Playboy Cultivator in the Apocalypse

Chapter 216 Gentle Sex
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Kaze guided Kiera's hands into his muscle shirt, pressing her thumbs against his abs and moving them up.

As she moved, he lowered his body to a kiss, allowing her to push higher and higher until his bare chest was on her sports bra, and his lips touched hers.

After a passionate kiss, he pulled backward skillfully, using her stationary arms to peel his shirt off, making her blush furiously.

Kiera looked at his chiseled body with wonder before he placed his chest back on her sports bra and kissed her, making her melt. "I love you Kaze...."

"I love you, too, Kiera." Kaze smiled, moving his hands up her sides and making her gasp. He moved his lips to her neck and kissed it.

"That tickles." Kiera giggled, squirming passionately.

"Do you disapprove?" He grinned, pulling his lips off.

"No, I like it." She smiled passionately, moving her fingers across his chest.

Kaze smiled and touched down on her neck again, making her gasp. He kissed lower and lower and lower until he kissed her collarbone, making her shiver.

It was a critical point, and it made her feel immense anxiety. However--

"AhhHHhhH~w~what?" Kiera giggled with a bright smile, feeling his fingers move up her sides, awkwardly snaking around her pleasure channels instead of touching them, "What are you doing, Kaze!?"

"Making it impossible for you to feel anxiety; what else?" Kaze smiled devilishly.

"Wh-Wha? No!" She giggled, feeling him kiss under her collarbone and then wave his fingers up her side.






He listened to her desires and heartbeat, playing a melody of positive pleasure and panic. She was enjoying herself; the experience felt liberating and pure.

"Mhmn~" Kiera moaned when he touched his lips to her upper breast. While his lips tickled from the strange sensation on her neck, her breasts were extremely sensitive, making contact feel amazing, "I~like...."

Kaze grinned mischievously, watching her chest rise and fall as he moved to the top of her sports bra.

However, when he got there, he kissed the top of the fabric, making her squirm from the light pressure but not feel relief!

He removed his lips altogether, making her eyes snap open in inexpressible frustration. However, before she could sit up slightly to look at him--

"EIIAhhHHH~!" Kiera squealed, twisting and squirming when his lips touched below her rib cage.

The thing about breasts was that they were natural barriers to the area between her legs. Skipping that barrier made her heart nearly stop.

However, she didn't ask him to stop. Instead, she squirmed, trying to control her mind as her hormones went haywire, fighting against her anxiety.




After kissing her pale belly button, always hidden except in the shower, he kissed her lower abdomen.

Kiera immediately suppressed the desire to scream, [Bro! Administer a nuttercut or nuke my clit or something, for fucks sake!], because she wanted him to get it over with, but she was also fearful of him doing it. So she awkwardly squirmed in painful anticipation. "Ehhiii~ehhH~!"

At that moment of intense, awkward energy, Kaze turned his wrists and pushed his hands within the back of her pajama bottoms.

"Ah~MmmNn~" Kiera bit her thumb when she felt his fingers glide down the outside of her panties, wrapping around her cheeks and squeezing. She leaned onto her back, putting her legs in the air to prevent undo pressure.

Counterstriking her every move, Kaze grabbed the silk in her pajama pants and pulled up, peeling them off her legs in a fluid motion, leaving her stunned.

Before even processing what happened, she was staring between her legs, looking at her cotton-rayon-blend, full-backed white panties, simple yet pure.

Kiera looked from her breasts to her panties, then Kaze's chest, before moving in reverse, cycling through them again.

As her eyes made their way back up, she flushed red to the tip of her ears and covered her face, forcing herself not to close her legs.

Kaze smiled gently, letting his hands fall on either side of her, lowering his body between her legs.

Her body heated up when she felt it touching down between her thighs, and her embarrassment got overwhelmed by abrupt sexual desire.

She reached up in embarrassment and passion and grabbed the back of his neck, pulling him onto her chest like a blanket.

"Kiss me, Kaze!" Kiera cried, overloaded with sensations.

"As you wish." Kaze smiled, closing his eyes and pressing his lips against hers.

The fiery woman shuddered, feeling shivers of ecstasy wash over her as their lips and skin made contact.

Kiera wrapped her hands around his back passionately. It felt amazing to touch him; his every motion felt comfortable, warm, and pleasurable.

"I love touching your skin...." She whispered after a kiss, "Please... take off my bra... I want to feel you against my chest."

Kaze kissed her and then effortlessly lifted her back while pulling the back strap, using his other hand to stretch the front so it barely made contact with her chest as it slipped off.

The slang riddler was left so stunned by how effortlessly he took off her bra that she didn't notice her bare chest until--

"KaAaYZze~!" Keira gasped, turning her head and biting her lip when his chest touched her nipples. Her sexual desire skyrocketed to unimaginable heights instantly, "I...."

After the kiss, feeling skin contact, and finally getting a single second of relief, the fiery teen realized how much she wanted--no, needed--sexual relief.

She had built up so much tension sleeping next to Kaze every other night, always loving him, never expressing it.

Now she was his partner, had shared her first kiss, and had dedicated her mind and body to him. She wanted relief.

"Are you ready?" Kaze asked gently yet seriously, using a magnetic tone that drew out honesty without reservation.

"I-I...." Kiera swallowed nervously, "I'm not... but... I'll never be ready. But I want it... and I'm ready to make the jump...."

She blushed bashfully, turning away with rosy cheeks.

He smiled, enjoying her endearing purity.

Kiera had unreserved emotions, unfiltered language, and an untouched body. She was who she was, for better and worse, and was very simplistic on the outside despite being intricate within.

Kaze knew her personality type because of Isabella and quickly fell in love with her for her unique charms. Now, he was passionate about their experience.

