Playing With Other Supernaturals

Volume 1 Chapter 14 - Plans for the Future
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Volume 1 Chapter 14 - Plans for the Future

"As for the not so common knowledge, except for one, they are all recorded and written by me. You can find it buried 50 meters deep under this table." Cleria continued.

"Except for one? Why would you make an exception? Hmmm… Ah. Could it be that you didn't have a chance to record it yet?" Kisuke played with his empty cup while asking.

"Really sharp. You're right. I didn't have a chance to write it down and keep it yet. It's also probably the biggest reason that we were hunted down." Cleria just smiled wryly at Kisuke's deduction.

"What?!" Masaomi, on the other hand, was understandably shocked at the revelation.

"I'm sorry dear, because of my knowledge, we put our lives into danger." Cleria faced Masaomi and bowed to him with tears about to fall from her eyes.

Masaomi didn't let Cleria to do that for long and immediately hugged her while whispering to her ears, "It's okay, I already promised you that I will forever be with you."

Cleria couldn't stop her tears anymore as she has been hiding this piece of important secret, even if it is just a speculation, from him since yesterday. A heavy weight in her heart was finally relieved along with her tears when she heard Masaomi's words.

Kisuke read the mood and didn't interrupt them. He just played with Yoruichi's paws while waiting for them to calm down.

Wiping her tears, Cleria apologized to Kisuke for the interruption.

"The secret that I manage to uncover is about the existence of the King Piece." She continued explaining.

"Hm? Isn't Evil Pieces system adopted the idea of chess? So the leader should have this King Piece. What is wrong with that?" Kisuke was quite confuse as the game of chess can't happen without the king.

"The problem is every young high-class devil receive only fifteen pieces, without the King Piece. The master of the peerage can use his or her demonic power to brand the Evil Pieces they received. It is common sense that there is no King Pieces." Making another cup of tea for everyone, Cleria continued to narrate.

"Heh… So this nonexistent pieces are?" Kisuke urges her to continue.

"They exist, and only those in highest position are aware of them. I only accidentally discovered it."

"Then what can these King Pieces do to warrant such excessive actions of hunting you down just because you know about?"

"They can provide a power up to the master of the peerage. At least ten times to a hundred times of their base power." Cleria took a deep breath before saying this.

The room was silent. Everyone was dumbfounded.

"Ten to one hundred times?!" Masaomi shouted.

"I see. Rating Game and Evil Pieces are the foundations of the modern devil society and the usage of this basically cheating or just plain corruption. If came to light, various people will lose their sh*t." Kisuke muttered after being silent for a moment.

"You're right. That is why they can't let me off, especially since I know that the top 3 rankers of rating game are King Pieces users. They made their way to the top through cheating. Just being one of the rankers give you various privileges." Cleria lamentably agreed.

Another silence descended among them.

"What do you plan to do now?" Kisuke asked after finishing his second cup of tea.

"Hide. Let things cool down. Live a quiet life somewhere and establish a family with Masaomi." Cleria finally smiled and held Masaomi's hand.

"I see, then take that cloak with you. It'll make you look like a normal human." Kisuke smiled back and give his blessing to the two.

""Thank you for everything"", The couple once again expressed their gratitude.

Cleria passed a few more things and the method of activating the teleportation array to Kisuke before getting ready to leave.

" Oh, one more thing. Just a piece of friendly advice. Don't let the quiet and peaceful life dull your skills, on the contrary, improve it for unexpected rainy days." Kisuke said before they teleported away.

The couple looked shocked for a moment before saying, "Are you really a kid? Why do you seem more experienced than us? Haaah… Whatever, we'll do just that. Thanks." Then they disappeared.

Kisuke and Yoruichi were left alone in this wide chamber.

"What do we do next?" Yoruichi's voice resounded from Kisuke's side.

"We take a quick look at the books until 4:00 PM, then go home for dinner. I'm still tired from yesterday's ordeal." Kisuke replied while walking through the bookshelves.

"Don't forget to buy my yogurt before going home." The cat didn't forget her snack and reminded her partner.

"Yes yes."


The next day.

After eating his breakfast, Kisuke was lazing on the sofa while watching the magical girl show being aired on television when their doorbell rang.

"Kisuke, take the door for a moment." He heard her mother from the kitchen who is washing the dishes.

"Got it." Kisuke got up and walk to the door. When he peeped through the pinhole, he saw two familiar figures.

He opened the door and greeted the two, "Uncle Touji! And some girl I don't know. Please come in, my mother is inside."

"Who is some girl you don't know! I'm Irina!" The young girl in frilly white dress and hair tied up in ponytail immediately reacted at Kisuke's remark.

"What?! Why are you dressing like a girl?!" Kisuke feigned a shocked expression.

"I'M A GIRL!!!" Irina finally lost it and was ready to pounce on Kisuke.

"Kisuke, stop teasing her so much." Kisuke's mother, Sakura, appeared behind him and gave him a knock on the head.

"Touji-san, Irina-chan, please come in. I'll prepare tea and snacks." Sakura continued and invited the guests in.

Touji just smiled at the kids' antics but Kisuke can still see traces of exhaustion on his face, "We'll take your offer, thanks for having us."

The three sat in the living room while Sakura prepares the tea and snacks.

Kisuke and Irina are still bickering and Touji just watched with a light smile.

Sakura came out and joined them, "What brings you here today?" she asked Touji after she gave the cup of tea.

Touji took a sip before saying, "Irina and me here to say our farewells."

Irina became gloomy and stopped eating her snacks after hearing this.

"Farewell? Are you moving out?" Sakura inquired.

"Yes. Due to my work, we will be moving to Europe. Kisuke-kun has been a good friend of my Irina here, I also wanted to thank him before leaving." Touji patted his daughter's head to comfort her.

Touji looked at Kisuke and said, "Thank you Kisuke-kun, for taking care of Irina."

"You're welcome, uncle. We'll probably see again each other in the future, and by then, I hope she isn't a pain in the butt as she is now." Kisuke replied to Touji while grinning at Irina.

"Who is the pain in the butt?!!" Irina was once again furious, but she didn't have the gloomy aura anymore.

The four talked about random things for about half an hour before Touji and Irina bid their goodbyes and saying that they still have to go to the Hyoudo residence.

After seeing them off, the mother and son duo entered back to their house.

"Will you miss her?" Sakura suddenly asked her son.

"Of course, she's like my little sister after all." Kisuke replied but didn't stop walking towards his room.

Sakura just smiled at him.

Yoruichi looked at him and asked, "What's the plan from now on?"

"Many!" Kisuke jumped to his bed before he continued.

"First, we study everything in the library. I saw some books about magicians and mana manipulation yesterday. That will help us fuse our physical and spiritual body.

" After we accomplish that, we'll be able to regain our former abilities and with some improvement. We'll also be able to materialize our Zanpakutous.

"In my case, I think I'll also be able to take out a hollow mask with the help of Hougyoku.

" And lastly is the reopening of the Urahara Store.

"All of this will take some years to complete."

Kisuke finished speaking and looked at his cat for some input.

"You still haven't given up of that desolated store of yours?"

"It is my calling."

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