Playing With Other Supernaturals

Volume 2 Chapter 39 - Sakura Urahara
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Volume 2 Chapter 39 - Sakura Urahara

Back at the training ground on the same day.

The two unconscious Grim Reapers are sitting side by side on a wooden chair and their limbs were tied to armrest and leg with some kind of metal bindings that Kisuke made.

A few moments later both of them woke up at the same time and found themselves tied and looked around. They saw the surrounding rocky terrain and a large wall at the distance. Looking around some more, they knew that they were in a very big room due to the walls and ceiling.

"S-senpai, are you awake?" The large man started fidgetting trying to untie himself. He thought that the one who tied them up this way is pretty stupid, a simple chair can easily break just from surging their aura. But he was shocked that he can't channel any of his strength. He looked at his bindings and notice that the moment they move, the little things instantly disperse any accumulated strength and energy.

"Yes, I am, Bors." The small guy also tried the same and dispirited when they realize their situation.

"Mir-senpai, who could have captured us?" The big guy named Bors asked his senpai again. He hadn't stopped trying to escape but all he could do is to rattle the chair a little bit.

"I don't know. One thing is for sure though, he can detect us." Mir also tried channeling his magic to make a contact to anyone but still failed.

"God level!? Aren't we screwed!?" Bors stopped moving and shouted to his partner.

"Damn right! He'll probably interrogate us later so swear on Hades-sama's name that you won't reveal anything! Also, we failed sending our report on time so a rescue team is surely already on their way to us. Hold on until then." Mir warned his companion on the upcoming situation.

"Yes! Senpai. For Hades-sama!" Bors gives Mir a large grin and renewed his resolve.

"Good," Mir replied lightly

A few more minutes had passed, they didn't speak any longer and they already tried everything they could think of to escape but none work due to the detestable bindings.

When they gave up escaping and just silently waiting for the capturers, the voice of a man resounded behind them accompanied by the sound of wooden sandals stepping, "Not gonna talk any longer? That's a shame. I thought that the two of you would like to brag everything about yourselves. I guess I was wrong."

He slowly walks to their front and saw him. A tall, lean man with light skin and gray eyes. His hair is messy and light-blond, with strands framing the sides of the face and hanging between his eyes. He wears a dark green Shihakushō without an undershirt. Over this, he wears a black haori, which sports a white diamond pattern along its bottom half. On his head is a striped dark green and white bucket hat that shadows his eyes. He is also holding a white fan over his face but they could tell that he was smiling.

Mir was silently inspecting this man and was shocked to the core, "W-How!? A human!? How are you able to detect us!?"

"This guy is a human!? Not a hybrid? but pure human!?" Bors also reacted the same. He couldn't believe what is he seeing as humans are the most basic and weakest species. Although there are exceptions, most of them are historical figures and Longinus users.

"Don't doubt my race now. I'm a bonafide human." Kisuke playfully pouted at them which made them think that he's mocking them and being sarcastic.

Mir wanted to say something but stop, and contemplated for a bit and looked at Kisuke seriously, 'Is he the one we're looking for?'

This reaction didn't escape Kisuke's perception and started guessing what that reaction means.

"This may be a bit sudden, but could you please answer a few of my questions? I'll let you go afterwards." Kisuke continued observing their reactions to glean more clues about them.

"You won't get anything from us even if you torture us!" Bors growled at Kisuke threatening to bite him to death if he ever comes close to them.

"My, how scary. Although I already got some pieces of information from you two before we even capture you. Like how this Hades guy needs 'dead' minions and sending them out to stalk some young devils." Kisuke is trying to provoke them into speaking more but they stayed silent.

"Hmm, continuing like this is unproductive. Yoruichi, your cue." Kisuke gave up and called his partner.

"You gave up too fast." A beauty with dark skin, black ponytailed hair and golden eyes wearing only clothing akin to a swimsuit suddenly appeared besides Kisuke which startled the two Grim Reapers, though the already resolve themselves to stay silent until their reinforcements arrive and didn't say anything to react.

"There is no point of wasting my effort asking them nicely so I'm leaving it to you," Kisuke answered her and folded his fan.

