Playing With Other Supernaturals

Volume 1 Chapter 13 - The Three Factions
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Volume 1 Chapter 13 - The Three Factions

The day after the busy night, Kisuke, with a kitten on his arms were walking to the direction of the park.

The weather is cloudy, dim and gloomy so there is no one in the park today. This is a stroke of good luck for the couple since they stand out too much with black cloaks covering their body and aura.

Kisuke arrived at exactly 10:00 AM while nursing the scratches on his face.

Yoruichi tried waking Kisuke up at around 9:30 AM, but he wouldn't budge with just some paw taps. Thus without much choice, she scratched his face.

"Couldn't you woke me up in a less painful way?" Kisuke asked the smug kitten.

"I could, but too much effort. Try waking up earlier if you have an appointment, you won't experience that again." Yoruichi said in her distinct male voice.

Kisuke could only smile wryly at her answer.

When they arrive at the park with no one but two cloaked figures at the corner of the park. If there are other people in the park, they would have been reported to the police for their suspicious attire.

Kisuke approached the obviously who figures and Cleria asked first, "Why did you bring a kitten?"

Kisuke smiled brightly and said, "She gets too lonely when I leave her alone."

This earned him a cat uppercut to the chin but it didn't really hurt him and it only made her cute for her antics.

"…cute." Cleria muttered under her breath.

She got hold of herself and feign coughing before continuing to speak, "Well then, since you're here let's move somewhere first. Follow me."

Cleria started running to the forest intending to cross it. Masaomi who is silent all this time quietly followed Cleria.

Kisuke before following, put on his aura-concealing cloaked and placed Yoruichi on his shoulder.

After half an hour of running while avoiding many eyes, they arrived at a forest with lots of shrubberies. 100 meters away from their position, Kisuke can see a large mansion that only very rich families could have.

"That is my residence, but it was probably already raided yesterday after my 'death'." Cleria spoke with the look of melancholy in her eyes. Her lover lightly patted her shoulder to comfort her and it successfully lifted her mood, albeit just a little.

"What do you propose we do?" Kisuke inquired.

"I have a hidden chamber underneath the mansion which contains a library and small museum." Cleria said while looking around at the surrounding.

"Museum?" Kisuke couldn't help but ask.

"I say it's a museum but it's just a small collection of paintings, sculptures, and artifacts from several centuries ago. I just collected them in a spur of interest, but they are just gathering dust for a few years now. You can sell them one by one anonymously to get some cash." Cleria answered while still looking around her.

After a few more seconds of looking around, Cleria found something, "There it is."

Cleria moved to a spot several feet away from them, "You can't enter the underground chamber from the mansion as there is no physical pathway. This spot here is the teleportation array that will take us directly in it, but the resulting light and fluctuation from its activation may gather some attention." She then looks at Kisuke.

"Bakudou No.26 Kyakko(Curving Light)." Kisuke didn't say anything else and started casting his modified Kyakko that can hide more.

A dome made of thin blue film engulfed the group and hid them from the surrounding. This is the second time Cleria and Masaomi witness this spell and they are still in awe at how effective it was and how fast it was cast.

Cleria didn't wait for another second and activated the teleportation array. A magic circle 5 meters across and bearing the Belial Clan insignia shone in gray light.

The group disappeared in granules of light and reappeared inside a small library with ten bookshelves full of books.

Cleria started walking and the rest followed. She led them to an open area between the library and the museum. There is a round table with 10 chairs at the side. Near the table was a counter for drinks.

The group sat down one by one starting from Cleria. She snapped her fingers and the utensils a jar of tea leaves started moving to the table. When they reached the middle of the table, a small magic circle manifested and the utensils began making tea themselves. After a few minutes, three cups of tea were served.

"How convenient. I should also study how to set up these arrays." Kisuke commented while his eyes were shining.

After drinking a sip from her tea, Cleria started talking, "Alright, let's start. First, I'll be giving you the information on three races of the Three Faction…"

Cleria began talking and Kisuke didn't interrupt and just listened while taking sips of tea.

Originating from Heaven, the Angels are powerful beings who serve the Biblical God, and have the powers to inflict pain upon Devils/demons and by extension the Fallen Angels, due to their light-based powers. After the death of the God from the Bible in the Great War of the Three Factions, the Angels were incapable of increasing their numbers. There are rumors that they made a system similar to the devil's Evil Pieces System that can reincarnate other races in angels.

Fallen Angels are Angels that have fallen from the grace of God, due to having "impure thoughts" that divert them from the teachings of the God in the Bible. The leaders of Grigori were tempted by human women and had fallen after having sex with them.

Despite being cast out of Heaven, Fallen Angels and their subordinates have been known to occupy churches and use them as bases. However, they go out of their way to destroy all of the religious icons in these churches in the process out of spite for their former leader.

Currently, the Fallen Angels have the smallest population among the Three Factions, but can increase their numbers by tempting existing angels.

Devils are beings that originated from the Underworld consisting of the 72 Pillars of High-Class Devil noble families, the Extra Demons and the countless armies under them. The total life span of a Devil is approximately 10,000 years. The Devils were originally led by the Four Great Satans prior to their death in the Great War. Following the end of the Great War, the descendants of the original Satans apart from Rizevim wanted to continue the Great War, but were faced with opposition by other Devils, most prominently the Bael clan, who assumed authority after the death of their leaders. This started a civil war between the Devils with the descendants of the original Satans losing the war and a new government was formed among the Devils. The new government then appoints four new Satans through strength and accomplishment in the civil war.

After the formation of the new Devil government, Ajuka Beelzebub developed the Evil Pieces system to help replenish the decreased armies of the Devils, eventually creating the Rating Games.

"… and that are the races that consist of the Three Factions. There are other races and mythological factions but you can read about them in my records." Cleria drunk some of her tea to rest for a bit.

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