He pushed himself onto his knees, between her legs, and ran his fingers down her stomach.

When he hit her waist, he skillfully grabbed the elastic and pulled, lifting her legs and slowly pulling her simple white panties off her ass. They continued over her thighs until they reached her ankles, and he set them on the bed.

Kiera quivered, feeling goosebumps through her body when she realized she was naked. She never showed her body to anyone, and now the man she loved could see her fully.

However, Kaze smiled once he put the panties down, subtly glancing at Kiera's perfectly tucked peach, clean-shaven as always, proof she was ready for him to call upon her.

After the subtle glance, he used one hand to lower his shorts and the other to help guide him onto her body again, kissing her.

"AhhhHhHh~" Kiera gasped, shivering in ecstasy, feeling his naked body between her legs and on her chest. She was too overloaded with sensations to feel anxious, "I want you...."

"I'm ready to give myself to you." Kaze whispered in her ear before kissing her neck, making her grip his back, "It will hurt only for a moment until it heals."

"That's...." She whispered, taking a deep breath, "Okay.... I'm ready, Kaze. For you, only you... I want you inside me."

"And so it shall be." He whispered, biting her neck.

"AhHhhHH~!" Kiera cried, feeling the sharp sensation. While it wasn't painful, the abrupt switch between pleasure and pain shocked her system.

As she was processing the information, she felt something press against her lips and push, making her heart nearly stop.

However, before she could feel anxiety about Kaze's tip was inside her body.

When she felt it, a profound feeling of womanhood washed over her. She felt like she had crossed the threshold into another state of life.

Kiera felt strangely prideful of that moment, feeling his tip separating her lips and slowly entering her body.

All she could think of during that moment was that it was [Kaze] making her a woman.

"Ka~ze~" Kiera gasped, feeling him stop and wait for her consent, "I'm... ready."

Directly following her words, her mind twisted into surreal, abstract thoughts when she felt a large object slide into her body.

It was a strange, sharp sensation ripping her body but followed directly by healing, making the vicious hell she experienced for a split second feel like heaven.

Her mind temporarily froze between the feeling of contorting pain, intense pleasure and feeling a massive object enter her body. However, once her body was completely healed--

"KaAYZzeeHEezeHhezZee~!" Kiera screamed, her trembling body creating a resounding vibrato in her voice. She gripped his back tightly, pressing him against her chest as hard as she could.

Kaze closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation. He didn't think he would feel pleasure like he did with Evalyn with anyone else, but he felt it again with Kiera.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~!" She moaned loudly, feeling him pull his cock out of her to the tip slowly, giving her the maximum pleasure possible, "KaAYHhhhHhhHHhhhHhhaAYZzzZeeZZzzE~!"

Kiera screamed in overwhelming pleasure when he thrust forward again. She could feel him deep inside her, as if they had become one person, making her quiver and scream his name.

He closed his eyes and felt her heartbeat, listened to her breathing, and experienced every motion. Every second, experience and feeling made him feel deep pleasure.

It had only just occurred to him that he rarely felt notable physical pleasure for millennia because his heart couldn't love properly. So many had died or suffered grievously in the brutal environments of the upper planes.

In his past life, the moment someone walked into an upper plane, they were dead on arrival if anyone willed it. No one was safe; there was always someone stronger.

However, in this timeline, everyone was alive.






Kaze had power, experience, and knowledge that would allow him to protect the people he loved from the moment he arrived.

He couldn't guarantee their safety. However, he could reasonably protect them to a degree unimaginable by rational standards.

So he felt comfortable loving. Like his partner, he didn't feel pain or anxiety about relationships at the moment, so he enjoyed the sensations washing over his body, humming with pleasure.

"Ahhhh~ah~" Keira gasped, feeling his emotional backstroke, "KAY~yzZe~!"

She wrapped her arms around his back and held his body against her breasts, comparing his strong heartbeat to hers. "I~LOVE~YOU!"

It took excessive concentration, but she managed to clearly say the words on her mind, screaming to fight against the loud pleasure drowning out the world around her.

Kaze thrust deep into her body, pressing his body on her chest to get into her ear. "I love you, too, Kiera."

"K-KaYZee~!" Kiera gasped, feeling him thrust hypnotically, reading her mind and keeping pace, using her pleasure against her.

She had never imagined anything could feel so amazing, but she wasn't surprised that Kaze was the one that could bring her such a feeling.


Despite not using dual cultivation techniques, he hit every point with pleasure potential and left no gaps.

Kaze followed Keira from start to end, listening to her asks and answering her, making her gasp and claw at his back.

For another ten minutes, they made love passionately until she couldn't take it any longer.

"Keh-Kek-KaAYHhhhZeeZZzzE~!" Keira screamed, arching her back, pressing her sweaty chest against his, "I-I'm going... s-so-something is... HaahhAhhahhHHhappe~ning~!"

"Something wonderful is happening." Kaze smiled passionately, listening to her heartbeat, "Don't fight it; submit to it, and you'll find salvation for your stress."

She breathed heavily, sweating, riding the rolling orgasm to the edge until he closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and--

"KaAYHhhhHhhHHhhhHhhaAYZzzZeeZZzzE~!" She screamed at full volume, unreserved in her passion, forgetting everything else.

--came inside her, creating pulsing orgasms with his throbbing cock.

Keira crashed onto the mattress, hair soaked, trying to open her eyes to gaze at Kaze lovingly. However, she couldn't; she was too exhausted after releasing years of pent-up sexual repression, weeks of stress, and long nights of anxious love.

All she could do was smile lovingly in gratitude and hold her lover against her chest as long as he'd let her.

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