"Alright. Leave it to me. Are you going to watch?" Yoruichi cracked her knuckles and reviewed what she had learned in her past life on how to interrogate someone effectively, also adding her accumulated knowledge in this world.

"Nope, I'm going up and leave everything to you here. I still need to check on some things, and Koneko might get worried if both of us disappear for the night." Kisuke turned around and started walking away.

"Prepare a good breakfast for me, I'll probably take the whole night to crack their brain open." On Yoruichi's hand were small lightning flashing around giving of static sounds.

"Got it. Be sure to leave them alive and don't ever touch their helmets." Kisuke only waved his hand back and didn't stop walking leaving only a warning and the sounds of his wooden sandals echoing.

"I won't. My instincts are also telling me to be careful of those." Yoruichi only muttered looking at his departing back, "Yosh, I won't let you sleep tonight." She returned her attention to the silent duo but fear is prevalent in the eyes, but underneath those are their crazy resolution.

"Let's see how much you can take before opening up to me." Yoruichi gave them a large grin.

His mother, Sakura, is also beside her sitting on the couch doing the same thing as Koneko. They are quite focused on the show which features a panda.

They saw Kisuke entered the living room and greeted him, "You're late sweety. Where did you go?", "Good evening, senpai."

"I just walked around to get some fresh air and relax," Kisuke answered his mother with a smile and directly went to the fridge in the kitchen to get some drink. He also nodded back to Koneko.

"Hmmm, you aren't peeking on our neighbors bathing right?" Sakura looked at him with squinted eyes.

Kisuke's smile froze and his movements stopped, "Of course not. What I did when I was a kid, I won't do it again." He remembered when he is only starting to practice Flash Step but failed on his first attempts, and one of those attempts sent him to the bathroom of a neighbor where a lady is having a good soak. He couldn't explain himself back then and only accepted the blame. What else he could say in that situation?

"What did he do, aunty?" Koneko stopped eating and asked Sakura.

"When he was seven years old, late at night, he barges into the neighbor's bathroom while Mira-san is taking a bath," Sakura answered Koneko's question while still looking at his son. 'Why did he grew up to be such a pervert?'

Koneko gave him a disgusted looked and said, "So you started young senpai. As expected of you."

"Ahem, that was just an accident and didn't want that to happen, but nobody believed me." Kisuke tried to defend himself.

"The way you act, no one would believe you." His mother didn't help him.

Kisuke couldn't say anything else and just got a juice from the fridge and walked back to the living room to sit beside them and also watch the television. The two didn't tease him any further and also watched the show which is now featuring a polar bear.

Kisuke didn't stay silent for long and asked Koneko, "Ah, Koneko-chan, did you finish your business?"

"Mmmh, although there are some mishaps, it is overall good." Koneko nodded and replied.

"Hmm? Mishaps? Are you alright?" Sakura is the one who asked Koneko.

"It's nothing big, aunty. No one was hurt and I have a new friend." Koneko replied while she continues to eat her snack.

"Is that so? Good for you then." Sakura patted Koneko's head and smiled at her. Koneko liked it a lot, but if she were to be asked who's pat is the best, she wouldn't answer but her choice would be Kisuke because he is oddly used to it and is very skilled at it.

Sakura saw that the show was over and urge the two, "Alright you two, time for the bed. You still have classes tomorrow. Brush your teeth before you go up."

Sakura stood up and turned off the Television and gathered the plates and glasses and carried them to the kitchen sink. Kisuke and Koneko followed her instructions and brushed their teeth before going up.

"Goodnight, mom," Kisuke said before he went up.

"Goodnight, aunty." Koneko did the same.

"Goodnight you two," Sakura smiled at them and replied.

She watched them go up and washed the dishes on the sink. After doing so, she sat on the porch with a glass of water in her hand and looked up at the stars.

'Something big happened tonight, the atmosphere was greatly disturbed. Probably something related to Koneko since she is a devil and went out tonight.' She drank her glass of water and continued contemplating.

