Playing With Other Supernaturals

Volume 2 Chapter 30 - Konekos training
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Volume 2 Chapter 30 - Koneko's training

"B-Bored?" Koneko was dumbfounded, but she thought again, 'Are they just taking care of me because they were bored?' And made a sour expression.

"Whoa there… I know what you're thinking but I assure you that you're wrong." Kisuke was amused at Koneko's reaction.

"We won't do this just on a whim. After Kisuke repeatedly summoned you, we took a liking to you. Remember, you're like our little sister." Yoruichi followed up.

Koneko believed them and sighed in relief.

"Enough with that, let's start planning Koneko-chan's schedule." Kisuke dusted his clothes and hat which was almost destroyed by Yoruichi.

"We will divide your training into two parts. The first part is your training with me, and the second part is your's and Kisuke study time." Yoruichi explained to Koneko.

"Study time with senpai? Why do I feel malicious intent from that?" Koneko covered her modest body and looked at Kisuke with scorn.

"Hmmm? Ah! Don't worry, I'm not interested." Kisuke flashed a smile at her.

"Muhh. It's more annoying if you put it that way." Koneko pouted, approached Kisuke and kicked his shin. It only ends up hurting Koneko's foot though, while Kisuke didn't feel anything, "Why is your body so hard? I can block gun bullets with my bare skin but it hurts kicking you."

"Oh, Hierro is still activated."

"Hierro?" Koneko poked Kisuke's forearm and noticed that the harder you poke, the stiffer his skin is.

"Just a technique which hardens my skin proportional to my energy levels," Kisuke explained.

"We're getting off-topic here. Koneko-chan can only have 2-3 hours of free time every day if we consider her school and devil activities." Yoruichi interrupted.

"Then let's go with the 1-hour study session plus some time to practice and every other free time is yours. Of course, it still up to Koneko-chan how to spend her free time. We don't want you to dedicate everything to training. You can still go and hang out with your friends." Kisuke suggested while looking at Yoruichi.

"That's a given of course. Also, I want to help Koneko-chan with her morning exercise if possible, but going to shop every day early in the morning will just tire her out." Yoruichi turned her sights to Koneko.

Koneko took a deep breath and looked at Kisuke like she found her resolve, "Kisuke-senpai, please allow me to live here. I'll help out with house-keeping and I'll also pay my rent, so-"

Kisuke didn't let her finish what she is about to say by putting his hands up, "Stop right there, Koneko-chan. That really isn't a good idea."

"Why not? I'll do everything to help around the shop, and I also live alone in a dormitory Rias-Buchou arranged for me. It doesn't really matter if I move." Koneko pulls on Kisuke clothes while explaining herself with a puffy look on her face.

Yoruichi looked at Kisuke with a strange smile.

"Ughh! Fine! But you have to convince Rias Gremory if that's what you want." Kisuke was defeated.

"Okay, I will." Koneko beamed a smile.

"Good for you Koneko-chan. But I won't accept any slacking off if you want to do my training. You'll get hurt for sure. Are you fine with that?" Yoruichi patted her head and gave her a final warning.

"Yes. Please be strict with me." Koneko didn't hesitate and gave her a serious look.

Yoruichi nodded in satisfaction.

"We're done talking? Let's go out for now. Koneko-chan probably wants to go and arrange a few things now. Koneko-chan, we'll start your training tomorrow." Kisuke clapped his hands and called it a day with the training.

The trio started to walk towards where they came from and entered the room where the elevator door is located.

"Senpai, why is this elevator so fast? I can't even feel it." Koneko curiously asked.

"It looks like an elevator but its technically a teleporting box." Kisuke continued walking and entered the elevator.

They reached the hidden room of the shop and Kisuke suddenly stopped.

"Really now?" Kisuke said in an exasperated voice.

"Hahaha, looks like they took Koneko-chan staying the night here quite seriously," Yoruichi commented.

"What's happening?" Koneko looked confusedly at the two.

"Well, your friends are worried about you. Now let's discuss how much you can explain them." Kisuke scratched his head as he didn't expect that they were this protective of her. Though it makes him a bit happy that they can do something if it is for their comrade.

"I'll just tell them that you're teaching me how to fight as you're a lot better than me in techniques," Koneko decided.

"That's fine, but are you sure?"

"Yes. It's in our contract to keep your abilities and Yoruichi-san a secret, and you don't want to attract their attention, right?"

"Yep, and I feel like it's going to be stormy these days so be careful. I'll try to look around and see what's going on, but if it's something your group can deal with then I won't interfere. You can show some the things you've learned but don't use your Senjutsu if possible as it might attract your awkward sister~."

"I understand. I miss Nee-sama and I want to see her as soon as possible, but I have to get as strong as possible to spank Nee-sama's butt for causing so much trouble." Koneko nodded happily.

Kisuke and Yoruichi looked at each other and laughed.

"Then I'll teleport ourselves outside. Where do you wanna go?" Kisuke asked the two.

"Let's go to a family restaurant. I'm hungry." Yoruichi suggested.

"Then it's decided." Kisuke clapped his hands and cast a small Kidou that cleans himself and around him of grime and dust. I very convenient skill.

They teleported in an unassuming alley and go to the direction of the Town's commercial district and eat their lunch and also both some items that Koneko might need when she moves in.

Akeno and Tsubaki's lookouts found them and tailed them for a while. Koneko already transformed herself back to being a human when they found them.

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