Playing With Other Supernaturals

Volume 2 Chapter 25 - Kitties Bathtime
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Volume 2 Chapter 25 - Kitties' Bathtime

After washing their bodies, Yoruichi and Koneko entered the bathtub.

Yoruichi entered first then Koneko sat in front of her. They relaxed for a few minutes without anyone saying anything.

"Koneko-chan, I apologize in Kisuke's place. But knowing him, he must have some idea on what you went through if he thought that the one he discovered is somewhat related to you." Yoruichi hugged Koneko from behind and whispered to her ear.

Koneko's white hair and light skin created a sharp contrast against Yoruichi's black hair and dark skin, too bad that nobody can appreciate this beautiful scenery.

"Mmmh…" Koneko nodded at Yoruichi's words, "I know that senpai is a bit selfish and a big pervert, but he is strangely kind to those close to him." She continued.

"Indeed, that idiot is selfish and will do whatever he wants, but he takes care of those he took a liking to, and you're one of those people, I can guarantee you that. He thinks of you as a little sister, by the way, just letting you know." Yoruichi agreed with her and supplemented her thoughts.

"Muuh… Somehow, that pisses me off. I don't want a big brother like him." Koneko pouted and protested.

"Ahahahaha, is that so? Then do your best to beat him up to assert your superiority. Make him call you 'Big Sis'". Yoruichi laughed out loud at Koneko's reaction.

"Wonderful idea! I'll do my best to beat senpai black and blue." Flames of determination suddenly lighted up in Koneko's eyes as she pumped her fist.

"Want me to help you out? In terms of hand-to-hand combat, I'm a lot better than him." Yoruichi suddenly suggested.

"Really!?" Koneko was shocked as she thought that only her senpai is an abnormal human who can play with a strengthened devil with ease.

"Of course, I'm the one who helped him improve after all." Yoruichi ruffled her hair.

"Please teach me, Yoruichi-san." She looked at Yoruichi with ever-growing resoluteness. 'With this, beating up senpai isn't so impossible anymore.' Is what she is thinking.

Kisuke who is in the living room, arranging the experimental log that he is going to Koneko and piecing the whole story from it, suddenly felt goosebumps. He looked around to search where the feeling was coming from but failed, "Damn it. Who's threatening the handsome and sexy me?"

"Yoruichi-san, you mentioned that I'm like a little sister to senpai, but what are you to him."

"I'm his lover, that means you're also my little sister. But continue calling me the way you're calling me until now." Yoruichi is beaming with a smile.

Koneko felt happy but also a little sad at her words, but didn't know why. She didn't think anything of it and just threw it at the back of her head.

The two continued soaking in the hot water while talking about some small things. They paused for a bit and Yoruichi suddenly asked. "Say Koneko-chan. Do you hate your sister."

Koneko was not shocked at this question as she already expected it at some point.

"…I don't know." That is the only answer she can give even after contemplating for a while.

"Hmmm, then let me tell you this, as long as you didn't answer yes to that question then you don't hate your sister." Yoruichi grinned at her.

"…Eh?" Koneko looked at her in confusion.

"Listen here, if you really hate a person, then you definitely answer 'yes' if you're being honest to yourself. If you hesitated and can't find a definite answer, then there is something within you that is stopping you from truly hating him. After all, hate is a very powerful feeling, you can't deny it." She smiled at her gently and then patted her head.

That smile gave Koneko some comfort and she thought through the words she just said. When she was done, a light smile appeared on her face and said, "I guess it's true. Aside from feeling betrayed, I also missed Kuroka-neesama. You can't hate people you missed, right?"

"Indeed." Yoruichi stood up and walked out of the bathtub, "Let's go, Kisuke is probably done preparing what he will show you."

Koneko nodded at her and followed her out.

They saw two white shirts and two black pairs of pants with different sizes. They knew that it was the clothes that Kisuke prepared for them after they bathed. Koneko wore her underwear first the moved to the clothes that matched her size.

Meanwhile, Yoruichi directly wore the clothes that were prepared for her. She is going commando.

Koneko looked at her and asked, "Your underwear?"

"I don't have any of those. I'm always practically naked all the time anyway. Nothing wrong with it." Yoruichi said like it was a matter of fact.

"Yoruichi-san, let's go shopping on our next day-off." Koneko looked at her seriously.

"Uhh… Sure."

After dressing up, they went to the living room where Kisuke is supposed to be waiting and there he was. They also noticed the plastic bag of the nearby convenience store on the table. Inside it was two milk in a tetra pack. Yoruichi didn't say anything, approached the table and took out the two milk passing one to Koneko.

"Did you prepare it?" Yoruichi asked him while sipping at the milk.

"It's all in here." Kisuke raised his hand holding a bundle of papers, "All I can tell now is Koneko doesn't know the whole story."


"You can understand after carefully reading everything in here. Yoruichi, I'm leaving it to you if Koneko does something reckless." Kisuke passed the bundle to Koneko after letting her sit down on the couch. He also warned Yoruichi of what is about to happen.

"Got it." Yoruichi saw Kisuke's serious expression and also looked at the paper, reading it together with Koneko.

After half an hour slowly reading and understanding the experimental log, Koneko's body is shaking nonstop, her eyes widened to the limit and aura flaring up. She suddenly stood up and ran towards the door, only to be blocked by Yoruichi who suddenly appeared in front of her and hugged her.

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