'I only know that the Gremory heiress, Sitri heiress, and their respective peerages entered the town a few years after big sis Cleria died. Koneko is probably one of its members. Although I don't know how my son got close and know a devil. But she seems a good kid so that's fine.

'I'm sure that my son is a pure human since I used my power of 'worthlessness' to remove every bit of demonic blood on him when I was pregnant. But somehow, he attained power and I also don't know how much. His perception is also very great if not for my power to hide my demonic energy, he'll probably notice that I'm a half-devil.'

'Will he continue interacting with other supernaturals? I even left my family for my husband and gave birth to Kisuke as a human, but I guess that isn't enough to live a normal life. Fate is really such a mysterious thing.

'My husband is already gone, I don't want to lose even my son. I'll everything to help him if he ever finds himself in danger, even if it means returning to my clan.

'I need to get in touch more on to what's happening in this town without revealing myself. The one who killed big sis Cleria is still at large, I have to be careful.

'If only I told big sis Cleria that I was hiding in her town all along, maybe I could have helped her. Haaah, regretting now won't do me any good. I have to focus on my son's safety, also Koneko-chan's while I'm at it.

'The next thing that is bothering me is… Right! That black cat that Kisuke adopted years ago. It's giving me a weird feeling. Is it related to Kisuke gaining power? I guess I have to add that to the list of what I have to investigate. And also that Misha-san, the aura she is emitting is of human, but I can't think of her being one. Where did Kisuke found her?'

Sakura entered the house and closed the door on the porch. She washed for a bit and went up to her room. When she opened the door, she saw Koneko, who is in her pajamas, already asleep on the side of the bed. She went up and lay down and reached Koneko to fix the blanket on her and then proceeded to hug her.

'I hope that peace lasts a little longer.'




A bright sunny day.

Kisuke felt someone is tapping his face. He opened his eyes and saw a black cat with golden eyes overlooking him, "*Yawn* Good morning Yoruichi." He sat up and stretched his body.

"Good morning, *Yawn*" Yoruichi greeted him back, but it's her turn to yawn and feels sleepy.

Both of them don't really need to sleep every day, but they kept the habit to keep the mental stress in check.

"You really didn't stop the whole night?" Kisuke stood up and scratched his head while looking and asking Yoruichi. 'I feel sorry for them.'

"I already told you." Yoruichi stretched her body getting ready to sleep.

"How did it go then?" Kisuke walked to his closet and started preparing the school uniform that he would use today.

"They're a tough nut to crack… No, more like they are a crazy believer from a cult. Even if I cut off their limbs and overload their pain receptors they don't speak. I gave up when they're almost dead. I sealed all of their cognitive functions and left them there. If I don't do that much, they find every opportunity to kill themselves." Yoruichi talked about some of the methods she employed to make them talk.

"Is that so? Then I'll have to use the last resort. Can you prepare the ritual site?" Kisuke is already done preparing and walk back to the bed where Yoruichi is. He already used magic to clean himself but he still wants to take small dips in the water in the early morning.

"I've learned from you, so it should be fine. I'll contact you if there is a problem." Yoruichi suddenly transformed back to her human form. She is naked, kneeling on the bed with her arm covering her crotch area and emphasizing her breast. She looked up and saw Kisuke already on the side of the bed with his one knee.

"Got it. Goodnight, Yoruichi." Kisuke approached her without minding her state, on the contrary, he thought that she is very cute right now. He reached out his arm and held her chin lifting her head.

They looked at each other and Yoruichi muttered while closing her eyes, "Mmmh, Goodnight." Kisuke kissed her lips. They had a short but a hot kiss.

They separated from each other and smiled. Yoruichi raised the blanket and covered herself, laying herself on the bed and closed her eyes with a satisfied smile.

They always do this whenever Yoruichi pulls an all-nighter and had to sleep when Kisuke wakes up.

Kisuke looked at her with a gentle smile and patted her head. He then walked out of the room to get himself ready, carrying his change of clothes downstairs.

When he reached the bathroom he saw the tub already filled with warm water. His mother knew that Kisuke likes taking a dip every morning and always prepares it for him whenever she is around.

After taking a bath, he dressed in the school uniform and went to the dining table. Koneko is already sitting on a chair while his mother is preparing their lunch boxes.

