Playing With Other Supernaturals

Volume 2 Chapter 37 - Half-Fallen Angle-Half-Devil
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Volume 2 Chapter 37 - Half-Fallen Angle-Half-Devil

"Who are you?" Rias turned around and looked at him with a serious expression. The sinister aura he is emitting is giving them some dread.

The is man is about 6 feet tall. He has blonde hair with streaks of purple and sharp red-blood eyes. This man is quite handsome if not for his smile full of malice, disdain, and lust.

Upon closer inspection, they can feel both the aura of a devil and a fallen angel which gives Akeno quite a shock as it reminded her of her own heritage.

The man saw her reaction and laughed, "Hahaha, Don't put me on the level as you, b*tch. I'm not a lowly reincarnated devil, spawn of Barakiel." He then spread four pairs of wings, half-devil and a half-fallen angel, "I'm a child from a high-class devil and a cadre level fallen angel! Though I can't really introduce them to you as I already have eaten both of them! Hyahahahaha."

Hearing his story and seeing his crazed look gave Rias and Akeno another wave of dread.

"Hahh!!!" Rias charged her demonic power and immediately attack the crazy angel. She didn't want to hear more words coming from him.

"Lightning!" Akeno also did the same. She's very pissed when he mentioned the name 'Barakiel'.

"How rude!" He scowled at them and deflected their attacks with his bare hands leaving only a shallow cut to his skin, "Haahhh!?" He saw a small trace of blood from his hands and looked at the two of them with greater maliciousness.

He snapped his fingers and a ball of light suddenly materialized in the middle of Rias and Akeno, "Ahhhh!" They called in grief as the ball of light suddenly exploded sending both of them away leaving them with multiple wounds and tattered clothes.

"Oops, not good, not good. I can't kill you both just yet." He took back his hands and said.

"Can't kill? Why?" Rias is trying to stand up.

"Huh? Isn't that obvious? I'll take both of you as my meat slave." He took the air and declared like it was the most obvious thing to do.

"M-meat slave!?" Both Rias and Akeno were stunned.

"You see, that bastard Rizevim told me to look for an unusual individual." He suddenly started explaining himself which made Rias and Akeno unable to respond.

"And you know what description he gave me of this guy he's looking for!? Annoying! Just annoying! How am I supposed to find this 'annoying' guy!?" They can feel his frustration as he said those things.

For a moment, a certain figure flashed inside Akeno's mind but brushed it off since that would be impossible. Why would someone send an almost cadre level angel to chase after some annoying human?

"But he's a lot stronger than me so I had to follow his order. I looked everywhere and didn't find this guy which frustrates me to no end. Finally, fortune smiled at me and saw the two of you. The sister of the current Satan and the daughter of my former boss." When he reached this part, he licked his lips in delight.

These actions of him gave the two beauties another chill in their spine and they had a horrible premonition.

"How nice it would be to f*ck both of you silly in front of a Satan and my former boss. Hahahaha!" His craze demeanor disgusts the two but his threat is very real.

"Rias. I'll take him down with me. Run away if found an opening." Akeno's aura surges. She is ready to self-destruct for her master and best friend to have a chance to escape.

"That won't do, Akeno. We're together in this. I won't leave you behind." Rias also resolved herself.

"Rias---!!!" Akeno saw Rias' determined expression and stopped herself from speaking.

"I'd rather die than become that guy's plaything." Rias continued and her aura also surges up. Both she and Akeno are pooling everything they have to destroy the enemy.

More notably is Rias. She pooling an insane amount of power of destruction which scared even the half-fallen angel-half devil.

"W-wait, we can talk this out. Just have a one night stand with me and I'll let the two of you go. Let's have a deal, alright?" His words only infuriate the two of then and gathered power faster.

"Fine. Before I die, I'll first obliterate that annoying church." His words stunned the two and the energy they gathered faltered.

The bastard used this opening to charge at them and disable them.

But before he could dive, a horizontal pillar of light that came from the town's direction suddenly engulf and vaporize him along with the path the light took.

Rias and Akeno were stunned yet again, but this time, only with pure astonishment devoid of any dread they felt.

"W-what… What was that!?" Akeno spoke up first and slowly stood up.

"Akeno! Find where that attack came from!" Rias also stood up and suddenly ordered.

"Y-yes Buchou." Akeno hurriedly took the air and flew towards the origin of that beam, but after a few minutes of looking, she found nothing significant.

She looked at the distance and measured the 'line' the beam drew, "About 2 kilometers huh, really, what the hell was that." She then returned to Rias reporting her findings.

"What the hell is up with this town? We've been only here for two years yet strange events kept happening." Rias rubbed her forehead while Akeno fixes their clothes and healing their wounds.

"Fufufu, we should be thankful that someone or something saved as from earlier." Akeno laughed as she continues her work.

"That's obvious, but I'll have to report this to Nii-sama. That beam instantly vaporized that bastard where we can only scratch him with our attacks. We don't know how strong is that exactly but Nii-sama should be able to estimate it based on our accounts. We'll have to collaborate with Sona to launch another investigation in the whole town. So many things are happening without our knowledge, and that is fatal. Let's go, Akeno. We can't keep them waiting and we'll have to welcome a new member. Rias resumed walking towards the church after Akeno finished fixing her clothes.

Akeno silently followed him still thinking of the events earlier and how they manage to get away from the worst crisis of their life yet.

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