose through the clouds.

'These peasants should be honored to be in this young master's presence.'

'I'll be the star of the day. I'll show my father how capable I am..'

Jin smirked and didn't care about others as he skipped the line and walked to the front.

No one tried to mess with him but everyone cursed inside their minds. This trashy young master better not make any trouble here.

"Welcome, Mr. Jin. Your assessment will now begin. Please display your ability." The assessor didn't care in the slightest but he didn't show any discourtesy.

Jin smugly activated his ability. Soon a flashy sword appeared in his right hand. He swung the sword and it started burning with fire.

'Hehehe, see this peasants.'

"Mr. Jin Carter. Ability - Fire sword, Rank - A, Type - Magic Swordsman, Level - 31. Passed." The Assessor announced the result.

His rank and ability made many people amazed. The recruiters looked at Jin like hungry hawks. But too bad he can't get him. He is after all from the Carter family and is already associated with their guild. Nevertheless, they still tried to get close to him.

"Next person."

The next person was an E rank. Then D and C.

'These small fries are not worth my time.'

Jin wasn't here just to get a license. He also wanted to recruit some capable people as this was an order from his father.


This time it was Shin's turn.

'Another peasant.' Jin scoffed arrogantly.

"Mr. Shin please display your ability." The assessor requested.


Shin raised his hand and muttered.

"Dark Flames."

The black flames surrounded him and burned the practice dummy to ashes. This horrifying strength made the Assessor panic.

"Please stop. It will do."

The Assessor was not even slightly bit interested in others' abilities. But this time he was sweating like crazy.

'This is crazy.'

"Mr. Shin Wolner. Ability - Dark Flames, Rank - A, Type - Mage (Fire Elemental), Level - 55. Passed."

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Hearing the Assessor's words the entire hall went silent.

"Wow, that's crazy. Did you hear that? Rank A."

"He is a Mage. We need to recruit him."

"Level - 55, that's awesome."

"I've never seen those types of flames."

"His ability is awesome."

"It may be even better than young master Jin."

"Hey, keep your mouth shut. Do you want to die?"

Jin who heard these murmurs got angry. Someone here outshined him. His plan of being the star today is now a flop.

"Dammit, who is this bumpkin?"

"Young master please calm down. Please remember he is a good potential recruit."

"Also he didn't do anything to you, sir." The bodyguard explained. Indirectly telling Jin to not take any action against Shin.

Although he is Jin's bodyguard. He is also Jin's assistant. Jin's father assigned him to take care of Jin and assist him. So as his duty he needs to teach Jin the in and outs of the business.

"Ughh fine," Jin calmed down hearing the bodyguard's words.

'But I still don't like it. He stole my limelight.'

But the time Jin managed to calm down. Another commotion started.

"Miss Alice Kayden. Ability - Water Magic, Rank - A, Type - Mage (Water Elemental), Level - 53. Passed."

"Wow another A rank."

"What a day. So many good talents are here."

Jin's face turned ugly.

'Why are there so many talented people today of all days?'

Alice and Shin didn't waste any time and escaped from there.

"Let's hurry Alic before we get surrounded by people trying to recruit us," Shin said hurriedly.

Alice nodded her head and went with him.

"Yes let's go."

'I am also annoyed by these creepy stares and those hungry bitches lusting after Shin. I can't let anyone get close.'

"Master Jin, aren't we going to recruit them?"

"Send someone to talk to them. They are not worthy to meet me. Hmph." Jin didn't stay there any longer and went on his way.

"Ok, sir." The Bodyguard made a call and followed after him.

Many people surrounded Shin and Alice. But he politely refused them stating they are already part of a guild.

Even the men Jin send were refused.

"That was exhausting," Shin mumbled with a sigh.

Alice took out a hot drink for him and sat beside him.

"It worked," Alice uttered with a smile.

"Told you so." Shin flashed a smile.

Shin had used Shadow Veil to hide the effects of Hell Fire ability. As he was very familiar with Dark Flames imitating it with Hell Fire was easy.

As for Alice, Shin used his second advancement skill Loan to give her Water Magic (A) skill. That also worked out perfectly. Loaning an ability or skill is simple with a condition but the negative side is. There is no increase in proficiency. So Alice can only use that ability based on her familiarity with it.

"You do remember the condition for the loan right?" Shin asked with a cheeky smile.

Alice blushed and nodded her head.

"Is there no way around it?" Alice asked trying to escape from the condition.

"You have to do it." Shin grinned in amusement.

Alice turned her head sideways to hide her embarrassment.

"I'll think about it."


Now it was their turn for the counter.

"Mr. Shin Wolner. If you want to register for a guild. You would need to do the assessment first and at least 3 members for the initial registration." The lady at the booth replied with a business-like smile.

"Is it necessary for all three members to be present?" Shin questioned with a frown. He never expected this kind of rule to be there.

'How careless of me.'

"No sir, only their consent is needed. Otherwise, anyone can register. This is just to show that the guild at least has members. Also if there's no activity within the guild for six months. Your guild license would be canceled."

"Okay, here are the assessment results." Shin slid the paper forward.

After filing a few more details. The lady asked. "Okay, sir all the procedures are complete. What would be the name of the guild?"

Shin thought for a moment and smiled as a name clicked inside his mind. The name which he should have forgotten long ago. "Astros Guild."

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