Playing With Other Supernaturals

Volume 2 Chapter 26 - Patting a kitty to sleep
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Volume 2 Chapter 26 - Patting a kitty to sleep

"Where are you going Koneko?" Yoruichi said to Koneko who is trying to wrest away her hands.

"I have to go. I have to look for Nee-sama! Please let go of me!" Koneko continues to struggle.

"And how are you going to do that?" Yoruichi tightens her hold on Koneko.

"Huh?… uhmm…" Koneko suddenly stops.

"No plans, huh. How reckless." Kisuke commented behind her.

"…Uhmm, right!? Club President Rias! She has to have a way!" Koneko, who crying again for the nth time today, shouted loudly.

"Calm down Koneko-chan, and don't bother. She probably is as clueless as you." Kisuke patted her head trying to reign her in.

"B-but… what should I do? *sniffle*" Koneko is rubbing her eyes out unsure of what her steps from here on should be.

Kisuke returned to the couch, took a seat, and patted his laps, "Come here Koneko-chan. Lay down on my lap while I tell you a story I made just now."

Yoruichi raised her brows at him but saw a grin on Kisuke's face. She decided to leave her to him.

"Koneko-chan, just do as he says." Koneko looked confusedly at Kisuke but she heard Yoruichi's voice from behind, reassuring her.

Koneko didn't think much and followed Yoruichi's word as the revelation about her sister is still clouding her mind. She sat down, lied her head on Kisuke's lap and just stare blankly in front until she felt a hand ruffling her head. That hand gave her warmth and peace of mind that she needed the most now.

Such original skill was named in an unoriginal way, Soul Calmer. Kisuke didn't exactly have naming talent.

After calming Koneko sufficiently, Kisuke started speaking.

"One day, a family of cats is living there lives in happiness. But that didn't last long as the parent cat got involved in an unfortunate accident leaving just the two kittens behind.

"The black and older kitten promised to herself that she would take care of her little sister, the white kitten.

"But they can't survive on their own, luckily a kind person wants to take care of them. The black kitten happily and naively followed him with her little sister.

" It turns out that kind person is actually an evil person that likes to abuse those he had taken in.

"She wanted to run away with her sister but that person already put a very strong leash on her and threatened to hurt her little sister.

"Having no choice, she kept it secret from her sister and silently endured the abuses. Until one day she heard that evil person and his friend talking and planning to do what they were doing to her, to her precious little sister.

" She snapped and the hate that is slowly accumulating inside her all these years all burst out.

"Using the claws that she managed to grow due to the abuses, she killed the evil person and his friend in the heat of the moment.

" Inevitably, she panicked the moment what she had just done sinks in. Her first thoughts were of her little sister's safety.

"She weighed her options and choose to run away alone. She thought that running away with her little sister would put unnecessary risk on her. She didn't want her sister to be hunted down together with her. She naively thought that nothing very bad would happen to her as the white didn't do anything wrong nor knows anything about the abuses.

"Thus, she left the white kitten after entrusting a hairclip that contains the black kitten's experiences, hoping that one day, she would be forgiven for leaving her behind.

"But the black kitten underestimated the evil person's friends. They were too angry at her that they want to kill her little sister for the sin she committed. She tried everything she could possibly think of to save her sister, but the group was too strong for her sharp claws to reach them.

" As a last resort, he asked the help of a very strong person to help her sister. Fortune finally dawned on the sisters, as that very strong person agreed to help after knowing their story. Though naive, she was successful at the gamble she didn't know she was taking.

"As the strong person saves her sister, she was watching from afar, ready to make a move if needed. But when she saw her sister taken out of captivity, something broke inside her when she looked at the white kitten's expression.

"Despair, pure despair. Not a hint of hope. The black kitten wants to go and take her sister back but seeing her like that, she lost all motivation. She blames herself at her sister's misfortune. She, who killed her own master, didn't dare to approach her sister.

" After looking blankly at the silhouette of her sister that disappeared long ago with the strong person, she left carrying the regret that will scar her for her whole life."

Kisuke stopped speaking and looked at Koneko who is lying down on his lap listening intently.

"How was my story?" Kisuke didn't stay quiet for too long and asked for Koneko's impression.

"…Bad. It didn't have a good ending." Koneko slowly voiced out her opinion.

"Right? But the isn't finished yet. The black kitten, who is a black cat now, won't be able to endure not seeing her sister. Sooner or later she will appear in front of the white kitten again." Kisuke chuckled at Koneko.

"…Then what should the white kitten do while waiting for her sister?" Koneko looked up to Kisuke face.

"Hmmm, let's see. Maybe the white kitten can exercise a bit so she can punish her clumsy sister when they meet in the future." Kisuke stroked Koneko's head while flashing her a grin.

"Good point." Koneko smiled at his words and slowly closed her eyes. A few minutes later, rhythmic breathing was heard from her, she's already fast asleep.

That night, for the first time ever, Koneko dreamt of her sister, Kuroka, without it turning into a nightmare. She had a good dream.

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