Playing With Other Supernaturals

Volume 1 Chapter 8 - Yoruichi
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Volume 1 Chapter 8 - Yoruichi

"Yoru…i…chi?" Kisuke muttered in surprise. He couldn't immediately believe the pleasant surprise. After all, this is another world and he got the help of Hougyoku and Benihime to reincarnate in one piece.

"Kisuke…?" The kitten spoke, but contrary to its cute and small appearance, it has a distinctly male voice.

"Yoruichi!!!" Kisuke finally believed what he is seeing and ran towards the small feline.

"Kisuke!!!" Yoruichi has the same reaction and also ran to Kisuke's direction.

Kisuke was about to hug Yoruichi when she took out her claws. Before he could react, Yoruichi swiped Kisuke's face leaving three lines of blood.

"Ow ow ow ow. What was that for?!" Touching his face, Kisuke asks the kitten while grimacing in pain.

"Oh, it's just that I promised myself that if I ever run into you again, I'll either plant a foot or claw your face for letting me go into that form while we are fighting that Quincy," Yoruichi replied in a happy voice.

Kisuke's eyes kept twitching listening to her words, but he didn't feel guilty even a little bit.

"Haaah… Way to ruin our reunion." Kisuke just sighed and let Yoruichi gloat for a moment, but then he suddenly noticed something. "Hey, since this is such a pleasant reunion, why didn't you at least transform back into human form?"

"That is my question! How can you use Shunpo(Flash Step) so casually!? And from the way it looks, your body isn't burdened by using that." Instead of answering, Yoruichi asked Kisuke about the use of Shinigami Arts.

"Why are you asking about that?… Wait, could it be?" Kisuke was hit by an idea.

And Yoruichi just confirmed that idea, "Yes, I've been stuck in this form for the last two years."

"How did you survive?" Kisuke asked wanting to ascertain something.

"Of course the cute me can't be resisted by those humans." Yoruichi put on a smug face while declaring.

"Pffft!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! The prestigious lady of Shihouin Family and former Captain of Stealth Forces is stuck in acting cute in front of humans for food! How will Sui Fon and Byakura if they knew this I wonder. Crap, I really wanna see their faces now." Kisuke laughed out loud at the kitty's face in the middle of the forest without remorse.

"Can you answer me now? How can you used that technique?" Yoruichi asked again, but this time, with a glare.

"*Cough* *cough* Ehem, I'll teach you how, but not here let's go to my place first." Kisuke cleared his throat and suggested going home first. "By the way, don't speak or you might scare others." He added.

"I know what to do, let's go now." The kitten replied while she nestled at Kisuke's arms.

Before leaving the forest, Kisuke first healed his wounds from the 'battle' earlier.

After 30 minutes of walking, they reached the Urahara household. Kisuke noticed that his mother already returned home and cooking dinner.

"I'm home!" Kisuke shouted when he reached the door.

"Take a bath! Dinner will be ready when you get out." Kisuke's mom's voice came from the kitchen.

"Mom, I want to talk about something." Kisuke walked into the kitchen and saw his mom preparing to fry some beef patties.

"What is it, sweety? Want me to wash you up? Then let me finish this first and I'll be with you." Sakura replied while she busied herself at the counter.

Yoruichi, in her cat form, is trying her best not to laugh and just kept banging her head on Kisuke's chest. Yoruichi didn't think that on the years that she didn't see her perverted shop owner, he would become such mama's boy.

Kisuke just sighed because he already knew this would happen. "Haah, not that, please look over here."

Sakura turned around and saw the black kitten nestled in Kisuke's arms. "Hmmm, this is?"

"I want to take care of her," Kisuke said to his mother.

Sakura was silent for a few seconds then asked her son, "Can you take care of it without my help."

"Yes." Kisuke immediately replied.

Sakura smiled at her son's answer seemingly satisfied. "Now go take a bath. Take that dusty kitten with you. What's her name by the way?"

"It's Yoruichi." Kisuke turned around intending to go to the bathroom.

"Be careful while washing her alright?" Sakura reminded her son who is already at the bathroom's door.

"Got it." Kisuke closed the door, set aside Yoruichi and started undressing.

"It's amazing that you have the same body while we are younger in the Soul Society." The black feline commented while looking at his body. Her gaze even stopped at Kisuke's junior for a few seconds. "Even the same size." She added.

"Don't tell you're interested in shota's body." Covering his most important part, he looked at Yoruichi in disbelief.

"That's not it!! Idiot!! I'm just remembering the old times." The cat angrily defended herself.

"If that's the case, it's fine then." Kisuke picked up Yoruichi and proceeded to the shower.

Kisuke gently washed Yoruichi before moving to himself and both of them moved towards the bathtub. Yoruichi is inside the basin filled with hot water and enjoying the feeling since it's been a while she took a proper bath. Kisuke also enjoyed dipping after a tiring day.

The two were silent for a while. After a few moments, Kisuke spoke, "What is your story?"

Yoruichi meowed for a bit a said, "I'm an orphan."

Kisuke looked and urge her to continue.

"I don't know who my parents are. I regained my memories at the orphanage next town over when I was 4 years old. The treatment isn't bad, but it isn't very good either. I won't go into detail about my life there. When I turned 6, I tried my transformation on a whim but I was not able to turn back and you know why. I'm probably considered as a missing person but I don't think they will search for me for more than a month or two. I've been moving here and there until you found me in the forest." Yoruichi stopped there and continued to enjoy the bath.

"Heh~, looks like I got lucky with my mother." Kisuke lightly commented. "Though it doesn't really matter since you'll be with me from here on out." He continued.

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