Playing With Other Supernaturals

Volume 1 Chapter 11 - Just being Silly
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Volume 1 Chapter 11 - Just being Silly

"The play starts here! Sekienton(Red Smoke Escape)!"

A small explosion occurred in front of Kisuke and a large amount of red smoke engulfed the surrounding.

The exorcists and the duo were caught off guard, but Touji Shidou immediately reacted and started giving orders, "Don't panic! Stay in your positions and don't let them leave through the gaps. Use wind magic to protect yourself and blow away the smoke upwards."

Despite being exorcists, they know some basic spells that can be useful in many situations, and one such situation is here.

They easily blow away the smoke and the area was cleared. In the middle, they saw the three are still there, but this time around, they were arguing.

No, instead of arguing, the child is one-sidedly chiding the devil and human duo.

"What the heck are you two doing?! Do you really wanna die that much?! I created such an opportunity yet you didn't take it?!!" The child figure is fuming with anger.

"We were shocked too! You didn't even tell us what to do! You just abruptly release that colored smoke!" Masaomi got hold of himself and retorted to the unreasonable kid.

"Fine! I don't care anymore! I'll just leave. Damn, I just wasted my time here." The child finally had enough and jumped over the exorcists that are surrounding them. He started running away after landing 10 meters behind Touji.

"Sir, should we chase him?" One of the exorcists inquired.

"No, our objectives are here and we don't know if that kid is just trying to lure some of us away from him to give Masaomi an opening," Touji answered and renewed his stance slowly inching towards the duo.

"Masaomi! This will be the last chance! Leave the devil and come with us! You can move on after this!" Touji urges Masaomi for one last time, but he knew that it wouldn't change his answer.

"Give it up Touji, I will either escape and live with Cleria or die with her today." Masaomi is already determined to fight until the end.

"I see. That's too bad then." Touji jumped towards Masaomi and slashed at him. Masaomi was able to block the attack but he was thrown back for a few meters.

"Kill the devil first while I hold back Masaomi." Touji gave his order to every one of his group.

"TOUJI YOU BASTARD!!!" Masaomi was unsurprisingly furious and became more desperate.

After a few minutes, Cleria fell into her own pool of blood not breathing.

"NOOO!!! CLERIA!!!" Seeing this, Masaomi lost his mind and disregarded his own wounds and attacks landing to him in an attempt to go her side.

Masaomi kneeled beside Cleria and cried with tears of blood. Touji approached him from behind and plunged his sword through his heart.

Touji watched Masaomi slowly lose his strength and fell beside Cleria unmoving with deep regret.

All of the exorcists just sighed at the demise of their former comrade. This is the first time they finished a mission leaving them with regret at the result.

"Let's leave. I will call the cleaners to take care of this." Touji said while they are still mourning.

After a minute. Everyone has left.

If Touji Shidou and his group were to see this, they would be shocked to the core because two of these figures were the ones they just killed, Cleria Belial and Masaomi Yaegaki.

Of course, the last figure is Kisuke with his white mask and black cloak.

The trio approached the 'dead bodies' and inspected it.

"Hmmm, as expected of me. Pretty well done if I must say so myself." Kisuke didn't forget to praise himself.

Cleria and Masaomi inspected the bodies more closely.

Cleria, who already healed most of her injuries while hiding with the help of Kisuke's unorthodox spell and strange candy medicine, couldn't contain her curiosity anymore and asked, "What are these?"

"It's called Gigai(Faux Body)." Kisuke nonchalantly answered her question.


Cleria looks like in her mid-twenties. She has a long ash white hair that complements her beauty. Despite that, she is a devil whose age somewhere around 50-70.

She turned to her lover and asked, "Do you know this thing called Gigai."

"No idea. It is also my first time hearing about it. I'm surprised that even you don't know." Masaomi replied.

"I'm also surprised. An item like this has a wide array of use, it's impossible for something like this to be unknown, unless…" Cleria looked at the cloaked kid.

"If you're thinking that this is some relic or lost technology then I would have to disappoint you, they are not. I created this and this is only my second time using them."

"You created this?! I'm not saying I know everything but, how about that strange medicine you fed me that restored my stamina? If that were to in the market, all big factions will scramble to monopolize it. And I'm sure that didn't happen yet or any news about it existing. Where did you get that?" Cleria looked at Kisuke in shock forgetting her manners.

"I also created it. I call it Stamina candies and it'll be available in my shop in the future." Kisuke still replied nonchalantly while looking around seemingly trying to discover something.

"W-what?" Both Cleria and Masaomi were dumbfounded with what they heard.

"We can talk about this later. I told you, right? The play isn't over yet." Kisuke finally looked at the two and laughed a little.

"Is there really something else?" Masaomi was not convinced, not until he heard a voice behind them.

"If I didn't surround this area with alarm magic, I would have been fooled too. How did you do it, kid?"

From the shadow of the building appeared a middle-aged man in his 40's with long dark silver hair and hazel eyes wearing an extravagant robe with silver linings. This newcomer slowly walked to the trio's direction with an arrogant smirk on his face not hiding his creepy aura and ill intent.

This man stopped 7 meters away from the three and it seems that Cleria finally recognized him.

"You are!? Prince Rizevim Livan Lucifer!!!" Cleria shouted.

"What?! Lucifer?!" Masaomi also reacted to the name.

"Right, he is the son of the original Lucifer and one of the three known Super Devil." Cleria explained while having a heavy expression. "Why is someone like him here?"

"Well probably because he is the one initiating all of these?" Kisuke didn't change his attitude even after knowing he is in front of a Super Devil.

The couple doesn't know is he is just brave and strong or just plain ignorant.

"Hoh, so you know that I'm watching from a distance? But you obviously don't know anything about Super Devils, or else you wouldn't stand there all calm and collected. Haah, it doesn't really matter I guess since you already destroyed my plans. I can just test that thing somewhere else. For now, just die"

After speaking his monologue, he disappeared from his spot. In both Cleria and Masaomi's chest are spears made of pure demonic power.

When Kisuke saw this, he tried jumping back but was shocked again when the devil appeared in front of him and impaled him with the same spear of demonic power.

Rizevim acted like he just did something insignificant, which it is, dusted himself.

"Now them, your face is making me curious, let's see what is behind that mask." Rizevim approached the downed man in a cloak and move his hands towards his face to take off the mask.

After taking off the mask, he stood there frozen. His smirk finally disappeared.

What he saw after pulling the mask is his own face doing a silly expression.

After a few seconds, five bodies, two Clerias', two Masaomis' and one the doing a silly face using Rizevim's appearance popped like a balloon leaving only a small note on the spot where he last killed a body.

'Sorry, You didn't hit the jackpot.

Better luck next time :3

Signed: The Kitty Lover

P.S. How does it feel to kill yourself doing a silly face?'

Rizevim finally reacted after reading the note.

"YOU BASTARDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" His demonic power went out of control producing an explosion and destroying everything around him.

A few kilometers from the explosion, three cloaked figures were running at inhuman speeds. Naturally, the three of them are Kisuke, Cleria, and Masaomi who already escaped some time ago.

"Uwahh, That guy can't take a joke huh," Kisuke commented when he heard an explosion.

"What did you do?" Masaomi asked.

"I just tried being silly."

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