"Good morning." Kisuke sat down and started eating his breakfast which composed of steamed rice, miso soup, grilled fish, and various side dishes.

"Morning," Koneko returned his greeting and continued eating her breakfast in great relish.

"Kisuke, I'll be coming home late tonight so take care of your dinner later." Sakura packed three lunchboxes and set it on the table, "Koneko-chan, give this to your grandma." She pointed to one of the three lunchboxes.

"Thank you, aunty." Koneko smiled at her caring actions which are still new to her since even if she was adopted by the Gremory Clan, it is very rare for her to have this kind of 'family' atmosphere.

"You're always welcome. Koneko-chan" Sakura smiled back at her.

She removed her apron and went back to her room to prepare to go to work, leaving only Koneko and Kisuke on the dining table.

"Ah… Koneko-chan, we don't have classes for the afternoon. What are your plans?" Kisuke suddenly asked her as he remembers today's schedule.

"I'd like to continue my training with Yoruichi-san. I getting better at controlling my life force and those in my surroundings. I'd also like to practice those life force-based 'Kidous' you are talking about." Koneko answers as she finishes up her food.

"About that, we'll have to cancel it. Yoruichi and I will be busy with something. Also, don't come to the training ground as it might get dangerous. Understand? We'll just do your training in the evening." Kisuke looked at Koneko seriously and warned her.

"Dangerous? Will you be alright?" Koneko looked at him worriedly as Kisuke rarely mentions the word 'danger'.

"We'll be fine.~ It's not that big of a deal. I'm just warning you in case something troublesome happens and you wouldn't be drag along." Kisuke returned to his nonchalant face and patted Koneko's head.

"Alright, but please be careful Senpai." Koneko enjoyed her morning pat and stood up carrying the dishes with her to the kitchen.

"I will. And just a reminder, never practice Kidou alone, as those spells are in the experimental stage and could prove dangerous without supervision." Kisuke also finishes up his food and stood up to follow Koneko to the kitchen with his dishes.

Koneko nodded at him seriously as she remembered her senpai experimenting with this Kidou only to blow up and those around him. Good thing the training ground is big and sturdy.

After setting the dishes, both of them went to the living room to get their school bags and went to the front door.

"Mom! We're leaving!" Kisuke shouted at the interior of the house.

"Be careful out there!" Sakura's voice answered from within.

They both went out of the door and locked it and started walking to the direction of the school. As Koneko is inherently silent, Kisuke also didn't say anything else and just enjoyed the morning breeze and some occasional stare of envy and jealousy because of him walking the cute 'mascot' of the academy.

Halfway through their usual way, Kisuke felt a stare different from others. It is also accompanied by a strange aura. He closed his eyes while walking and actively scanned his surroundings.

On the right side behind them, 75 meters away, there is a beautiful young woman with a voluptuous figure, long black hair with split bangs, and hazel-gold eyes with cat-like pupils wearing a black kimono, a yellow obi, a set of golden beads, and an ornately detailed headband. The kimono features a red interior and it is open at her shoulders, giving view to her large breasts which rival those of Rias and Akeno in terms of size.

There is also a pair of black cat ears sticking out of her head and a pair of black tails sticking out from her behind.

Her sight alternates between Kisuke and Koneko, but she is looking at them very differently. While she is looking at Koneko lovingly and a trace of longing, she is looking at Kisuke with hostility and a trace of jealousy.

Kisuke was confused for a moment when he remembered Koneko's history. A smile bordering snickering appeared on Kisuke's face. Koneko noticed his expression and asked, "What happened senpai?"

"Nothing, I just remembered something," Kisuke replied.

Koneko didn't ask any longer as she is used to her senpai acting strange sometimes.

'So the awkward and clumsy sister finally appeared.' Kisuke thought.

"Koneko, good fortune is coming to you real soon." Kisuke suddenly said.

"Haah… Senpai, are you also doing fortune telling now? Please stop it if it's only for picking up girls." Koneko looked at him confusedly. She warned him nevertheless.

Kisuke couldn't say anything back.

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